Press Release

Public Affairs Section

Embassy of the United States of America

Ankara, Turkey

December 23, 2003

Comment By Dr. Susan Block, U.S. Citizen
Regarding Claims That Appeared In An October 22 Article 
In The Turkish Daily "Yeni Safak" 

Dr. Susan Block, a U.S. citizen, has written to the Embassy regarding an October 22 front-page article in “Yeni Safak” that named her as the “source” for an outrageous claim that U.S. forces had raped thousands of women in Iraq.  A letter from Dr. Block states that “This attribution is absolutely false.  I have never said or written any such thing.  The article referred to by “Yeni Safak,” entitled “The Rape of Iraq,” uses the image of rape as a metaphor for military invasion, and has nothing to do with the literal raping of Iraqi women by American troops or anyone else.”

Dr. Block expressed concern that the Embassy statement of October 23 regarding the “Yeni Safak” article “leaves the impression that I did say or write such things.  I did not.”

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