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Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2004 5:51 PM
Subject: Asscrack
Hey Sister! I am with you all the way. I served in the United States Air Force and I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and to protect the rights of the American people against all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. Anyone who wants to take away my Bill of Rights and my civil liberties is an enemy. GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!!!!

Subject: The War on Pleasure
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 15:51:25 -0400
From: Rick Eramian <>
Hello Dr. Susan Block, Your article was 100% on the mark. I am so glad to know that there are straight-talking people who see the reality of all these anti-pleasure Ayatolahs. They are all violent lunatics who love to send armed goons to attack peaceful people. These anti-drugs-guns-sex-gambling thugs are the worst criminals on the planet. They routinely assault, rob, arrest, and even murder their victims. They are coward terrorists who target civilians.By the way, the reason why all these criminals are anti-gun is because in a free society where individuals are allowed the right of self-defense, all those violent predators would be told to back the fuck up which would cause them to dissappear. It would be like turning on a light in a dark room and watching the cockroaches run for cover. Their idea of a fair fight is to hire a dozen goons to point a dozen guns at one head. As an active anti-prohibitionist, I have contacted everyone in my area and many others who have publically supported the "war on drugs" and other state-sponsored terrorism such as the wars against sex and gambling. And, I have challanged every one of them publically and privately. Fortunately, the local newspapers print my letters, commentaries, and challanges. It probably won't suprise you to learn that all the tough-talking war mongers backed down. None of them will meet in public debate or privately. Keep up the good work. For Free People and Free Markets Rick Eramian

Subject: I would like to join your campaign
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 15:11:26 EDT
Being a former Extreme contract girl, I have a both a vested interested and personal interest in keeping freedom, free. Britni

Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 22:24:02 -0400
From: Nick Zentor <>
I can't say i have a lot of extra time for campaigning, as I am already involved with a drug-reform org and have been giving them most of my extra free time, but I'd be happy to sign any petitions to stop Asscraft and his bullies from taking away our civil liberties, and I don't like the idea that this fed case against Rob and Lizzie could open the door for more religious right fanatics looking to take my small collection of porn vids and my right to purchase more away. Just want to let you know I'm on the side of civil liberties (isn't that what freedom is?) and I'll be happy to sign a petition, but at the moment, I can't give any time because I'm still having problems with the blaster-worm virus that put my com down for almost 2 weeks, which set me back in my work. When I catch up with my work (I'm starting a website) maybe I'll have more time. Nick Zentor, 9/8/03

Subject: Asscraft
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 18:01:56 EDT
Great article, sweetie. Asskroft said several months ago on air that he was going after the porn industry, and specifically porn on the Internet. Very discouraging. I love porn. I'm single and it's my form for sex for the moment. But, I even love the ambiance of it with dates! I love even doggie porn and, it seems, so do the girls who perform with them, too. This guy is evil, if ever there were evil. Best Regards, Kevin

Subject: Ashcroft issue....
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 15:41:11 +0200
From: "Datacom RRHH" <>
Reply-To: "Datacom RRHH" <>
Organization: Datacom RRHH
To: <>
The guy is a perfect idiiot, trying to take measures to bring morality back to the human form. Too late It is true that all entertainment and media staff is Jewish, and it is true that they are utterly degenerate. It is in their genes. They have shoving dirt and lies, and demoralizing and corrupting generations of human beings all over the globe. Now it is too late, no matter what Ashcroft does. The time for vengeance is upon the jews. People are psychotic everywhere, and all they want is a culprit. And the culprit is kosher. Real Shoa very soon.

Subject: RE: bush folly
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 08:01:26 -0400
From: "bon moun" <>
To: "'Dr. Susan Block'" <>
Funny stuff. Ashcroft is here in NC today, as luck would have it, and a bunch of us are organizing a reception committee. (-: Counterpunch shows my last book, "Hideous Dream", but the one on the war is coming out in December, "Full Spectrum Disorder" which is likely to shock certain sectors just as much as your stuff shocks the Christian Nazis. Previews can be found in my Military Matters column I did for a little socialist outfit last year,
Thanks again. Stay well, Stan

Subject: Re: The War on Pleasure: Exxxtreme Ashcroft
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 19:01:11 -0700
From: "Martin Maloney" <>
If Ashcroft changed his mind and decided that he liked sexually-explicit materials, would he then become a porn-again Christian?

