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Annie Body Shows Dr. Suzy How You Can Have Your Sex & Eat it Too on
The Dr. Susan Block Show!

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Yale's Whim 'n Rhythm @ Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy now available in DVD and Download or just read the story

HAPPY MASTURBATION MONTH! Get a Free "Vibrators & other lovers" DVD with your purchase of Dr. Suzy's Favorite Vibrator/Massager The Hitachi Magic Wand.

SWAY with Me:
Read about Dr. Suzy's Experiences at Sex Week at Yale '06

XXXMas Saturnalia Photos by Lydia Teez Now Online

Body Paint for Peace! (Nude Body Painting Ecstasy) Photos by Lydia Teez Now Online

Sex Magick for Katrina Relief Photos by Lydia Teez Now Online

Summer Solstice Sexorama Photos by Lydia Teez Now Online

Spring Showers Photos by Scott Arnold Now Online

Spring Showers Photos by Lydia Teez Now Online

Eros Day Circus of Sex 2006 Photos by Lydia Teez Now Online

Blonde Island with Bethany Sweet, Vicky Vette, Victoria Lane, Orgasmical, Lisa Ann Davis and Rob Williams Now Online

Enjoy A Lydil Nasty Photography BACKSTAGE, now featuring pics from "LUVeR Nite" featuring Frank Moore and Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan by one of Dr. Suzy's favorite show photographers Lydia Teez.

See More Pics of Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan (Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee's new squeeze) on The Dr. Susan Block Show's "LUVeR Nite" BACKSTAGE .. Photo: Lydia Teez

Eros Day 2006 gets a glowing review in AIN

Get ready for Valentine's Day with Valentine's Cunnilingus

Eros-Zine gives rave reviews to Squirt Salon & Weimar Love.

Like Feet & Pussy? You'll love Pussy-Footing


READ about Dr Suzy's adventures at the CineKink NYC Film Festival (where Squirt Salon had its U.S. Premiere), the New York Museum of Sex (MoSex), Ms. Tara's Den of Iniquity and more in New York City Squirts

Watch Hot Holiday Sex with Kaylynn, Charlene Aspen and Alana Evans in the Erotic Theater or - for a great sexy stocking stuffer - Get it with "Denigration" as the HOLIDAY BUNS Double Feature DVD.

READ Dr. Susan Block's Weimar Love Story.


DR. SUZY'S OFFICE SEX FANTASIES are now available for your listening pleasure.

Denigration: The Butt Woman Challenge, with Charlene Aspen, Kristin Kane & Bridget Kerkove, is now online for your viewing pleasure.

DR. SUZY'S SQUIRT SALON has it's American Premiere OCTOBER 22 at the CINEKINK NEW YORK CITY FILM FESTIVAL. Dr. Suzy will be there!

WEIMAR LOVE: Hot Sex in Pre-Nazi Berlin now available in Streaming Video in the Erotic Theater.

DR. SUZY'S SQUIRT SALON has it's World Premiere at the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival Oct. 9. Watch it Now.

"MAGIC FINGERS" now in the Erotic Theater, featuring Cumisha Amado playing with Chopin on piano, testing vibrators and giving a remarkable demo of Auto Anal Fisting!

NEW RESOURCE FOR SQUIRT LOVERS: Find your favorite Female Ejaculation pages on our SQUIRTING INDEX PAGE

WEIMAR LOVE NOW ON DVD: Professor Mel Gordon, Teri Weigel, Mika Tan, Monique de Moan, Murrill Maglio, Lasse Braun, Axel Braun & more join Dr. Suzy for: "WEIMAR LOVE: Hot Sex In Pre-Nazi Berlin"

"I Am Katrina, Goddess of the Hurricane..." Read Dr. Suzy's newest addition to her Terror Journals: "KATRINA SPEAKS"

Showtime Star Seymore Butts, Alisha Klass, Teri Weigel and Sinnamon join Dr. Suzy in this great video stream of a classic Dr. Susan Block Show now online in the Erotic Theater: 'SINNAMON BUTTS"

Delicious Milano, Nina Whett, Ruby Tuesday & Nancy Vee join Dr. Suzy in this hot video stream of a classic Dr. Susan Block Show now online in the Erotic Theater: "DELICIOUS WHETT RUBY V" with

My Adelphia Story is Dr. Suzy's Tale of Hubris, Avarice, A Tale of Censorship, Fraud, Christian Family Values, Really Lousy Cable Service& the Fall of the House of Rigas.

