Awe of rape in Iraq

Thousands of Iraqi women were raped by the American soldiers in addition to
the invasion and ransom.

Records only show 4000 cases of rape. 9 year old girls are being taken to
unknown places, oppositions female relatives are disappearing.

American soldiers, who has been ransoming economic and cultural wealth of
Iraq, calles these attacks "shock and awe" and now they have directed their
attacks to the Iraqi women. Many Iraqi women who are being arrested under
the title of operation and security search, are faced with sexual tease and
violence of the American soldiers. An American Muslim had displayed this
truth in the eyes of everyone in its complete transparency with pictures
he/she has sent to the Arabia TV .

Dr. Susan Blocks, in her article during the invasion days of Iraq, explained
that after the ransoming and attacking Iraq historically, culturally,
economickly and socially, now honor (sexual honor) of Iraqi women is being
stomped under foot.

Blocks who had explained that 4000 Iraqi women were raped in the first days
of the invasion explained in full awe how 40, 50 year old women were used as
the items of sexual fanthasies of the American soldiers. In the article,
Blocks mentions that there has been twisted parties and women were dragged
out of their homes and had been deserted like a bag/kulce (kulce is a
special bag to keep gold in) at the foot (postal) (postal means war boots)
of the invasion soldiers.

Tragedy of the 9 year old girl

In summery, Dr. Susan Blocks expressed this important explanation in her

As Sabah newspaper in Iraq wrote that two young girls age 14 and 15 were
raped many times by the American soldiers in Suwaria, 180 km. south of
Baghdad. American authorities who comuflaged this incident occurring on June
9th denied all allegations. Another inhuman incident occurred in Sanarai. A
9 year old girl who had been raped two months ago and was under psychiatric
treatment was held in infront of her family on July 18, 2003 and was taken
to an unknown location by the American soldiers. Records indicate that women
who had been taken sexual advantage of are under medical control in Iraq
where rape and sexual violence is wide spread. Even the relatives cannot
help these women who are depressed. The main reason for this is their
feeling of shame. For this reason, the relatives have to leave them alone
with their feeling of disintegration/worthless and psychological state.

Records only indicate 4000 cases of rape

Ubducting and raping of girls in Iraq is spreading like a plague. Beyda
Cafer Sadik, a 17 year old Iraqi girl left her home to go to school and
never returned home. Famillies who are faced with tens of incidences like
this are waiting in vain. What is known is that all female relatives of men,
supporting Saddam or having been arrested, are being held by the invasion
soldiers. Records of sexual violence up to this point reveals that American
soldiers recognize no age limit. The youngest victim who had been taken
sexual advantage of is nine and the oldest is sixtyfour, according to the
records. Records indicate 4000 rape cases.