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The emails below were written in response to Dr. Susan Block's BLUE VALUES in her Terror Journals and in Counterpunch

From: "Helmut Braun" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 12:39 PM
Subject: Your blue values
Dear Dr. Susan Block, every time it is a great relief for me to read a new article from you. It insures me, that big bad asscraft and his merry men, did not come around, catch you up and lock you away in some Gitmo or St.Diego Garcia dungeon (wipeing forehead). Secondly I love the way you write. It is so radical, focused, provocating and passionate. And nevertheless, your kind of speech, is one beacon, that directs not only to the american dream, but the dream all people, all over, are longing for. Not the ultimate, only their personal, free of any superior, telling them what to do, and what not. Or forcing them to things, they would never do, if left alone. Sadly in reality, the people all over the world are told, what to do and what not and forced to horrible things, they never dreamed in their wildest nightmares. Even worse, not forgetting the victims of such acts. Those who live with us, having corporate media sitting on their face, forced to lick up any of their shit and slime, druging them away from picking up the reality. Not that they do not have to face the bitter reality of making a daily living. Their consciousness, dumbed down, awed by religion, alien cultur, aggression and threatened by violence.So now, that the vote is done, it does not matter, whether there was a fraud or not, nearly the half of those who voted, voted red (which does not mean that the half of americans voted for the great pretzel). But we must not forget, it is not a matter of red states vs. blue states. As much as I understand your vote system, a state may obtain one color, even if the majority of the voters happend to choose the other one. This might be supported by a sly meandering of voting districts, as in Texas for example. So even Texas could be doubted of being a red state. Only trouble is, that it might be much cushier being a hardnosed Dickhead in a blue state, then being a goddammed, unamerican, unpatriotic, communist blue in a red state (sigh). But from what I said before, I should not pick the word state, but replace it with environment. Because this is where we all live in the first place. The government or better the political system, we are embedded, comes to us, by ' .. the slime boozing out from your tee vee set ..(F. Zappa)', as long as you are lucky. Other encounters are the police stopping and sniffing at you on the highways, or agents, spooks kicking your frontdoor or by the bills for what ever. But be carefull, if you ever insist on wanting something from your government, they might get attentive, keeping an eye on you. So don't let us be fooled. There is no such a thing as democracy, people's rights, justice, all equal under the law. There never was. This is just as absurd as talking about war crime, as if war could ever be anything else but a crime. At least if you consider mass murder for the enrichment of a few as a crime. It is the game, that is played since history is written and even before. And now that the jackpot (say the resources) that is to win, runs out off value, the game is entering the stage, that is called WAR BY TERROR. Only the media slime turns 'by' into 'on'. The game allways was named 'world domination', it is played by a few, empowered beyond our imagination. We, the rest of the people, are the toys, the pewter figures, the slaves. For their amusement or strategic planning, we are flogged against each other. So I do not want to waste your time by explaining, what you allready know very well. And after all, my intent was not to paint a dark picture into total black. So you know, I know. We both know for instance Willhelm Reich 'Psychology of Mass Fascism (I just translated as I know it from the german title)'. We can not argue. One can not argue against a fear, that is deeply implanted. All we can do is gaining trust. So coming back to the environment, where we live in. There is our work bench. Being respectfull and respected, even when disagreeing. Not joining the howling. Often stay quiet, sometimes frown and when the occasion appears, hunting for the demons of fear, implanted in your opposite, gently suggesting treatments for emancipation. Your daily work, as I suppose. So if you have followed me so far, I give you two examples where I failed yet, but what triggered me to write to you. We were visited by friends from Texas. Beautifull, lovely people, who realy have my heart, but red as a mexican chilly and completely conformed to your 10 A's. Those friends were guests at different parts of my family and spend their last night at our flat, because we live next to the airport. That part with the most conservative and nazilike attitude from all the others, our friends told us, questioned them to my suprise, if they would not think, that the 911 was an inside job. It confused them pretty much, so when then spend their last night with us, they asked us, if we would think alike (as you might know, a poll showed that in germany about 60% suspect the US administration for that). I just could figure out, that I see a world wide threat for democracy.'Maybe' they said 'but Bush just sticks to what he says, the other is just wishywashy'. And what about Ashcroft? 'Well he sayed what he wanted and it was accepted and passed, so what'. It would have been unpolite, undiplomatic and offending to tell them ladies my real thoughts. So I only asked how they would feel, if 'the other' would win.They pointed out, that during the Clinton administration, there was no morality and they would be very disappointed, in that case.I could nearly see the beasts, monsters and demons of fear, uncertainty and doubt creeping around them, I just could not but pity them. Arguments must wait, trust and familiarity must grow. Second was as the following. We had a kidnapping a few time ago. The boy of a rich and honored family was taken by a young man even known to that family. So that young man came very quickly under suspicion by the police, was arrested and interrogated. The perpetrator confessed quite quickly, but refused to tell the place, where he kept the boy. It was the fourth day after the kidnapping, time was running out and the police was pretty much under pressure, since they had a lot of publicity.So the vice president of the police threatened the perpetrator with torture. He explained him carefully, what he was about to do to him, which means the very tools were presented by the officer.Guess what, it worked immediatly. Sadly the boy was found dead, because he suffocated by the use of rubber tape directly after his kidnapping.A real dramatic, sad and nasty storry and the extent of indignation in harmony with the media was accordingly.Now this officer has to stand his trial, because against all public will our constitution does not allow torture, not even the threat of, by no means (tsk, tsk). Even if you imagine the unthinkable,that our nation is threated by a terrorist's primitiv hate, impending he would pee upon our national flag.All the discussions started all over again, if we could find a sweet place in our democratic society for a lawfull torture, just in case we are in need of. Excuse me a minute, I have to seclude a bit venom, before I vomit.So I had a phone call with my mother. If you still have a mother you might know those dialogs where your part is to choose between the two phrases: 'yes, mom' and 'no, mom' between rolling avalanches of coporate hate speech, starting with those nuts, who dare to question the reputation of such a noble officer by sending him to trial, reaching over to a description in full detail, what she would be doing to such a 'Dreckschwein' that is doing such things to an innocent child. I spare you from that.I from my side felt pretty sick. And I still have no answere to that, except the sad realization, that this girl is aged 81 and if she didn't learn it by now, I won't be able to change a bit.But still it hurts to tears, when someone so near to you takes a view that is so far away, only be measured in astronomical dimensions.So what about is all that fuss?You are not alone. Your problem is not an american problem and there is no reason, to be ashamed about.The problem is all around us all over the world.We must save our love and pity even for those next to us, who attac us, to whom we appear as enemies, because they are terrified to their deepest inside. I know very well how easyly this is said but believe me this does not come by religious sentiments or divine inspiration, this is all cold blood logical.As well we have to find those who are like us and we have to organize our resistance, no braveness is needed but sageness as well as trickery.So please keep on tearing down the pants of hypocrisy and demonstrate what puny balls their broken sexuality has left for them. At least it allways warms my heart. But let us not scoff at those prisoned by their own fears.And let me remind as well, a joyfull and satisfying masturbation how skillfull ever does not lead to the pleasures of lovewith love helmut braun, frankfurt(main), germany PS: and when ever you are back en France give her a big wet kiss je l'adore aussi

