A A Love Story

by Dr. Susan Block


What is it about some people's feet that make other people wild with desire?

Feet are two of the most denigrated parts of the human body. We literally step on them all day. Rarely pleasured, often overworked, feet are the slaves, or packhorses, for the rest of our bodies.

Yet feet can command tremendous passion in some people. There are Leg Men, Breast Men, Bun Men, and there are Feet Men (or maybe it's Foot Men). But unlike breasts, legs and buns, the charms of feet are rarely examined, except by podiatrists, pedicurists, foot fetishists, and shoe salesmen.

Though my doctorate's in philosophy, not podiatry, I've studied the pleasures of feet for years. I love to explore love in all its many splendored aspects, and the foot is an aspect of love. After all, even if you're not "into" feet, if you love someone, you love them head-to-toe. So you don't have to be a certifiable foot fetishist to appreciate feet, or to enjoy having your feet appreciated.


The first part of my body
I let Max touch was
my feet.

Now that we're married, there isn't a part of me that he hasn't touched (well, I won't let him pick my nose). But during our courtship, I wanted to take it slow, so I wouldn't let him move his horny hands above my knee. But I did let him play with my feet, and oh, how he played with my feet! He caressed my ankles, massaged my arches, kissed my soles, sucked my toes, and made love to my feet. And my feet fell in love with him. And even now that we're married and having all kinds of sex, there's a very special relationship between Max and my feet. But before I get more personal, here are some foot fetish basics…

According to our continuing research here at the Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences, it's mostly males who are aroused by female feet. Of course, gay foot fetishists like men's feet, and some lesbians are turned on by women's feet.

Toe Me! Toe Me!

Though straight women can be into men's feet (and many enjoy pleasuring their male partners' feet at our legendary Foot Fetish Salons here at the Institute), not very many are, at least not to the fetishistic extent that so many guys lust after ladies' feet.

Preferences for foot types vary. Some like dirty feet, though most prefer clean. Some crave big athletic feet, others go for small and dainty. Some like tan feet or polished toe nails, high heels, leather boots, sandals, stockings, toe cleavage or toe rings.

Paint Job

Some adore massaging, pampering and pedicuring feet. Others want to be walked on. There are foot-lickers, toe-suckers, heel-sniffers, arch-ticklers and Imelda Marcos types just into shoes. Some go for stockings, often relishing the aroma of just-worn nylons.

Golden Heels

Some couples do 69, but instead of having oral sex, they suck each other's toes. Some guys love to masturbate against a woman's foot, or use her big toe like a butt plug. Others are into foot bondage; they like to tie feet up and torture or tickle them. Foot-ticklers derive sadistic yet playful pleasure from tickling a victim's feet until he or she is gasping for breath or screaming with helpless laughter. A more mild, sensuous form of foot-tickling may be done with a feather.

Still others, "crush" or "squish" fetishists, like to watch women step in things, or on things like grapes, jello, dolls, bugs, eggs. Their ultimate fantasy is to be mashed under a giantess's foot, but since that--if it were possible--would be terminal, they satisfy their lust by voyeuristically watching ladies' feet wreaking destruction on other crushable items.

Peewee Crush

What makes a foot lover
a foot fetishist?

If you'd almost always rather have sex with your lover's feet than any other body parts, or if you must focus on your partner's feet to reach orgasm, or if you'd usually rather screw a shoe than a person, you're a foot fetishist (the technical term is podophiliac). If your sexuality doesn't revolve your feelings about feet, you're more what I'd call a foot lover, a foot appreciator, or maybe you just playing footsie.

In the classic sense, a "fetishist" invests god-like magical powers into the fetish object. The true foot fetishist objectifies, glorifies and downright deifies the foot, or shoe, or the foot in the shoe, with or without the stocking, being licked, caressed, massaged, worshipped, tickled, bedecked in jewels or stepping on something squishy.

Squish Dionysian

Why do foot lovers
love feet?

For as many different reasons as there are different foot lovers. But typically, fetishes begin in early childhood. As a toddler toddles and crawls, exploring the world, feet are often the first part of Mommy that he encounters. Children who are not picked up and held much, whose main physical contact with Mom is with her feet, are said to be more likely to develop foot fetishes, though this is by no means a hard and fast rule.

Intense childhood experiences with the feet of other relatives, like older sisters or cousins, as well as friends and, most notoriously, babysitters, may also lead one to become a foot lover. Beware the babysitter with the pretty pedicured toes, strappy sandals and an attitude; she may inspire your child to like feet! On second thought, what's so terrible if your kid likes feet? You could do worse. As long as he's capable of love (and if you hold him and give him affection, he'll probably be capable of love), what difference does it make if he's into feet or breasts, armpits or elbows?