Subject: Extreme Ashcroft
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 17:01:10 -0400
From: "Richard G. Taylor" <>
To: <>
Dear Dr. Block My name is Richard Taylor and I am a lawyer in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I have watched with great concern the slow, and sometimes not so slow erosion of American freedoms for the past few years. For myself, I have enjoyed the relative protection of an international boundary to protect myself and my family from such unwelcome intrusions upon my personal freedoms. But, non the less I have watch with great concern, the events transpiring occurring across the river in Detroit, Michigan. From my perspective, which is admittedly the view of an outsider, Americans seem eager to surrender their rights and freedom in exchange for the promise of security (with the notable exception of the 14th amendment). Writer like yourself that warn of the very real dangers of relinquishing freedom are too few and too far in between. As you may or may not be aware, we up in Canada, have undergone a surprising liberalization of social policy in the last little while. Marijuana has be decriminalized by the Federal Government and the Canadian Supreme Court has declared that the legislative definition of marriage (as being the "union of a man and a women" or something to that effect) is unconstitutional and women are now entitled to enjoy the pleasure of being topless in public, if they so wish. It is hard for me to imagine how anybody has a problem with breasts. Of course the naysayers were proven wrong, the fabric of society hasn't yet come apart, there weren't people engaged in sex on the street-corners. In fact this has been legal for a couple of years and I still have yet to see a women walking or jogging down the street with her top off, but the point is naturally that they are free to, if they so desire. With any luck the current federal government will succeed in their efforts to expand the definition of marriage to include same sex couples in the pertinent legislation, however there appears to be significant opposition to legislating what our high court has declared unconstitutional. In the absence of any restriction prohibiting same sex couples from marrying they have been de facto legal and a number of same sex couples from the US have been taking trips north to take their vows. Despite this welcome swing in policy we have not been completely unscathed by the fear mongering, that was so prevalent post September 11, but nothing on the scale that you have experienced in the US. I have enjoyed reading your articles and it would be a great loss in my opinion if voices such as yours were diminished. As I'm sure you are well aware, censorship of that kind (i.e. the stifling of descent) is not that great of a leap from the sort of censorship that is being proposed by your Department of Justice regarding pornography. There is some very scary stuff going on in the US right now and the level of conformity to the administrative agenda being demonstrated by a considerable portion of the American Press Corp. is also disturbing. In constitutional terms when government action has the indirect effect of restricting a guaranteed right or liberty it is described as having a "chilling effect". I can't understand why the American media is going after President Bush and Attorney Genera Ashcroft like a pack of wolves, this is precisely what is supposed to happen when political leader lie and misrepresent. I can only surmise that there has been some sort of chilling effect on the supposed "free press". It has improved somewhat in the last few weeks but still has a long way to go. Jingoistic American commentators are fond of the saying, "America: the land of the free and home of the brave". If you accept the proposition that freedom is the absence of regulation and that government can only restrict freedom and never provides freedom. Americans might be well advised to take a good look at what their government is providing to them. I only hope that they don't wait too long. Sorry for the long winded email. I loved the article and hope to read many more. If I can help in your cause, drop me a line. Yours truly Richard Taylor