From: Anthony Kennerson
To: ;
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 7:42 AM
Subject: Your "Blue Values" Essay : Just What The (Horny) Doctor Ordered
Doc Suzy: Once again, you come through in a time of need with an uplifting essay that tells it like it is and shows where it's at...and gives us just the spirit we need to get through these upcoming rough times. Although I consider myself more of an old-school Red (that is, when that color represented revolt and revolution of the liberating variety before it got somehow stolen by the fascists), I can totally concur with all of those "Blue Values" you mentioned...especially the "blue" as in X-rated kind. Especially now, when it seems that the crazies on the fundie side are dusting off all the old antisex, antiwoman, and racist mantras and calling in their political chips to roll back all the protections and gains that we as progressives fought hard (and in some cases died ) for. I have seen so much of liberal and Democratic folk simply cave in to the Right's agenda for so long; it is actually refreshing and liberating to hear a voice for actually standing up and resisting them for a change. And it's truly liberating especially to hear someone tell the truth as to how our new "conservative" ("fascist" is more like it) elite uses opposition to women's reproductive choice (or sexual choice in all varieties, for that matter) to keep women and working class/poor people down and exploitable for the economic elite's personal profits and as cannon fodder for the "permanent war" follies. Well done and done well, Doc Suzy....may you continue to burn the flame of righteousness and truth as strongly as your love of sex and pleasure burns so strong and long, Anthony Kennerson
P.S. May I have your kind permission to reprint your essay over at my groups?? I will give the usual credits due, of course.