Yellow Feet

But what about those foot fetishists so obsessed with feet that they truly can't get above the ankle, and love a whole human being?

One reason fetishists become "obsessed" is they feel that their interest in feet is wrong. Whenever we feel that something we crave sexually is shameful or wrong, it becomes ultra-exciting in a naughty way. But it also becomes frustrating and disturbing, as we can't integrate it into our everyday lives. Ultimately, it makes us feel bad about ourselves, sometimes even incapable of love. Most sex criminals have desires they feel ashamed of. Even if you've never done anything illegal, if you're deeply ashamed of your sexuality--whether you're a foot fetishist or just a garden variety sex maniac--your love life is bound to be troubled.

So many male foot fetishists are married to women with whom they never share their desire, ashamed to reveal their true feelings. And the real shame is that some of those wives would enjoy a foot rub or foot licking, if it's presented nicely. But their husbands view their own interest in feet as something perverted that they couldn't possibly share with someone they love.

If you have a foot fetish, I hope you can share it with someone you love. You probably shouldn't call it a "fetish;" that sounds kind of scary to most people. Just find creative and sensuous ways to integrate your favorite forms of foot play into your lovemaking.

Toe Cleavage with a Kiss

What about shoes?

Shoe Horn

A fetish for shoes is also usually conditioned in early childhood or adolescence, just like the fetish for feet and most other things.. By the way, this is not limited to humans. A male chimpanzee raised in captivity developed a bit of a shoe fetish, masturbating obsessively by rubbing his caretaker's leather boot. Boot Time for Bonzo!

High heels are the most fetishized type of shoe. They began with Catherine de Medici, a 16th century Italian who married Henry II of France. The petite Catherine had shoes custom-designed to give her height, starting a high heel rage among the French. But those first Italian leather heels were quite difficult to maneuver in; male escorts had to carry high-heeled ladies up and down stairs. Heels still have a way of compelling a gentleman to be gallant.

Submissive men find the extremely spiked heel menacingly arousing, like a lethal feminine weapon. S/M magazines often show a woman's spike resting on the neck or genitals of a submissive male. Dominant men also tend to like high heels, in part because of the way they alter a woman's posture, creating a more dramatic curve of the spine that makes her butt and calves seem rounder, her thighs seem thinner, her breasts stick out, and gives her hips that Monroe sway when she walks. This precarious "wiggly walk" appeals to the traditional man's desire to protect a fragile woman, or maybe to pounce on her.

Boots in the Hall

Many men and women are aroused by frailty. Politically incorrect as it may be, this is part of our prehistoric predatory attraction to the weak.

Many foot fanciers love sandals, combining the leather shoe with naked toes. The sandal fetish is as old as the Bible. "How beautiful are thy feet in sandals" is a line from the erotic lovers' dialogue in The Song of Songs, attributed to King Solomon who is said to have had 1000 wives. That's 2000 feet, 10,000 toes--wow, that must have been some bill from the palace pedicurist.

The Chinese have had the longest,
most controversial
love affair with fe

Foot-binding was practiced from the T'ang Dynasty in the 10th century through the 1930's. A girl's feet were first bound at age five or so, continuing until they quit growing at around 18. This resulted in a foot about 2" wide and 4" long, with a very soft curved sole that made walking extremely difficult. There are a few theories about the popularity of foot-binding. The binding of a woman's feet certainly made her more dependent and, as mentioned, many men are aroused by feminine fragility. Indeed, bound feet were a status symbol, like the aristocratic Chinese man's long fingernails; both handicaps attributed to the wealthy, leisurely life. There were various erotic purposes for these soft bowed little feet, crippled as they were. Women masturbated by rubbing their feet together. Lesbians maneuvered their feet into each other's wombs. Men indulged in licking these podophilic delicacies, being brought to orgasm by a woman's curved arches, and performing fellatio on her big toe. Well, I suppose there are a few odd benefits to bound feet, but, all in all, I prefer being able to walk.


And I adore
having my feet massaged.

Whether you're a true foot worshipper or just an average sex fiend, foot massage is a superb aphrodisiac. Often, when I think I'm too tired or tense for sex, all Max has to do is massage my little tootsies and I get wetter and hotter than an oil slick in August. Foot massage is also a great way to be sensual without getting directly sexual on a date. As a first move, it's pretty rude for a dude to say "May I squeeze your boobs?" But it's quite all right to say "May I give you a foot massage?" Especially if you've just gone out dancing. And it's good for you! Reflexology and shiatzu are massage systems based upon the tiny electrical reflexes on the bottoms of your feet which correspond to parts of your body. When you massage these pressure points, you stimulate the analogous body part with healing energy.