DR. SUZY'S SQUIRT SALON: The Secrets of Female Ejaculation Streaming Video Now Online in The Erotic Theater!

: Read Dr. Suzy's fascinating email conversations on G-Spot Female Ejaculation with the Godmother of Masturbation Dr. Betty Dodson

DR. SUSAN BLOCK'S SHOPPING HEAVEN is renovated! Come visit us now.

MAY IS MASTURBATION MONTH: Read Dr. Suzy's "Masturbation 101" here and in Counterpunch.

ZORTHIAN & YALE: An Erotic Art Historic Salon @ Dr. Susan Block's Speakeasy Gallery: View the Pics & Read the Recap Of This Amazing Uplifting Event: FREE !

ZORTHIAN'S "THE AWAKENING" high quality, limited edition reproductions now available !

Pre-Release of DR. SUZY'S SQUIRT SALON: The Secrets of Female Ejaculation

Dr. Suzy reviews Deborah Sundahl's book Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot.

Come One, Come All: To Dr. Suzy's EROS DAY 2005: The COUNTER-INAUGURAL BALL


Check out Dr. Suzy's extraordinary Bonobo Encounter: LANA & ME: Meetings with Remarkable Apes

Read Dr. Suzy's BLUE VALUES: Hot Love, Not Perma-War!

Watch Dr. Suzy's HOODS & handjobs: Anti-War Insurgency & Orgasmic Sex - with Kim Airs, Heather Barron, Shayna Knight, Luccia, Orgasmical and David Lee Roth's Porn Star Daughter Avy Lee Roth.

Watch Dr. Suzy's Nawty Girls, Scary Sex with Velvet Rose

See Tom Zimmerman Photos of DESERT SIN at The Dr. Susan Block Show at Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy Gallery of Erotic Art. Curator: Kim Mendoza.

Come with Dr. Suzy to the Hollywood Erotic Museum for. Playboy Publisher Hugh Hefner's induction into the Erotic Hall of Fame.

Read Dr. Suzy's review of The Da Vinci Code

Meet the Yalies of the Y AnneX !

Lick Bush! Beat Dick! Check out Pics from Dr. Suzy's Party with MoveOn for Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11

Come with Dr. Suzy to the Hollywood Erotic Museum for a Marilyn Party!

Lux et Veritas et SeX! Read all about Dr. Suzy's adventures in higher sex education at Sex Week at Yale

See Dr. Suzy's POW Porn Collage: Theater of Cruelty

Read Dr. Suzy's latest installment in her Terror Journals: America In Tha Hood.

Check out some of The Dr. Susan Block Institute's Fantasy Telephone Sex Therapists

Read Save Abu Ghraib!

Read Dr. Suzy's Review of Bush's P.O.W. Porn

Read Dr. Suzy on Howard Stern & Muqtada al'Sadr in INDECENT INSURGENTS: WATCH WHAT YOU SAY

Dr. Suzy reviews Dr. Betty Dodson's Orgasms for Two

Check out the story and over 450 unique, incredible, hot, sexy images of female ejaculation, fellatio, cunnilingus and intercourse in every position in Annie Body: Geyser of Desire

Read Dr. Suzy on Bush's Taliban Drug Deal.

Read Dr. Suzy on Same-Sex Marriage: Just Say No to Prohibition!

Check out photos from the Public Access Hollywood Premiere.

Read Saddam's Sex Therapist & the Rape of Free Speech.

KABC-TV (Channel 7) 11 o'clock NEWS features Dr. Suzy on Female Sexuality.

Throw Out Your Old, Tired Roadmaps! Dr. Suzy is in the Holy Land: An Erotic Roadmap to Peace. This weekend, Feb 20-22, the EGO Channel in ISRAEL features a DR. SUZY MARATHON--5 shows a night! The Dr. Susan Block Show airs on the EGO Channel in ISRAEL regularly at 23:00 (IST) Sundays-Thursdays, five nights a week. The show is translated into Hebrew, Russian & Arabic. For more info, CLICK HERE.

