The Dr. Susan Block Show
American Libertines for Peace
A group exhibit of erotic art
Curated by Kim Mendoza
March 26 - May25, 2003

Private Club and Restaurant
38, rue G. Clemenceau
Cannes, France

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Photo: Self Portrait by Dr. Susan Block Design: Xam, Paris

For Immediate Release
Contact: in France: 06 9996 2410 / in USA: 213 749 1330

The Dr. Susan Block Show
American Libertines for Peace


Attention: Press, MipTV Participants and Special Guests

You are cordially invited to opening night of ART BOMBS: American Libertines for Peace, a group exhibit of six American erotic artists, sponsored by The Dr. Susan Block Show, at the El Teatro Private Club and Restaurant on 38, Rue G. Clemenceau in Cannes, France. Opening night, including dinner and cabaret, is Wednesday, March 26, starting at 8:30 PM. Please note that there is limited seating available for opening night. The ART BOMBS exhibit runs throughout the MipTV conference and Cannes Film Festival, until May 25, 2003.

ART BOMBS is curated by Kim Mendoza, curator for Dr. Susan Block's Speakeasy Gallery of Erotic Art in Los Angeles, Californa. This selection of artworks includes painting, drawing, photography, digital art and mixed media from shows, exhibits and editions of The Dr. Susan Block Show, including "Duct Tape Orgy for Peace," "Naked Protest," "Erotic Art of the Apocalypse" and "Democratic Sex." Exhibiting artists include Tom Zimmerman, John Evans, Jolie Barry, Juliane Backmann, Brian Viveros, Xam, Dr. Susan Block.

The Dr. Susan Block Show is the longest-running, most popular call-in sexuality talk show on American cable TV, hosted by international sexologist Dr. Susan Block. Star of four #1 Nielsen-rated HBO specials, best-selling author of The 10 Commandments of Pleasure (Les Dix Commandements du Plaisir), and advocate of the "make love, not war" bonobo chimpanzees, Dr. Suzy was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal, French Penthouse, Canal Plus' "Le Journal des Bonnes Nouvelles," and MTV's "The Big Urban Myth." Extremely intimate, sometimes shocking, often educational and always entertaining, The Dr. Susan Block Show reveals a side of humanity that is rarely seen on TV. Available internationally. Now at Wartime Bargain Prices!

*Opening Night of Dr. Suzy's ART BOMBS: Play the "Find Osama" game !

For opening night invitations, information and interviews, please call David Brando at (0)699962410 in France or 213.749.1330 in the USA.

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