It's an excellent tension releaser. Sometimes screamingly so. When Max massages my toes after a stressful day, I shriek to high heaven! Max doesn't just rub my feet; he rolfs them; the neighbors probably think he beats me. Sometimes I feel obliged to yell: "He's not beating me! He's massaging my feet!" It's kind of embarrassing, but truly amazing. When I have a headache or stomach ailment, it usually vanishes when Max massages my feet. Then he gets hard, and we have sex.


Which reminds me, here's a helpful hint for footlickers: If you want to suck your lover's toes, but she's just too ticklish to take it, try massaging her foot first. This tends to relax it so it won't go into shock when it goes in your mouth. Sometimes, when I'm getting my big toe rubbed and sucked just right, I have a truly orgasmic response. I call it a "toegasm." And if Max is pleasuring my foot while I'm masturbating, I have an orgasmic-toegasmic climax that takes me over the moon and a few other planets as well.

For a sensual foot massage, use oil or lotion. Every foot lover has a favorite lubricant--baby oil, almond oil, aloe vera cream. Mary Magdalene used myrrh on Jesus' feet. Try flavored oil so you can suck your lover's toes after rubbing. Foot pleasuring is an ancient art. And foot massage is one of the most perfect safe sex activities; it's healthy, sexy and doesn't involve an exchange of body fluids--unless your feet are really sweaty.

Speaking of sweat,
foot-sniffing excites
many foot lovers.

Shoe Shots

For shoe enthusiasts, the smell of the shoe--that heady mixture of sweat and leather or rubber--can be extremely arousing. Smelling, of course, can lead to eating. Max adores eating off of my feet. I cover my toes with caviar or whipped cream and chocolate and he licks it right up. His favorite podophilic cuisine is toes dipped in cocktail sauce with fresh shrimps in between, a succulent hors d'oeuvre before a full meal of sex. Since "shrimping" is slang for toe-sucking, we call this "shrimping cocktails." When we're feeling feisty, we'll have Tequila Toe Shots: rub salt and lime on the toes, then suck them off and down your shot. Olé!

Spike-Heeled Nostrils

What about foot slaves?

A foot slave--usually a he; sometimes a she--loves to be at the feet of his mistress or master, considering this to be his proper place in life. He surrenders himself--body, mind and soul--to his mistress's feet, with or without the shoes or stockings, depending on the preferences of the mistress and slave. Of course, a woman's foot is literally the lowest part of her body. Kissing her foot can be humiliating, which is part of the thrill. Since ancient times, the kissing of the foot has been a sign of submission. The foot slave is happy to humble himself like that, to kiss her foot, even the bottom of her shoe, while groveling before her, lying prostrate on the ground, as low as he can go.


Some foot slaves enjoy having the mistress walk on them, sometimes in spiked heels, as if to say, "I'm only worthy of being trampled beneath your feet." A mistress might kick her foot slave if he's "bad," demand he clean her boots with his tongue, or give her a pedicure. If he does a good job, she could reward him by massaging his throbbing member with her foot, or placing it between her heel and backless slipper. Some foot slaves exhibit a reverent devotion to the feet of their mistress, their goddess. Their worship is only partly sexual. Some adhere to über-feminist philosophies; believing women to be superior beings. They feel that since most women are not as violent as most men, males need to feel the controlling influence of a female foot on them every so often. With a philosophy like that, I think every feminist should have a foot slave! And every feminist could; there are more than enough foot slaves to go around. The feminist male foot slave surrenders himself to the civilizing, sexual power of Woman via his mistress' foot or boot, going beyond roleplay into serious sexual politics.

Smokin' Toes

But feet are fun.
Feet are innocent.
Feet are playful.
Who hasn't played the
piggies game?

Some people enjoy foot sex just because it's not serious, but kind of silly and childlike, much more innocent than genitalia. Max likes to talk to each of my toes as he plays with them, treating all ten as individual "girls" with distinct personalities. Sometimes, I use my feet like I might use my hands to play with, stroke and even spank Max while we make love. I like to caress his muscular butt with my foot while he goes down on me, and give it a good foot-spanking when I want him to lick me faster.

Whew, all this foot talk is making my toes curl!

Porn Feet

Also, I'm in the midst of planning our next exciting "Foot Fetish Exhibition and Salon," coming to the Dr. Susan Block Institute at our Downtown LA Speakeasy. If you'd like to find out more about it, or if you'd just like to talk about your particular interest in feet, call us at 213.749.1330. In the meantime...

Toegasm !

Love your feet, love your life.

Toothpaste Feet

I love you.

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