Subject: Ayatollah Ashcroft
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 15:50:16 -0400
From: john omaha <>
To: <>
Dear Dr. Block, Thank you for your excellent CounterPunch article on the Puritan of the Potomac. I have been calling him Ayatollah Ashcroft for almost four years. I feel really happy when I read that someone has finally gotten this appellation into print. I strongly oppose ANY attempt to limit First Amendment freedoms. I have no idea how long it will take to undo the mischief the administration has done. But we did finally get rid of HUAC didn't we, so perhaps one day Liberty's bronze boobs will again blaze resplendent in the halls of Justice. I used to write pornography for films (yes, the features anyway are scripted, or at least the better ones) and my two movies for Alex De Renzy both won the AFAA award for best film of the year when they came out (1972 and 1974). I went on to be the first distributor of hard core in videocassette when the VCRs appeared. Then the FBI came to my door. And then I got a call from a gravelly voiced many in Ohio. I decided to change the trajectory of my life. Today I am a psychologist. Like you, I don't watch extreme porn. Actually I no longer watch any porn. I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt (I actually do have a T-shirt in my collection that says "Daddy Makes Dirty Movies"). Today I sometimes work with people who act out sexually. I feel grateful for my experiences that I could only have in a nation with a Bill of Rights, because I am a more complete, more autonomous person as a result of having had those experiences. I can make informed decisions today. The existential horror of the Ayatollah Ashcroft Agenda is that it imposes a quasi-religious doctrine that prevents the self from ever making decisions based on the self's experience. The result is a nation of severely restricted selves with diminished autonomy, authenticity, and vitality. Eventually (one or two generations ought to do it) this will result in an American Taliban where the men impose their will on the women, restrict their freedoms, stone them to death if they are raped, and sentence them to forcible gang rape for infractions of the American Sharia. Thanks for reading this. Keep the faith. Struggle on. John Omaha, Ph.D. EMDR, L2 '97 AMST List Moderator, Institute for Affect Centered Therapy. Training, Education & Research for Disorders of Emotion Regulation P.O. Box 528 Chico, CA 95927 Web Site:

Subject: exxxtremely good
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 11:30:14 -0700
From: David Vest <>
To: <>
way to go once again, my dear. is it true asscraft beats off to pee-wee herman movies? and why doesn't he do something about the way his voice makes me think violent thoughts?

Subject: ignore xian terrorists- prioritize censorship
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 23:59:26 -0400
From: SJCDC <>
To: "Dr. Susan Block" <>zz
Exxxtreme Asscraft says it all. This Taliban-clone has shown nothing but contempt for the first amendment and democracy. The prosecution of Extreme Associates is an outrage of the highest measure. It is also a test case for going after less-demonized providers of adult entertainment. The method is similar to the album cover and artwork trial of Jello Biafra and six others in the 1980s, which was intended to be a launching of attacks against more popular recording artists. Amazingly, only Frank Zappa and a couple of others had the guts to stand up and support Jello and associates in their victorious but costly defense of freedom. The timing of this anti-freedom attack is also revealing of where these bozos are coming from. The Christian terrorists who have been bombing abortion clinics and murdering doctors, escorts and staffpeople for the last 20 years, have been calling for Ji-Had (holy war) in response to the September 3 execution of anti-choice murderer Paul Hill. Since the Army of God and similar groups were operating first, they have actually been the role models for al-Queda. The rhetoric is identical. Their renewed threats and talk of punishing the entire nation is a sincere call for additional terrorism. The response of Ayatollah Asscraft and fellow theocrats in the Bush regime? Completely ignore it and focus on prosecuting Extreme Associates instead. When we hear the bullshit speeches on the anniversary of September 11, it is important to remember that the tragedies of that day meant nothing to these rogue dictators except an opportunity to push their obvious agenda. The Fatherland Security buffoons are ignoring real terrorist threats when the perpetrators are white Christians. It would be tragic if we were silent about the prosecution of Extreme Associates. This case warrants being exposed as a test case and a smoke screen that conceals the crimes and negligence of a very sick and anti-democratic regime. Thank you for a fantastic and necessary editorial. Love and Pleasure,
Rev. Bookburn Radio Volta PS- Mary Buchanan was Asshole of the Week on my last show. Perhaps she can be cured if enough people send her pleasure toys. Also, Extreme Associates tapes may make great holiday gifts;)