From: Lisle, Michael
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 6:22 AM
Subject: President George
I like to think of our fearless leader as the Pro-life President but only if they havenít been born yet. After they come out of the womb, then itís how fast can we put them in their grave President. M. Lisle

From: "ajit hegde" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 4:39 AM
Subject: Hi Ds. Block, Your Admirer From India

Hello Dr. Susan Block, This mail is from India, south Asia. I am a 25 year old young man from India. I have been a great a fan of your stunning writing which appear on Counterpunch, Counterpunch being my favourite website. I have more than 50 articles by you on my PC. They are all so beautifully written with a combination of righteous anger and a keen sense of humour. My favourites are the one on Ashcroft, america in the hood, the one on the great pretzel swallower and the recent one Blue> Values. You have a great sense of humour. I wish you write more and more for> Counterpunch. I have one suggestion for you. I have visited your Website to download some of your articles. I think your website contains too many graphics. It eats up so much space if I have to save some interesting article. It also takes very much time to save one single article. Why don't you provide an easily downloadable version of Your articles ( only with necessary graphics) ? That would really be good idea. But not on Javascript, please. We can't save it. I read some of the Letters you
> published from Christian Dittoheads under the title " saddam's sex therapist and rape of free speech". I thought they are downright Funny, they are so Bizarre. One can't but feel amazement at these absolute Morons. Yours Sincerely, Ajit Hegde Bangalore India

From: Dave Longtin
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 3:42 AM
Subject: Re: CounterPunch
Dear Susan: I finally got a chance to read your article in CounterPunch. It's very well done, but I do take issue with a couple of your points. You write: "In both Nazi Germany and Bush's America, a militant, political Protestantism was and is used to try to destroy 'evil' and dominate the world." Yet America's current adventure in Iraq most closely resembles Britain's disastrous occupation of that country during the 1920s. There is no need to evoke the Nazis, because English imperialism was evil enough. Hitler also espoused a kind of neo-paganism, which he believed would replace Christianity. In his book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William Shirer writes about the Nazis' persecution of Protestant pastors who refused to embrace the new faith. The Nazis actually had quite mixed attitudes toward sex. While they sent prostitutes to the concentration camps in a display of twisted Puritanism, they encouraged thousands of Hitler Youth maidens to give birth out of wedlock to advance the Master Race, a policy that today's Christian conservatives could never tolerate. Very sincerely, Dave Longtin

From: "Laurel Henderson" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2004 12:04 PM
Subject: You cheered me up:)
Dr Suzy, Let me say I was so glad to see your column on Counterpunch. Boy, I couldn't take much more of the "reverent" discussion of values being vomited( ie. red state values triumphed) around the net and on the networks. And by people who look like toilet training was really a bad experience for them. Yuck! I just returned to NY after a frightening 9 year exile to Dixie and I had the opportunity to observe the reds up close. Again Yuck! Those "folks" are really frightening with their inability to see what's happening in their own beds, their own backyards, to their own kids, in their own cities.Some examples that particularly stand out from my time in the bible belt include: arriving in our new town to pick up the newspaper and see on the front page a report that the KKK was staging ( yes the white sheets over the head KKK) a demonstration in downtown! I screamed to my husband " Oh my god we really are in the south!" :0 ! Upon moving into each of the 2 houses we lived in the south the first thing my neighbors asked was "What church do you go to?" I was particularly shocked because where I grew up we never talked about religion, that was a private matter, not in a sick way , but just in a really offhand way. Not a lot of thought was put into things like where your neighbors went to church or even if they did. I am what is jocularly called a C & E christian, that is a christmas and easter christian, and even then not always. Spirituality is private. As far as your particular field, sex was concerned, well those "folks" have their blinders on good and tight. Yes, I have seen the latest stats on marriage, with Massachussetts having the lowest divorce rate and states in the south having the highest rates of divorce and teen pregnancy. Hypocrisy reigns. I had the opportunity to work in a lcounty hospital in a large metropolitan area as a registered nurse and in a public health office and as a student nurse practitioner in the south. And so got to see first hand what is happening to the young, to women, to the elderly, to the poor and to > the minorities in those areas ( see the closure of TennCare, where you had to be spectacularly poor even to qualify for very miserly benefits). It is not a pretty picture. So let me say this about the reds, I feel they should clean up their own "little" messes and then just forget about telling the rest of us how to manage our own "degenerate" life and lifestyle. Hell I'm sure they really don't want to clutter up their heaven with a bunch of lovin', liberal, limp wristed, people who tolerate gays, lesbians, adulterers, wife swappers, and pretty much anyone who lives and lets others live. I really would rather just live unmolested by the morality police. And stay "unsaved". So really :) thanks so much for your open and frank and fun sex talk. It cheered me up and made me see that blue values are alive and well. And if not Canada is always just a drive away. Love, lick and rock on Suzy! Lola :)

