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Easter Eve on Marcus London, Pamela Balian, Dr. Suzy, Idelsy Love, Se7en. Photo: JuxLii

Dr. Susan Block's Speakeasy Magazine  STAFF  Volume  3  Number  42  BROADCAST  March 30, 2013  PUBLISHED   April 1, 2013  
Susan Block PHD  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER   Maximillian Lobkowicz  PRODUCER  Vanessa Fu'ne
OFFICE MANAGER    Vanessa Fu'ne  SOUND ENGINEER Todd Wyatt  
PHOTOGRAPHERS : L'Erotique, Jux Lii, Michelle
Casey, Todd    VIDEO EDITORS  MarFX  PHOTO EDITORS   Dr. Susan Block, Max Paris, Bennett Cordon 
STAGE AND SET DESIGN  Vanessa Fu'ne  EDITORIAL ASSISTANT    Nick Morningwood  
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Title: "Easter Eve Bacchanalia Primavera"
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