Ayatollah Asscraft's
Cover-Up of Minnie Lou

Subject: anti-asscroft campaign
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 12:40:05 -0400
From: "ARON KAY" <>
To: <>
hey dr.block, count me in on board the bus that will run over the likes of asscroft!!! anyway i saw your site....i grew up in la around the fairfax the late 60s and early 70s, i used to help focalize the griffith park love-ins with the green power people... ARON KAY- BONGS NOT BOMBS! NO TO DUMBYA'S RAW DEAL! BUSH OUT THE DOOR!!! ON OR BEFORE 2004!!! bush and asscroft are promoting the latest version of kristallnacht.. we culture freex must rise to defend our diverse cultures of race, rap, rock, rainbow and reggae music, art and dance from the jaws of the fascist machine-which is attempting to perpetrate a a nation of blind obedience. we must make sure they get the glitches in their machine so the people will prevail

Subject: Adelphia Censorship results in their Bankruptcy
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 22:51:15 -0400
From: <>
Hi Susan, Adelphia Censorship results in their Bankruptcy? I hope you got a good laugh today, because I did. Adelphia filed a Chapter 11 this week. How they got away with having a public company guarantee debt of a private company they own is amazing to me. I wish you had nailed them in court ages ago, sueing them for lost profits. By the way, the Greek word for theives is "kleptes", as in cleptomania. That to me is what this all appears to be. They created this "morality" thing to cover up their act. Well, I hope they end up in jail, where they belong.Keep pushing for your rights. By the way, I love your website. Best of luck.Tom Psillas, Pres.,Inc. http://www.check

Subject: Adelphia
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 20:13:55 -0700
From: Chloe Sjolseth <>
My name is Chloe, and my husband and I have been following the Adelphia scandal with great interest. Shortly after we first saw the articles on your web site, we realized that we too had been "taken" by Adelphia. We we first ordered our service, they advertised Playboy and Spice as available, yet after the installation, they were mysteriously missing. No one at Adelphia would tell us anything except "those channels are not available". After reading more about what Adelphia is doing to your show (which we loved to watch before we moved into an Adelphia area).. we were horrified, and cancelled our cable service a couple of days later. Since that time, Adelphia has continued to screw us over. First by telling us, that we could not mail our cable boxes back in to them, but had to either: ) wait all day at home (we did TWICE, they were no shows both days.. and my husband and I both work, this was quite an annoyance).
b) drive over 80 miles one way to drop them off in person. Since that time, they have billed us for the 3 cable boxes. Today, there was an Adelphia employee on the premises, and we tried to give the boxes to them. They stated they would drop by when they were finished with their current job. Once again, no show. These people are complete ripoffs! I can 100% believe that they cook their books, considering how they treat their customers. Adelphia has denied those of us STUCK in their service area even the most basic rights to choose what we wish to view,
and I WANT THE DR SUSAN BLOCK SHOW! May they rot in prison, assuming they survive the lynching from all the crazed viewers who are tired of being abused. Chloe Sjolseth BeyondIRC, the SEX FRIENDLY IRC Network

Subject: Get a Life Dr.Block
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:03:13 -0700
From: "TOlszewski" <>
Attorney General Ashcroft has much more important things to worry about than covering a statue and/or how much that cover costs. If the press corp. didn't spend all of their time trying to get the tit in the bloody picture...NOBODY would give a shit. It saddens me that we have so little respect for our government. Or did you just have nothing better to comment on? Whine your way to Total Alienation

Subject: Dr Susan Block, you can count me in.
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 23:40:50 -0400 (EDT)

My name is Manuel R. Alexander. I always stand up for my civil rights. The trouble is, not many politicians do. Thanks for your article re Asscraft. I agree with you about his titties also. Manuel

Subject: Parks & Adelphia
Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 11:39:39 +1000
From: John <>
G'day from ' Down Under'! Loved your expose's on the hypocritical 'mothers' at the LAPD and Adelphia - keep it up...AND open & accessible! John Victoria, Australia