From: "scott denny" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 11:17 AM
Subject: Blue Article

"I've got a Blue hotel room with a blue bedspread I've got the Blues inside and outside my head" Joni Mitchell.... Your article so sweet that my blues are becoming more purple. We blues, we'll march on to the sexy beat of a Senegalese drum. Oh, and check out our Majorette, Dr.. Block I mean, like, Yum! Sincerely, Scott

From: "wbfree" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 9:08 PM
Subject: values blue
Susan; Viva freedom, complete freedom, viva life, let us not let these fools rain on our parade. They are wound so tight and so repressed they can't help but self destruct. Frank Zappa, explaining how sexually repressed these people are said; their raincoats, or maybe their Sears poncho's keep popping open at inappropriate moments-don't get a visual of that-the little pindicked motherfuckers aren't exactly swinging dicks. Moral values=propaganda Compasionate conservatism=tax breaks for wealth-tax burden for the rest No child left behind=unfunded dumbing down of our children Plan=? WTO, Nafta, IMF, Gatt=hooray for us and fuck you Business=get it any way you can, and damn any and all consequences God= is better than your god, you got that mohammed
and fuck-em all Burnie MetzenBend, Oregon

From: Novajoe
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 5:53 PM
Subject: Blue Value
Dear Dr. Block, Once again you knocked my socks off with your neo-beat bop prosody holding forth on the revolting development of Bush's reelection. I was as depressed as most Blues, but I must say I wasn't surprised. Back in '92 during the Democratic primaries I had a sudden illumination upon seeing Bob Kerrey on TV announcing his departure from the race. Something in his face, infinite disgust bordering on cynicism, told me clearly: a Vietnam veteran will never be president of the United States. Why this is so is probably too much for me to get my mind around. I remembered the days when I first came home from Nam and was stationed at the Philly Induction Center ('68), having to step through groups of hippie demonstrators sitting in circles on the sidewalk. "Take off that uniform, man, and join us. We love you. We'll protect you." And such. And upstairs in the Induction Center I'd confront the Young Republicans, that group I think Bill Buckley started around this time, seemingly innocuous preppies who were "just (there) to show our support for your service to our country," and so forth. Of course they all, like their hero Dick Cheney, had other priorities (read options) that conveniently did not include fighting for their country. Your piece covered a lot of ground in a short burst of fire. Perhaps the rant is the only form that can get to the raw nub of our predicament, since we are dealing with some very squirrely characters here. Boy, did they miss the self-awareness train or what? What hole were these people hiding in all this time? Gore Vidal said it's always the sissies who start wars. And now I'm afraid we have finally come face to face with the revenge of the vile Confederacy that the rednecks never tired of talking about. This crew in power reminds me, perversely, of the Bolsheviks, only not as well-read. According to Falwell, the Third Reich was a secular movement, Godless to its core. Superficially he's correct. Real Nazis didn't give two shits about the Jewish God of the Old Testament, but as usual the portly Pillsbury doe-boy reverend was unable or unwilling to see the deeper, evangelical strain of Hitler's ministry. People say the thousand year Reich only lasted 12 years, but that's four times the duration of Christ's ministry. My mother, who was what I call a primitive Catholic, used to scoff at the notion of the Virgin Birth. That was the one thing she could never buy into as a Catholic. She was insulted that the Church expected her to accept such nonsense. God bless her. Hers was the user-friendly Catholicism of personalized saints, of whom her favorite (and mine) was Teresa of Avila, who scared the bishops sent by Rome to chastise her by willing tables and chairs to fly across the room, and who slapped the papal nuncio across the face when he dismissed her testimony with a sneer. My kinda gal, and saint. Anyway, keep that prose poppin', doc. Words may be all we have left by the time these cretins are done with their dirty work. Love, Joe La Rosa

