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Congratulations, you’ve just made it to the swank and swinging lounge of Anna’s. Take a breath, relax and stay as long as you like. You’ll find pieces of her mystery here, sexy, dripping prose, and special photography unavailable to anyone else who doesn’t belong. Anna’s not cheap. And you wouldn’t want her any other way. Enjoy.


I tremble at your boots

Barely human

Before your beauty

My flesh sings for your bite

Cutting me to the bone

Shivering I await

Tense in expectation

With trepidation

Where will

When will

The next blow fall?

I am so small

You tower above me

Supreme empress

I beseech you

With lowered eyes

And bent neck

To take me to your bosom


If you came to my house, you’d likely find a black g-string in my kitchen counter fruit bowl right along with the bananas and the ripe mango. I’m not exactly sure how it landed there but I was probably doing dishes in it and flung it off to traipse around the house in full nudal regatta. There’s something about doing housework in a sexy getup that defies the fact that I’m woman and therefore should be doing housework. If I can wear the highest of heels strapped around my fine silky ankles and nothing more than my bright yellow latex gloves, stand at the sink with a little sweat on my forehead and a mop of hair that couldn’t be more windblown and sexy from two days of not washing it, then I think I make a statement about the everyday rituals that we are supposed to do with a grain of salt. Make it sexy, take back the power, make what you do exquisitely yours and even the mundane becomes enlightening.