Subject: Letter to LAPD Chief Bernard C. Parks
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 10:23:17 -0500
From: "Rick Gillihan"
To: Dr. Susan Block<
Bravo!!! What a great article. You have more courage than most of the people I have met in my life. I have dreams of standing up for what I believe in, and I do in personal discussions. But to do what you do, say what you say, from the platform on which you stand belies your main claim of support for ethical hedonism, which I know you do support in actions and words, but speaks more of altruism. I think it is people like you that make a difference in this panic stricken world, this world where people either run rampant routing out their own paths uncaring of the consequences, or grasp tightly the propaganda spouted by speakers with ulterior motives, be they monitory or spiritual or political power, of some sort of tightly packaged, all encompassing answer to the problems of billions of human beings surviving together on this tiny planet. You are one of those rare people who speak truth as a purist, for the sake of truth. Rick Gillihan

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2002 19:13:42 -0400
From: "Joan Cornish"
Dear Dr. Block: As a Canadian, there is nothing I can do to help you in your fight for your civil liberties in the U.S. However, I would like to tell you that you are just the kind of American voice I have been praying for for over a month now. I am delighted that you have an "outlet" for your outrage in order to make public just what is happening in both our countries at the moment. Please keep on shouting at the top of your voice. Someone is bound to hear you. I will keep on shouting in Canada as well. Hopefully, someone will hear me as well. Sincerely, Joan E. Cornish

Subject: Censorship, Schmensorship!
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 23:48:41 -0400
From: "Gary Brookens" <>
What are you crying about? At least someone like John Rigas has the guts to stand up against trash when he sees it! That is, IF Adelphia is "censoring" your show like you claim. Don't you people realize that there is way more to life than your genitals? Sex is only a part of it! Why do
you have to focus on that as if it is an end in itself? Sex is only a part of a happily married couples life. You are really missing out if you can't find more to life than that. And you call yourself artists, and your garbage art? Come on! Call it what it is! Trash! It's not healthy or wholesome. Would you want your little kids to be taught what you display on your tv show? But when someone with a little bit of morals tries to take a stand, you cry foul! Enough is enough! Have you ever thought that maybe Hollywood needs to censored? You think you can just put on whatever smut your dirty little mind can concoct. Well, start putting on the reins, baby! It's time to bridle yourself, and I don't mean that in the sick kind of way you're used to! There is such a thing as class, and tact, and good taste! Took a good look at what you're doing and the kind of good people you call your enemies! Maybe, just maybe, you are on the wrong side. I certainly don't want your kind of trash show on my TV. I would cancel all of my Adelphia services if they did show it! And I would be willing to bet that many millions more would follow suit!Go on ahead with your anti-Adelphia campaign! At least they are standing up for what is good and right and decent. Susan, stop displaying yourself and your guests to the world, and open up your heart to Jesus.He is the only one who can heal the hurts you are hiding inside. Be willing to face the truth, especially about yourself, and let the Almighty, Holy,
Loving, Forgiving God reveal Himself to you! You need to know that you and your partners are being prayed for! The enemy has you right where he wants you. Don't let him win!!!

Subject: Re: Ayatollah Asscraft's Cover-Up of Minnie Lou
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 10:09:45 EDT
Dear DR Block: What a petty individual (Ayatollah Asscraft). Even the Catholic Church had nude statues constructed. So he ends looking like some silly ass hick bumpkin. Well, to add this I saw this television preacher from Texas called rev hagaee or something like that. He was trying to whip up anti Muslim sentiment.Any religion will claim to be righteous. Where is the connection between supporting war fever (military industrial complex) paranoia of rival philosophies and faiths and support for barbaric capitalism (Social Darwinism) . Yet they denounce Scientific Darwinism. Where in the bible or Talmud does God give any indication that he supports an economic system that lets people go homeless or does not provide any assistance towards the economically disadvantaged? Sincerely Yours William Patrick Haines

Subject: Your article is mirrored at my site
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 14:10:02 -0800
From: Jerry Russell
Hi, I've taken the liberty of posting a mirror of your article "The great pretzel swallower..." at my new antiwar site A link to your site is also posted, but I didn't want to lead my readers directly to your article, thus bypassing your under-21 warning system. The photos for this particular page are colorful in their own way, but no exposed breasts, so they should be OK for general consumption, do you agree? Anyhow, please let me know if you have any objection to my "fair use" mirror posting. Thanks for your excellent work, Jerry Russell

Subject: Sex and Politics
As a 76 y/o retired counselor who was way ahead of his time regarding female empowerment and open sexual expression, I was and am strongly supportive of Dr Susan's views on sex. I was turned off, however, by her wielding her political axe in her column that is dedicated, presumably, only to sex. I am a vet of two wars with a liberal bent and, as Dr Susan, I have a rather glum view of this country. Yet, I feel she did not play fair with her adherents, and I would be surprised if most of them supported her ultra liberal political views.