From: Fabian Adami
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 3:34 PM
Subject: Counterpunch article....don't worry, its praise!
Dear Dr. Block, I'm a fairly regular reader of Counterpunch. In response to the request at the end of your article...I am responding....I have been in this country--on and off--since August 2000. (I'm a grad student--first Masters, now Phd). My parents are both German, but I was born and raised in Britain. (yes Tony Blair stinks too). My father grew up for the first 5 years of his life in Nazi Germany. Members of his family were arrested by the Gestapo. Members of my mother's family (dissidents) died in the camps. All their lives, my parents have seen the US as their great saviour. They both quite literally believe that the US/UK saved their families lives in 1945. When I came to this country, as a result of my parents' "preaching" i semi-idolised the US, and everything American. I veiwed Clinton (mostly) with sympathetic eyes.....Then came the election of 2000, September 2001, and Iraq, the Patriot Act....Ashcroft et al. Two months ago, my Dad, aged 65, came to visit me in Boston. His attitude to the US has TOTALLY changed. To be exact, he told me that in his view, the US under Bush is "beginning to look like Germany in 1933." I don't agree fully (yet) with that sentiment....but it might go there yet. I know, that personally, once I am done with my Phd, if, God forbid, the Republicans win in 2008, i will not stay in this country. I'll emigrate to NZ or Canada...or to the country of "freedom fries." I think many progressive Americans might think of the same idea! Most interesting to me, is this: my sister who lives in the UK is a "born again Christian". But in Europe, that means something VERY different than here. She has said to me "the people in the deep south are fundamentalists". It saddens me deeply that this country has taken this path. That's because, as a European, i think this country has a HUGE amount of potential. Its thanks to reading articles by people such as yourself, that us liberal foreigners (who wish the US would attain its promise) retain some small vestige of hope! Great piece...agreed with every word....Keep up the good work!! Sincerely,
Fabian Adami.

Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 5:11 AM
Subject: Blue Values
Why don't you come clean? Instead of "blue" values, why not "Jew" values? Your values aren't our values. And how dare you defend abortion? I was spayed like a cat at age 20 (a septic abortion) and never able to conceive again. You show your contempt for women by allowing us to be savagely mutilated in those slaughterhouses. By YOUR doctors.

Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 2:53 AM
Subject: Re: Blue Values
Dear DR Block: I read your article you are very talented when it comes to pointing out the glaring hypocrisy of the religious right. It is a shame you were not invited to speak on CNN or Good Morning America but I guess fox would be out of the question since they disallow anyone who has less than some howling reactionary/conservative medieval values. Sincerely yours, WPH

From: Ann
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 11:23 PM
Subject: Blue Values
Dear Dr Sue, Regarding your article in Counterpunch online: I wish to thank you most profoundly for organizing my thoughts and publishing them for me. I can't begin to tell you how rare that experience was. Sadly, and to my deep regret I was unaware of your existence until this evening. You are wonderful! Thank You again! Ann Harris,
Another blue Blue Stater with blue, blue values

From: "Robert S." <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 8:50 PM
Subject: Hot Love, Not Perma War
You (and Maureen Dowd) every now and then reach way up beyond the clouds to grasp black lightning rapiers and caste them back down to singe us mere mortals with their searing truths. RS (Yale '62)