Check out Dr. Suzy's article The Janet Jackson BoOB TuBE Super Bowl

Foreplay for Valentine's Day: Dr. Suzy's Chemistry of Love.

This Valentine's Day: Dr. Suzy speaks at Sex Week at Yale.

Get ready for Eros Day 2004!

Join Dr. Suzy, The Cannes Press Club, Cannes Bla Bla and the Mauro Family for a Holiday Happy Hour in Cannes.

Check out the fantastic photos and story of The Eros Carnaval on Eros Day '03 at the Dr. Susan Block Institute

Join Dr. Suzy in Cannes for MIPCOM 2003 and party with gorgeous models & TV moguls in MIPCannes.

Read Dr. Suzy's review of Legendary Porn Star Christy Canyon's New Book LIGHTS, CAMERA, SEX!

Autumn Equinox blues? Warm up with a little CANNES HEAT

Dr. Suzy reviews Joe Conason's hot bestseller BIG LIES: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine And How It Distorts the Truth

SEX HEALS premieres on radiosuzy1tv. For more info, click here.

EXXXTREME ASSCRAFT: Dr. Suzy addresses Ayatollah Asscraft's Anti-Sexual Freedom Crusade.

Sunny, Star-Lit SAINT-TROPEZ: Dr. Suzy and The 10 Commandments of Pleasure (les 10 Commandements du Plaisir) featured in VAR-MATIN......also in Cannes-Matin and all editions of Nice-Matin throughout the Côte d'Azur... and featured on Radio Saint-Tropez!

Dr. Susan Block Goes to The Holy Land: An Erotic Roadmap to Peace

Read Dr. Suzy's Cannes Reloaded in the new Cannes Bla Bla.

Read Dr. Suzy's A Love Supreme: Our Assholes Are Now Our Own. Also in Counterpunch.

Read Dr. Suzy's Sex, Lies & WMDs. Also in Counterpunch.

Jean-Yves Collet's COUSIN BONOBO, featuring Dr. Susan Block, airs on France 5 TV this. Soon to air on Discovery in the USA and around the world. For info, click here.

Dr. Suzy at the Festival du Film 2003 in Cannes featured in Nice-Matin.

Dr. Suzy opens the Cannes Press Club at the Cannes Film Festival 2003. For info, click here.

Dr. Suzy in "Wired for Sex" weekly series on TECH TV. For info, click here.

May is National Masturbation Month! Read Dr. Suzy's Masturbation 101: Come, Let us Play...

Read Dr. Suzy's Rape of Iraq. Also in Counterpunch.

Read Dr. Suzy's Art Bombs. Also in Counterpunch.

The Dr. Susan Block Show presents ART BOMBS: American Libertines for Peace at El Teatro in CANNES, FRANCE. Opening Night: Wednesday, March 26, starting at 8:30 PM. ART BOMBS runs throughout the MipTV conference and Cannes Film Festival, until May 25, 2003. For information, call David Brando at (0) in France
or 213.749.1330 in USA. For more info, click here

Read Dr. Suzy's Springtime for SEX & GOD.

Dr. Suzy featured in Calendar cover story on LA's best gardens of "intellectual stimuli" in The LA Times

War is porn for journalists....Read Dr. Suzy's latest installment in her critically acclaimed Terror Journals: Cockfight, 4th Quarter: Bukkake Bombing Crusade

Join our BRAND NEW Dr. Susan Block Show Yahoo Group

BACCHANNAL CANNES:Join Dr. Suzy, Friends & Lovers on a Libertine Tour of Cannes, visiting some of these hot swinger clubs and more, March 20-23, just before the MipTV Festival (March 24-28) in beautiful chic Cannes! For information, call 213.749.1330 or click here.

Libertine Clubs of Cannes: Take Dr. Suzy's Deluxe Personal Tour of the Hottest Swing Clubs of Cannes, France in this latest Dr. Susan Block's Travels with Max.

Dr. Suzy in French Penthouse (en français). Read it in English here.

THE DiLDO DiALOGUES: For Dr. Suzy's Adventures in Suing the LAPD for their Obscene Infringement of Our Fourth Amendment Rights, click here.

Dr. Suzy on Fetishes.

