BlockFilms is proud to release “ZORTHIAN: Art & Times,” a very special short film about one of the great artists of our times: Colonel Jirayr H. Zorthian . It weaves Dr. Susan Block’s intimate interviews with Zorthian and his luminous wife Dabney with footage of his art, including his erotic masterpieces, his experiences as a student at Yale in the 1930s, an exciting Speakeasy Gallery erotic art opening, and the last “Primaveras” of his 92 years, featuring the stunningly beautiful Nymphs of Zorbacchus, at the world-famous Zorthian Ranch in the hills of Altadena, California. 

The Nymphs, over a dozen exquisite artist models, are renowned for their marvelous bacchanalian dances where they wear nothing but wreaths on their heads. This film gives you an excellent front row view of these amazing nude dances, transporting you to a heavenly pantheistic paradise where nudity is perfectly natural, spiritually uplifting and simply breathtaking. 

Zorthian attributed his great longevity to art, red wine and being surrounded by a bevy of naked young women at least once a year. Let this extraordinary bon vivant artist’s wisdom inspire you, and let his dazzling nude Nymphs delight you in “ZORTHIAN: Art & Times.  





A BlockFilms Multi-Home Theater Presentation