From: Joe Rosenstiel
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 6:32 PM
Subject: Blue Values
Dr Susan, Amen, Awomen, and Bravo! Since Black Tuesday, in an effort to make sense of recent events, I've been spending all my spare time and then some reading books, magazines, newspapers, and websites, and talking with everyone I can pin down, but your article has done me more good than anything else I've seen so far! I was appalled when I heard Kerry call for "healing" on Nov 3 - WTF! Let's give 'em hell with verve and passion, as you have done, without letup, until they shrivel back up into the hole they came from! And I'm normally about as mild-mannered as Clark Kent! In the last few days I've become obsessed with looking at - there's something about it that occasionally moves me to tears - I suppose the recognition that there are so many people out there who share my values is a part of it - I'm not alone, I'm not a freak - just think, wouldn't it be an amazing country if we blue staters and like-minded people from the red states could be unter uns - if we could form our own country and be rid of all those horrid red staters! Why, we could have a European-style social democracy, with a social contract, universal health care, honest elections, frank discussions, the pursuit of happiness, not money. Confirming one of your theses, the most touching pictures on the sorryeverbody site are those of couples - all kinds of couples, young, old, fat, thin, straight, gay, lesbian - holding each other, being close to one another, looking supremely happy together - this is what it all boils down to, isn't it? Needless to say, during the spate of gay marriages earlier this year, I just couldn't get enough of the pictures of the happy couples - what a joy to find a mate! Thank you and keep up the good work, Joe Rosenstiel Rochester NY

From: Osborne
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 8:03 AM
Subject: The First Church of Infinite Good
Dear Doctor Susan Block, Blue Values came to me as my depression was nearing its base mark - "Fuck it! I'm going Home. God, get out of the way." Then came your epistle as the sun rose over the Carolinas' into frost cold, clear blue skies. Those of us who object to and even abhor purposeful ignorance, even stupidity in places of high responsibility have been much too kind and forgiving of our President Bushmaster (see "pit viper"). In Blue Values, your pragmatic rendering of the factual truths that underlie the PNAC agenda exposes President Bushmaster's scripted duplicity in everything he and his fellow bastards say and do. On November third of two-thousand four I founded The First Church of Infinite Good and have been preparing a statement of its mission and the principles that I pray will guide it. This began as a private joke several weeks ago. Now I am possessed of a belief that an organized struggle must begin to overcome the evils inherent in fascistic governance.This can only be accomplished through a resurgent belief in the basics of democracy. I see the current government forcing right-side, blind-side christian theocracy down our throats using the same tactics now in place in Iraq and in the U.S., albeit much better hidden here than there. For all practical purposes (meaning life itself), democracy simply no longer exists as a guiding force in the United States government. Fascism is firmly in place, firmly and forcibly entrenched, but it took approximately eighty years to accomplish their treason. Dick Chainy and Karl Rove (gotta wonder what this miscreant's sex life is like - spare us the humorous details - cut off his hands and he'd be friendless.) are its master executioners, both of whom should take their places in history alongside Il Duce and his mistress in Dante's Hall of Flame. As for the Bushmaster, Charley McCarty, put the sock back over his head and put him back in the box with Edgar Reagan,oops, Bergen, Edgar Bergen. (Lovely daughter!) The First Church of Infinite Good Membership requires nothing more than an oath of allegiance to The Infinite Good. And then to do it, every day, for the rest of our lives on this earth. Keep up the Good Work, and Godspeed,
Gerald Osborne, Reader/Writer The First Church of Infinite Good, PO Box 284, Little River South Carolina 29566 910 287 3907 P.S. A web site is in the making. I feel better already! Stay tuned. GO

From: Jon Koppenhoefer
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 12:05 AM
Subject: Blue values
Dear Dr. Block: Having read your article in CounterPunch, all I can say is 'thank you.' To better times, Jon R. Koppenhoefer, Springfield, Ohio

From: "Jamal Al-Tahir" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2004 11:32 PM
Subject: Your article in Counterpunch
Dear Dr. Block, Thank you for your article of the 13/11/04 in Counterpunch. Hypocrisy,
bigotry,racism and a host of other evils can not endure humor, common sense and a good laugh. Keep on the good work. Respectfully, Jamal, A 63 year old Iraqi

From: Shwing! Art+Culture+Life
Sent: Sunday, November 14, 2004 10:09 PM
Subject: Permission to reprint Hot Love, Not Perma War
Dear Dr. Block, I'd like permission to reprint "Hot Love, Not Perma War - Blue Values" on my website If you do grant permission, I'd like a bio as well as a link to your site if you have one. Best Regards, Ofunne (oh-foo-nay)

Date 2004-11-12 22:54:33.0
Subject: In response to: Blue Values
Message Well said. We are a society that sanctions violence while prohibiting or demonizing sex and sensuality. It is a sad state of affairs, yet someone like you is a true inspiration to fighting this insane state of affairs. Thanks Doc!

Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 5:20 PM
Subject: Hot Love, Not Perma War
Dear Dr. Block, I read your essay on the CounterPunch website. I enjoyed it very much. It is the most positive and hopeful response I have encountered regarding the "Electile Dysfunction" of Red Tuesday. I look forward to hearing from you in the future and I will be checking out your website so I can learn how to get my swerve on as a blue state woman in a red state nation. Much respect, Dawn

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Subject: ur Counterpunch article
one of the very best comments on the US elections i´ve seen so far :-) please keep it up !

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Subject: Re: blue values
i love blue values and just emailed the links to the Bookburners and friends. your ideas are so much better than war:) . if only the dems could grow a spine and genitals...

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Subject: Blues Hues Blew
There's no reason to have the "blues" over the recent election ... we know that a orser thing couldn't happen to a worser fellow than to have his worsening war and worsening position be left for him to wallow in, not unlike he who went out to the outhouse to believe hisself and found that the Waning Moon Domicile (WMD) weren't there after l ... and now he's floundering in a pit of ... scheise. You almost lost me with the exhortation to the Horseless Rider to hop on his horse until you whistled to me about his being afraid of horsies. This must be another one of those forward-looking egressions to early life when, like the bicycles and pretzels and SegWays, he couldn't manage to stay on for the whole quarter, on the urban version of the QuarterHorse, that is. Red states ... these might be the states that are the most ardent war supporters and paint their states red with the blood of the fallen, the abstemious painting the Iraqis' towns red, blood red. Then again, it may be a case of the "Cold War" having come back to haunt them, Karma-like, in which case their new mantra is "better red than dead!" Or they just could be embarrassed (having forgotten to button their trap doors) and frustrated and just red in the face. "Values" themselves are neither good nor bad unless they are qualified as one or the other. I find it interesting -- even more so as time goes by -- that these "values" folks always seem to tie their sense of "value" to their religion, one that does not work, have never worked, and will never (unless one set of circumstances prevails). Who, after all, would go out and buy a car that needed to be serviced at least once a week, if not more, who but the so-called "religious?" Now, that might tell us something about "value." These are the folks who want to impose all of their rules and faith biased initiatives on everyone else while denying anyone else's perspective on how things have come this far. The "religious right" want everyone to accept and adhere to (their interpretation of) the values of Jesus and be good little "Christians." Yet, as you pointed out, they can't have no Merrie Marys ... bloody or otherwise ... and be accepting adherents. Yet, the one major thing that they tend to forget is that Jesus was a liberal and would be resisting their very sense of religious selves in order to bring about a more progressive sort of spirituality. This confused me for a while until I realised that when the Jesus millennium began, it only did so as a result of too much compression by that era's version of the "religious right." This is like Superman squeezing coal to get a diamond. The harder the "religious right" squeezes, the more likely -- in their World skew -- that there will be this magical transformation and the Second Coming will be at hand. The only way to accomplish this is to reenact the ways of the Pharisees and wait for another martyr to be sacrificed. And the so-called "religous right" is deep into sacrifice. This is the one set of circumstances that must prevail in order to allow their ends to be achieved. We all know that there was the sublime setting at the Last Supping at which Jesus explained the "bread and wine" body and blood" correlation, ushering in a new era of spirtual cannibalism, or theophagy > (to dress it up), one that has endured up until this time. In fact, the Catholicks have been exposed for their peculiar communion rites, the one that involves a "staff of life" (other than bread) combined with another life-giving substance, practiced by the priest and his young waif-er. This is, of course, the gift that keeps on giving, from the first until the infinite communion. Besides the Catholicks, the rest of the so-called "Christians" are urged to participate in their weekly form of symbolic cannibalism by accepting a little wafer to be followed by that other life-giving substance (and who hasn't been the life of the party after having too much) wine. Now, we have the pro-lifers who fall like vultures on those who will go on to die for their (the "religious right's") sins ... er ... crusades ... er ... causes. Of course, without the efforts of the religiously consumed, procreation would come to a halt, leaving the country in peril of not having enough people to fill out the ranks of the armies to fulfill the needs of the so-called Christians for war-kill, fulfillment coming in the form of warm flesh and fresh blood, offerings to their deity in not-so-subtle supplications for deliverance and guidance in their daily lives. Not THEIR warm flesh nor their fresh blood, mind you, just those of the chosen. As we have seen, the little wafers (or waif-ers, if you must) and the life-giving substances have proven to have been -- and be -- unsatisfactory substitutes for the real thing. But, while they be searchin' vein, we are similarly searching -- in vain -- for other means to end the pro-lifers' pro-death and -destruction mania. But we must refuse sex outside of bondage while endeavoring to replenish the sacrificial pool. Is this the "reason" for marriage? That of having only worthy candidates being "properly" presented to their deity for consumption? Are they who don't have the "proper" characteristics ("Christian," born in wedlock, heterosexual, et cetera) unworthy? We note that Jesus never had much to say about the military and politics ... in fact, the resurgence of the "born'd agains" might have been during the Vietnam era when people were referring contantly to the "Prince of Peace" and extolling the virtues of being "like" Jesus rather than ignoring his teachings, none of which advocated Earthly Kingdoms and all of the wars and politics that accompany those pursuits. What a mere thirty years can do to change things around, eh, what? What has happened has been nothing short of unmiraculous, considering those who believe in others' beliefs tend to be the most pliable ... we only need to see Jim Jones, Jim Bakker, Jim Swaggert, Jim Dobson, and the rest to understand the progression of regression in the realm of the "religious right." As the Horseless Rider might put it, "We're moving forward!" Retracing steps is always "moving forward;" do not confuse this with exploring ideas new options, which is what most people consider "moving forward." But the Horseless Rider may not stop "moving forward" until he reaches the point where Mussolini left off, where Il Duce used his "religious right's" compliance to achieve his Fascist state, just before he ventured off into misadventures among the Arabian grains of sand. Now, all we have to do is get him to stand tall in the saddle like Benito could ...-