"Bellydance Jihad!" the first part of Dr. Suzy's new two-part cable series "Bellydance, Bukkake & Other Beauty Tips
for the Horny,"
featuring Leela and Salomé Jihad and Hot Frost, premieres on Adelphia Cable TV in West LA, Saturday, January 11. The second part, "Bukkake Beauty Secrets," featuring the Rap Bastardz and Hot Frost, premieres on Adelphia Saturday, January 18th. For more info, call 213.749.1330. To watch the "Bellydance, Bukkake & Other Beauty Tips for the Horny" video stream or to order the tape, click here.

Read Dr. Suzy on Graham Crackers: America's Anti-Sex Snack (soon to be on MTV).

Want to learn more about any aspect of sex? Check into our extensive Sexuality Resource Library. Master Librarian: John Campbell.

Porngraphica from Paris: The Dr. Susan Block Institute is proud to present the unique Erotic Art of Xam of Paris. The XAM COLLECTION concerns itself with our flesh, its form, and what pornographers would label, "hardcore sex". Yet these images are depicted as the same ones that we would see as lightning speed movements while in the throes of passionate lovemaking. You can subscribe to the Xam Collection and receive high-quality digital erotic art in a weekly newsletter format for $79.95 per year. To receive a
free introductory copy of the Xam Collection and information on how to subscribe email XAM Collection or contact us at (213) 749-1330. See some of the beautiful Art of Xam.

Dr. Suzy at the Cannes MiPCOM-TV Festival featured in The Riviera Times.

NEW Mega Sex Toy Superstores: The Dr. Susan Block Institute is delighted to announce the opening of it's Mega Sex Toy Superstores with tens of thousands of items available in affiliation with the top sex toy sites in the world. Compare style, quality and prices, get expert advice on products, find the perfect personal selection for you, your loved one, friends or family, and enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience that you will find nowhere else. Use this easy guide to find the perfect gift of love, pleasure, fun or fantasy for this holiday season. Our Webmaster John Campbell and our staff here at the Institute are at your service. If you have any questions or need assistance, please e-mail john@drsusanblockinstitute.com. Happy Holidays. Peace on Earth. Pleasure for All.

THE HANDY WOMEN: Dr. Suzy, Melanie & Kim enjoy the "Work, Drink & Be Merry" week at the Pleasure Castle, using their tools to get BlockStudios ready for action. For your own hip Dr. Susan Block Show low-rise baseball cap and other sexy goodies, click here. .. PHOTO: THERON MARKS

Work, Drink & Be Merry: The Dr. Susan Block Institute has found a home! A beautiful 12,000 square foot urban palace, the Pleasure Castle in the Soul of Downtown LA, that will house BlockStudios, Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy, the Speakeasy Gallery of Erotic Art, offices, dressing rooms, seminar and therapy rooms and more. As you probably know, we're already doing live Saturday night shows again, and we'll soon be presenting erotic art openings, special events and unforgettable happenings. We're all moved in! Now we need your help in setting up our Pleasure Castle. We need handymen, handywomen, painters, licensed plumbers, electricians, carpenters, sorters, organizers, curtain hangers, phone answerers, techies, drivers, movers and shakers. You must be able to work as a volunteer, for low pay or no pay, or for barter (free membership in Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy online and in person and free passes to the live shows, erotic art openings, seminars, parties, events, etc.). Also, donations of certain items, like heaters (this place is like a castle and can get kind of chilly), fans (the show is always hot!), computers, cameras, audio and video equipment, furniture, rugs, curtains and lamps of all kinds would be greatly appreciated and compensated via memberships, free passes and big hugs. For more information, call Kim at 213.749.1330, or e-mail kelly@drsusanblock.net.

l'Echo des Savannes features Dr. Suzy (en français)

BlockFilms presents another Great Show from the Jezebel of Public Access TV, Dr. Susan Block: "RiGA$ in CUFF$" with Jovienne Binoche & Brion Ware Airing Saturday night, November 9, at 11:30 PM (PST) on Adelphia Public Access TV in West LA. Airs on AT&T, AOL/Time Warner, BTV & other Adelphia Stations in subsequent weeks. For more information about the show and to watch the video stream, click here.

Read LETTERS in Response to Dr. Suzy's "Cockfight at the
Baghdad Corral."