Subject: RE: daniel Pearl-the question nobody is asking
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 16:07:27 EST
OK, This may be just a departure from my usual common sense but nobody, to my knowledge, has questioned why Daniel Pearl was sent, or even allowed, by the Wall Street Journal to do investigative journalism on radical, dangerous, hyper-religious, fundamentalist muslim terrorists in the first place-it seems they should have known that this was tantamount to a death sentence for him?

Subject: Daniel Pearl
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 06:39:47 -0600
From: "Shaun Jex" <>
I would just like to take a few minutes to thank you for your article and tribute to Daniel Pearl. Although like you, I did not personally know Danny, I hold the deepest of respect for his work as a fellow writer and journalist. Thank you for not letting this story fall silently into the night, for being one of those who will not allow his death to be for nothing, and for helping raise our consciousness that more needs to be done in every regard to work towards a better world. In solidarity and peace, Shaun Michael Jex

Subject: Daniel Pearl
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 16:59:12 -0600
From: "jonna armstrong" <>
I am upset that you wrote such an article ("R.I.P. Daniel Pearl) when he was killed like that. His family is in deep grief and I don't understand why you don't have any sympathy for people who have lost loved ones. I hope you take this into consideration even though, it does get more peoples attention when you post an article like that.

Subject:Re: Ayatollah Asscraft's Cover-Up of Minnie Lou
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 23:17:27 -0000
From: "Bob Rowell" <>
To: "Dr. Susan Block" <>
I love this! I gave it a plug on the show last week, plus the 'Great Pretzel Swallower..' and 'American Detainee..' I outted myself as Dr. Suzy groupie. Hope it wasn't too much. Since the next show is Love Night, I'm going to recommend that folks explore your entire website. To a saner and more pleasurable world, Bob/Rev

Subject: Inspiring piece about Asscraft
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 20:36:08 -0500
From: "laury christie" <>
Your article on Asscraft and Minnie Lou was truly inspiring and got my imaginative juices flowing. What an Asscrack he is. Also archloch. We've got to keep laughing and ridiculing the Shrub and the rest of his thugs. Keep up the good work. Your new reader, David B. Vaughan, Columbia,SC.

Subject: Justice for Minnie Lou!
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 03:44:39 -0500
From: "r miller" <>
To: <>
Dear Dr. Block: Thanks for your great article on Minnie Lou. Did you know that the Venus Di Milo stood trial for obscenity? At the very least, our Minnie Lou deserves a FAIR TRIAL before she is shrouded!
Robyn Miller, Quincy, MA

Subject: Uncover lady Justice
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 12:38:49 -0600
From: JR Lopez <>
Could this be that lifeless Lady Justice turns asscraft on? So much so that he walks around with that chainy dick of his sticking out like snakes trying to get out of the bush into a coolin rice bowl.

Subject: The Swaggering Ashcroft
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 22:14:56 +0700
From: John Fain <>
Jimmy Swaggering, that is. I saw your article in CounterPunch and in my mind's eye, I saw a crying, simpering Ashcroft, 'coming clean' as did Jimmy Swaggert did when his little 'tastes', shall we say, came to light.
The only thing that will bring down Ashcroft is what brings down all of us. That would be ourself, of course. I wonder what Ashcroft's prediliction is. It took oh so many years to find out that J. Edgar went by the name of "Mary" and looking darned lovely in the process in a bulldog-in-drag kind of way. I only hope it doesn't take that long for Ashcroft to reveal himself. I really am not one who likes to see "them" get what "they deserve", any more than someone like myself should be punished for using far too many quotation "marks". Just a couple of random thoughts, that's all. All the Best, John Fain

