Dr. Suzy welcomes Spring with a gloriously sexy shower of female ejaculate, and lots of regular showering too! Well, Spring Showers bring out the flowers, and this show blooms with sensuous beauty and naughty wet fun. In all religions, Spring Equinox is a time for rebirth, resurrection, renewal and return. According to the ancient Greeks, Spring is the time when Persephone, Queen of Hell, returns to her Mother Demeter, Goddess of the Earth, who is so ecstatic to be reunited with her beloved daughter that she showers the world in Spring. In SPRING SHOWERS, the amazing Annie Body returns from her travels to Dr. Suzy and the Speakeasy, and showers Dr. Suzy, as well as fellow several camera people and guests Stan Kent (former rocket scientist turned Hustler Hollywood

host,erotic novelist, shoe aficionado and Mod Mod Man about Town) and his sinfully sexy g-friend Cyn, plus audience members in her fabulous, Spring-fresh Holy Water. Then things get even wetter when Victoria and Andrew Card demonstrate their delightful Shower Playmate sex toy in a real shower stall right in the studio! Lovely nude model Tiffany Taylor shows everyone just how the Shower Playmate works all over her near-perfect nude body, but especially in terms of clitoral stimulation. Ooh la la! This is way too exciting and inviting to simply watch, so the next thing you know Annie's in the shower spritzing Tiffany with the Shower Playmate. Then Erin gets in, and Big D, and so does Dr. Suzy! Everybody gets soaked and silly, a sure sign of the start of Spring. Speaking of Erin, every episode of The Dr. Susan Block Show has at least one sexy surprise, and the SPRING SHOWERS surprise is Erin, a stunning, lanky, 6'1" performance artist with artistically pierced nipples whose naked, impassioned delivery of her scintillating poetry charms everyone at the Speakeasy. Christine Beatty serenades the crowd with her fabulous, rock'em-sock'em voice, accompanied by Renata on guitar. A cute guy named Dave breakdances and flips, Master Dave ties up Kim and Erin, Dr. Suzy squirts and Annie erupts like Old Faithful on steroids. DJ Daniel and DJ Simeon keep the music hot and lush, everybody dancing, stripping, spanking, squirting, showering with the Shower Playmates, screwing on the Love Rocker and generally ushering in hope of warmer, sexier, more peaceful, egalitarian and lubricated times for all. "



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