Nice-Matin on Dr. Suzy in Cannes at Mipcom (en français)

LA Weekly features Dr. Suzy's reflections on the Fall of the House of Rigas and their recent pleas of innocence in Steve Mikulan's ADELPHIA STORY

Dr. Susan Block on Swing Tampa.

COCKFIGHT at the Baghdad Corral: Read Dr. Suzy on Bush's Proposed New War on Iraq.

Dr. Suzy on Ménage à Trois in Spanish Maxim (en español). Read Spanish MAXIM Interview with Dr. Susan Block on le Ménage-à-Trois (in English).

Berkeley Free Speech Tango: To read about how the home of Free Speech is threatened with censorship, click here.

The Gangbang Asthete: Read Dr. Suzy's review of the French literary sensation "The Sexual Life of Catherine M." Reprinted in Counterpunch and Outlook India.

France's hottest TV Channel CANAL+ features Dr. Suzy on The Sexual Life of Catherine M. To see the video (en
français), go to CANAL+, click "les videos de Canal+" then click "le Journal des Bonnes Nouvelles" ("The Good News"),
then click "Lundi 9 Septembre" (Monday, September 9), then click "Chico et Catherine" and you'll see the show.

BACCHANNAL FRANCE: Join Dr. Susan Block and friends for an extraordinary week at her private estate on the French Riviera. For info, click here.

NEW: The Weimar Love Club

John J. Rigas, Head Censor & Thief-in-Chief of Adelphia, and Two Rigas Sons ARRESTED. And Dr. Suzy is back on Adelphia Cable TV Saturday nights at 11:30 PM ! The Block Curse Triumphs Beyond Our Wildest Dreams (though we did fantasize about seeing John "Mr. Piggy" Rigas in handcuffs when he gagged us)!

New Times LA gives Dr. Suzy "The Last Laugh" on Rigas Censors-in-Thief at Adelphia. To read Michael Gougis' "Last Laugh," click here. Ha ha, hee heee, we're on laughing gas! This Rigas-in-Cuffs drama is giving Block Stock quite a bounce...

The Wall Street Journal features Dr. Suzy, having won her censorship battle with the handcuffed Rigas Boys. To read Sally Beatty's WSJ article, click here.

Pulitzer Prize--Winning Commentator Jimmy Breslin writes about Dr. Suzy's victory over the Rigas Family Censors. To read Breslin's nationally syndicated column, "Aroused by th Thrill Of Arrested Censorship," click here.

For more on ADELPHIAGATE, click here. For the adelphiagate transcript, click here. Beware of those who are holier than thou, for often they are fleecers of their own flock.

"A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S ORGY" intermittently playing on RadioSuzy1 and RadioSuzy1TV: Watch as Dr. Suzy's latest Sex Revival turns into one of the wildest, most orgiastic nights ever at Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy. Filled with lots of athletic fucking, multiple female ejaculation, cunnilingus, analingus, fellatio, spanking, whipping, wheelchair-humping, gorgeous hot women and horny well-hung men. All celebrating the power of the Block Curse which helped bring about the spectacular downfall of the censors & corporate thieves, John J. Rigas & Family, of Adelphia Cable TV. Featuring the lovely, slutty Rebecca Starr, human sex machine Nacho Vidal, Axel (the G man) Braun, the magical Frank Moore, and a bunch of horny juicy living goddesses. Playing off and on all week. Click here to watch. Click here to just listen.

BLOCKFILMS presents ADELPHIAGATE: Censorship & Scandal: This special episode of "The Dr. Susan Block Show" introduces you to the Charles Keating of Cable TV, Adelphia Founder & CEO John J. Rigas, and reveals how the gargantuan Rigas Family Accounting Scandals are directly
related to Adelphia's illegal censorship of The Dr. Susan Block Show and other programs on public access TV.
For more info, including a transcript of the show, click here.

Seduced: Dr. Suzy reviews Robert Greene's Art of Seduction:

Dr. Susan Block's Travels with Max:Wherein the Doctor and Her Butler Celebrate 10 Extraordinary Years of Marriage according to The 10 Commandments of Pleasure in Paris. Click Here for the latest installment in this award-winning erotic travel series.

Dr. Suzy in Perfect 10: Dr. Susan Block on "The Chemistry of Love" in "the connoisseur's magazine" featuring "the world's most beautiful natural women, Perfect 10.