Subject: Susan, don't be naive
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 00:15:10 -0600
From: "kogunde" <>
To: <>
It is not the appearance of being "obnoxious buliies" that we are giving--it is the reality of being obnoxious bullies. Martin Luther King said in 1967 that "the United States government was the greatest purveyor of violence in the world." And they killed him for saying that.They killed him because he had articulated the truth. Your statement that Eros should follow Thanatos was great, though. Steve

Subject: Daniel Pearl
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 00:58:20 EST
Hello Dr. Block, Of course I hope Mr. Pearl gets out of this alive, although similarly to the thoughts expressed in your column at, I wonder why he should have a face, name and any mention at all next to the others who have died so anonymously on the "other side" (Afghanis, etc)! But the thing that bothers me the most -- why couldn't they have grabbed Geraldo?

Subject: Editorial on captured Taliban
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 22:13:38 EST
Susan Block, you really need to get another job. Any resemblance between your editorial and reality is plainly a coincidence. What mind-altering substances were you taking when you wrote it? The captured Taliban are some of the most dangerous terrorists on earth. How would you ensure they don't escape? Plastic handcuffs? Take a deep breath and think about reality before writing. LEE

Subject: Thanks
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 19:23:13 -0600
From: "Robert Desmarais Sullivan" <>
To: <>
Thanks for the piece on Ashcroft and the statues! The brother of a former Louisiana attorney general decided that it was his duty as a priest, far away in the Philippines, to denounce the nude papier-maché statues made by our own Blaine Kern of Carnival fame for the 1984 Exposition. Here, we were able to laugh at him, despite our being such a Catholic city. Hopefully, the entire country can do the same to Ashcroft. - Robert Desmarais of New Orleans

Subject: statue
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 09:30:31 -0800
From: "geoff kirk" <>
To: <>
I'd like to see some brave soul run in and cover the statue with a Red White and Blue burka. God Bless America

Subject: Article re Asscraft
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 20:55:03 -0800
From: "Holy B" <>
To: <>
Right on, Dr. Nipples. After all, what's a beautiful nipple among friends. As I recall, I'm 74, it could be a wonderful moment of intimacy, revelation. Do you think asscraft closes his eyes when - you know? Thanks for writing the article, great job. He's such a "perfect" asshole it's fun to see him reveal himself - but he doesn't even know he's doing it. Oh, yes, I enjoyed your pictures. Do you think he has a prayer session in his office if he sins and inadvertently glances the aluminum nippy? Or, maybe, he just puts another rubber band around his thingy so he can remember what he's not supposed to look at - no wonder he always looks so pained. Aside from the oil and gas pipeline business, why would El Honky Gringo want to fight the Taliban when he's got one right around the corner he can bonker? H. M. Boruck, Bend, OR

Subject: sarcasm?
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 15:55:23 -0600
From: "Hunkins, Drew" <>
To: "''" <>
Was that article on counterpunch about Ashcroft covering up the statue sarcasm or is he actually contemplating that? If it's true, he's a bible thumping prude of the highest order. Unbelievable! Please tell me Ashcroft isn't acually considering that. I knew he was a boob (no pun intended) but this is outlandish. Thanks.
Drew Hunkins Insurance Examiner
Office of the Commissioner of Insurance

Subject: Eros Vs. Thanatos
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 2:52 PM
Dear Dr. Block: and the saddest thing of all, is that...More Americans than ever are accomodating themselves to a death-bilge, that transports them not to Ekstasis, To Deep Pleasure & Bliss, but to the transcendant heavens Dick Cheney, and all the other masturbators of war, have carefully been loading them onto. enjoyed the column. Pax, Ross Vachon

Subject: Pretzel Swallower and Public Relations disaster
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 23:06:30 +0800
From: "John Massam" <>
To: <>
Great article. Ooops, now I might become "of interest" to you know who! - *** John Massam

