Purim Storyteller: Dr. Susan Block, Queen Esther: Misti Dawn, King Ahaseurus: Michael Vegas
Pimpin' Cousin Mordecai: Bon Jon Syn, Queen Vashti: Sinn Sage, Haman: Dark Phoenix
Michael Phillips: Rabbi Mikael, Head Eunuch: Morgan Bailey, Palace Guard: Lord Exceter Miles
Hot Sex Harem Couple: Katie Kinns & Mona Sunoy, King's Horses: FeralKytn & Tindala
Harem Girls: Ginny Blossom, Sienna Sinclaire, Siren Selene,
Guest Commentators: AV Flox & Ezra Butler.

The Cast

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Broadcast document March 19.2011. Published March 21.2011. Title: Fourth Annual Purim Bacchanal. For further documentation on this broadcast if available, please check the following pages: Dr. Susan Block's Journal, DrSusanBlockTV, Speakeasy Stars, Dr. Susan Block Radio Archives. Material from this page may be used without payment for reviews or free by participants and audience but must include photo credits, website credit and  and the names of individuals appearing in the photos. Additional photos are available from the individual photographers. for further information please contact us at 213.670.0066 or at drsusanblock@gmail.com. Click on the photos to enlarge them. Photographers: M. Paisner, Andy Martin, Alex Filangieri & Jes Andrade. All rights reserved 2011-2111 by Dr. Susan Block.

"I saved my people
without foreign intervention,
using weapons of mass seduction"  Queen Esther



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