"La doctoresse des godes" (the dildo doctor) an interview with Dr. Susan Block in the June, 2002 issue of French Online...Read it in English or en français.

NEW: The Streaming Room: See the FIRST Private Collection... Hot New Streams Nobody has Ever Seen... featuring Charlene Aspen, Kristen Kane, Bridgette Kercove, Keisha, Cumisha, Brittany Andrews, Ivona Diamond and our very own FOOT-Long Love-Muscle Russell. Come to the Streaming Room now...

Dr. Suzy Defends Free Speech on BTV: Read all about it in the Berkeley Daily Planet. Then.check out the current show schedule for The Dr. Susan Block Show, sponsored by Frank Moore, on BTV.

Farewell to My Chief: Dr. Suzy's personal, heartfelt good-bye letter to LAPD Chief Bernard C. Parks.

Liberté! Fraternité! Egalité! Révolution! Plaisir! Dr. Susan Block's 10 Commandments of Pleasure is now in France, already in its second printing and getting rave reviews, including big plugs from France's top radio personality, Phillipe Bouvard ! Published by Jacques Grancher Éditions. To read all about it en français, click here for Les 10 Commandements du Plaisir. Viva La France!

" Les 10 Commandements du Plaisir " in French: Listen Here. You must use Internet Explorer to hear this.

RadioSuzy1 Returns! Listen free.

Dr. Suzy's Hat Trick in New Times: "She's a sex goddess with a philosophy Ph.D...our favorite boudoir revolutionary ...and you've never seen her without a hat..." writes Tony Ortega of Dr. Suzy in New Times LA. To check out Dr. Suzy's favorite hat store and millinery philosophy, click here.

Dr. Susan Block's TERROR JOURNALS: In this extraordinary series of photo essays, begun in the wake of the 9.11 attacks and continued throughout the Wars on Terror and other related personal, national and international crises, Dr. Susan Block gives her unique take on current events. Click here for a list of Terror Journal Essays.

Steve Mikulan's "War Diary" in the LA Weekly praises Dr. Susan Block's "soul-searching...essays (on the War)...among the most readable to come out of Los Angeles (that) smartly combine outrage and eccentric observations with levelheaded warnings about the loss of civil liberties." Read the War Diary.

Dr. Suzy on Planet Rapido:Beauty, brains and a love of randy chimps… welcome to the funky monkey world of Dr Susan Block...on Planet Rapido.

Dr. Susan Block Europe: European guides, personal and business escorts throughout Europe, villas, mansions, special events, elegant service for all of your personal and business needs. Interpreters available. Call 24 hours a day. In Los Angeles: 213.749.1330. Europe (from the USA): 011 33 69996 2410. From Europe: 00 33 6 9996 2410. From France: (0) 6 999 2410

Dr. Susan Block's Video Seminars Now On-Line: Dr. Suzy gives seminars in all aspects of sexuality at university and college campuses, swing clubs, strip clubs, business conventions, public fairs and in private homes around the world. Now you can enjoy these erotic educational seminars in total privacy with just a click of your mouse. And the low, low cost makes it affordable for everyone! Find out why thousands of women and couples (and single men too, of course!) are taking these seminars on-line. Learn about Oral Sex, Masturbation, Female Bisexuality, Sex Toys, Spanking, Feet, Fetishes, Fantasies & more. To experience one or all of Dr. Susan Block's amazing erotic educational Video Seminars at our Erotic Theater of the Mind, click here.

Public Access is the People's Medium! To read Greg Cannon's article in Contra Costa Times on the censorship controversy over The Dr. Susan Block Show and Frank Moore's Unlimited Possibilities on BTV, click here.

Ayatollah's Asscraft's Great Cover Up: If the Taliban can cover up their women, by God Almighty, we can cover up our half-topless female statues!! Click here for more.

Dr. Suzy in Outlook India. Read Dr. Suzy's critically acclaimed political essays in this Indian online magazine.

Berkeley Will Not Be Censored: Read Frank Moore's Open Letter published in the Berkeley Daily Planet in defense of The Dr. Susan Block Show and the right to show nudity and eroticism on BTV.

Libertines of France: Check out our latest Travel Pages, wherein we attempt to escape The Terror with the Libertines of France, but only succeed in having a fabulous time.