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Subject: Re: Blue Values
Greetings Dr. Susan --
First, a belated thank-you for turning me on in an earlier piece to Betty Dodson, thanks to which (Sex for One) I, a hetero male 60-year-old, know I> suspect far more about female sexual anatomy, function and what probably turns on my women friends (or would were they aware) than they do. Sad. Fine screed, this of yours; just a thought on the red state/blue state mindset you & so many others -- me too, yesterday -- think and write from. Then this morning I somehow linked/stumbled onto this zinger of an essay <>
> the main premise of which is Forget states; it's the big _cities_ (and some not-so-big, see below) that run bright blue and the boonies/hick towns comprise most of the red scare: "... John Kerry won every city with a population above 500,000. He took half the cities with populations between 50,000 and 500,000..." & goes on to propose political strategy based on this. Anyway, never hurts to know the likeliest places to find friends & kindred spirits, eh? Long life and good effing, Francis Drake Tampa, FL

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Suzy, Just read your BLUE VALUES. I would immediately send it into the NEW YORK TIMES, LA TIMES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, MOSCOW TIMES and every other major paper of every city.
You just wrote something very impactful. (And the time to heal line of Kerry, made me gag.) What an asshole as well. Secret Society Club Members.......yuk. Give us real democracy. I only wish you find a serious patron to sponsor your writing so you can do your political works. - May I be so forth right as to tell you your calling really isnt sex but the grandeur of FREE SPEECH. Maybe you should hook up with Larry Flynt or someone who can bankroll your mantra and platform. YES. Ill confess the photo of Annie Body eating your pussy is delightfully exciting to any normal hetrosexual male. But your bigger picture is "BLUE VALUES" which resonates with far more POWER. I understand they will never accept a girl who gets her pussy eaten for all the world to see be it by a girl or otherwise. But the symbol of FREEDOM as in: "I can do what I want under the banner of the Constitution" is an issue that needs to be upheld. Sadly it takes money to launch a real campaign. It should go like this: " Dear Mr. Kerry......while you WASTED multiples of MILLIONS of dollars on lost issues, perhaps doing so, so that Mr. Bush could hedge his way back into office, ....why dont you be a real man and donate $25 million dollars to my cause which indeed protects our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS of Freedom of Speech. Throwing the election makes you look like a very impotent man whose motives were perhaps to be the next spokesperson for the happy drug company promoting Viagra.Impotency is not very machismo, and once again, it takes a woman to show a man who has BALLS!" - Dr. Susan Block. xo LG

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Subject: Re: blue values
Thanks. This'll rally the faint-hearts.

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i love dr. suzy

Read Dr. Suzy's BLUE VALUES


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