WEIMAR LOVE - Hot Sex in Pre-Nazi Berlin (7 minute trailer): Follow Dr. Susan Block and the Bonobo Gang into a highly stimulating yet deeply relevant time and place in erotic history: Weimar Berlin, capital of madcap debauchery and sensual exploration between the two World Wars. You need to use Internet Explorer to see this video stream. Guests include Weimar connoisseur Mel Gordon and three of America’s hottest erotic film stars: Teri Weigel, Monique DeMoan and Mika Tan. What a city! What an era! What a show.


Backstage Door

Come to The Weimar Love Club UC Berkeley Theater Professor Mel Gordon's Weimar Berlin featuring Hot Porn Stars Teri Weigel, Merl Weigel, Mika Tan and Monique de Moan and the Professor's extraordinary Female Masturbation Machine. Come to The Weimar Love Club You'll never want to go home.

The Streaming Room: See the FIRST Private Collection... Hot New Streams Nobody has Ever Seen... featuring Charlene Aspen, Kristen Kane, Bridgette Kercove, Keisha, Cumisha, Brittany Andrews, Ivona Diamond and our very own FOOT-Long Love-Muscle Russell. Come to the Streaming Room now...

Eros Day Passion Play: Extraordinary video photos and text from our wild, Felliniesque Eros Day Passion Play, a Commedia Erotica production of The Story of Eros & Psyche culminating in a masked, multi-orgasmic sex toy orgy.

The Womb Room: Incredibly hot photos from one of our most exciting recent shows. Click here to go to The Womb Room.

SQUIRTING: The Geyser of Love: Unbelievably HOT, and, of course, WET. Read Dr. Block's Sensational Squirting Stories and see Real Live, Caught-on-Tape PHOTOS & VIDEO STREAM of Female Ejaculation.

WATERWORLD: The Essence of Life Flows. Sparkling wet photos and text. No squirting here. Just peeing.

Watch Our Former Webmaster at Work: See all 12 inches of our very own Mulatto Thunder screw up a storm with Keisha. JOIN NOW.

by the Dr. Susan Block Institute

Coming Soon

Coming up on The Dr. Susan Block Show: For info, click here.

Dr. Suzy on MTV: "The Big Urban Myth" on "Graham Crackers: America's Anti-Sex Snack" Premieres March 4, 2003 at 10:30 PM on MTV.

Dr. Suzy lectures on Bonobo Sexuality and Erotic Fetishes at University of Southern California (USC) Call 213.749.1330.

Dr. Suzy lectures on "Sex & the Media" at Robert Scheer's class at USC Annenburg School. November date to be announced.

Dr. Suzy on the BBC's "3001: A Sex Oddity" (Date to be announced)

Dr. Suzy lectures on The Bonobo Way and Sexual Fetishes at USC (University of Southern California) For information, call 213.749.1330.

Sex Week at Yale: Dr. Susan Block, a Yale Alumna, speaks at Sex Week at Yale. For information, call 213.749.1330. For more on Dr. Suzy at Yale, click here.

Ongoing Stuff

Need to Talk? Experience Telephone Sex Therapy with Dr. Susan Block. Call 213.749.1330.

HBO Programming with Dr. Susan Block. If you've missed any of Dr. Suzy's shows on HBO, check your local HBO menu for Radio Sex TV, Radio Sex TV2: Off the Dial, Real Sex 11 and Real Sex 25. HBO keeps rerunning these top Nielsen-rated shows featuring Dr. Susan Block. Go Behind-the-Scenes at Our HBO Shows.

Adelphia Censors. Meet America's most notorious trasher of the First Amendment: John J. Rigas, CEO and Censor-in-Chief of Adelphia. Smell the Censorship.

Dr. Suzy's Dr. Laura Diaries: Smell the Hypocrisy

The Bonobo Way: Learn all about the Horniest Apes on Earth.

The Dr. Susan Block Show on BTV sponsored by Frank Moore. Click here for more.

Potpourri a mess of stuff you may have missed is here in our cyberstorage area.

The Ladies Room is the newest addition to our worldwide network of websites. Meetings with Remarkable Women: Anna James, Madame Cléo Dubois, Ivona Diamond & more. Coming soon: The Fitness Diva! Photos, poetry, erotica, interviews and diaries. Grab a Stall

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