Subject: The PHOTO
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 01:55:32 -0800
From: "Jan Rainwater" <>
To: <>
Hi, Susan: Someone just sent me a copy of your article "The Great Pretzel Swallower's Guantanamo etc" which I found hilarious without ever having seen THE PHOTO. And I don't know how that one slipped past me. (Don't think I miss much on the disaster-in-progress in this county. See my article, Afghanistan, "Terrorism" and Blowback at Where can I get a copy? I'm a 79-year-old woman, so I don't THINK I'm asking out of an erotic need, but you never know! It's interesting that you are bringing a political perspective NOT found in our corporate-dominated press to a sector of the public not usually covered by the lefties. Keep on! I also live in LA and I would be interested in knowing more about your encounter with our dear LAPD. Peace, Jan Rainwater

Subject: The Great Pretzel Swallower's Guantánamo S/M Porn PR Disaster By Dr. Susan Block
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 22:29:46 +0530
From: "Sundeep Dougal" <>
Organization: Outlook
To: <>
Dear Dr. Block, I read the above on and write to explore possibility of permission to carry it on our website -- briefly, the website of one of India's well-respected top weeklies.
Sincerely, Sundeep Dougal, Executive Editor,

Subject: a terrific essay!
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 23:19:04 -0800
From: "Jeffrey Coleman" <>
To: <>
Dear Dr. Block, Please let me thank you for your very moving essay on the "GPS" and his S/M games at Guantanamo, posted today on the CounterPunch website. I found your psychosexual/mythical/archetypal, thanatos/eros analysis of the events to be fascinating. What in the world could have possessed the LAPD to launch an assault on your broadcast studio? Perhaps I'll find the answer on your website. Again, thanks for your thought-provoking perspective on the war and its aftermath. Regards, Jeff Coleman

Subject: For Dr. Suzy
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 21:10:58 GMT
From: "pastortammy" <>
Dear Dr. Suzy, I am a long time fan and am writing to you today to let you know that I have mentioned you and Ayatolla Asscraft (heheh) on my site in an article about the AVN show and the fundamentalists that were allowed to have a booth there. I hope to get some other links up too, for your site, espcially your political writings. Thanks again for being a voice of reason in a disturbingly more taliban than ever, America. Pastor Tammy

Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 00:52:45 EST

Subject: liberty vs. death
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 20:38:54 EST
What can I do? I'm ready to fight. I'm not quite ready to die yet, and I don't want to live without my liberties.
Zarah Thompson-Jacobs

Subject: Count your ever so faithful Therapist in!!!
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 15:29:46 -0800
From: "Revmoondancer" <>
To: <>
Count me in!!! Our great country was built on freedom of speech and so forth. That's why our brave American's soldiers are doing out there in Afghanistan. Fighting for our rights!!!!!!!! And I think we should save sex too!!!! Your show and everything was built on that. What you show is an art. What I do is an art. We have freedom of expression??? FUCK the LAPD. Much as my thoughts are with the state I live in as well but anyway... You got me in, Suzy!! You KNOW how liberated your faithful therapist is!!! :-) Love ya Suzy! Dana DeGraw

Subject: Dr. Block (how can I help)
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 23:13:44 EST
Dear Dr. Block: Hello and greetings from a still free part of the country. I am writing you to find out if there is anything I can do to help you in your war against Bush and Asscraft... opps, I ment Ashcroft. While I am not a very powerful person in my own right, I am a very passionate person. I am a believer in the FIRST AMENDMENT and our right... NO, our duty to keep the American Government in check with the views and dreams of ou
r founding fathers. I am a hard working man who lives in Wilmington, NC. I am well known in the "underground" crowd in my town. By "underground" I mean the poets, writers, ranters, and artists. I have lead "poetry reads" in my town as well as a Free Speech Forum known as THOUGHT-CRIME. All in all I have about 125 people I can rally at any given time. What can I do to help you? What can my friends do to help? Lead and we shall follow. America is my home. Freedom is my birthright. Take my words and you take my freedom. Yours in hope, D. Matthew Parker Founder E.C.A.A.

Subject: Hi
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 11:45:43 -0800 (PST)
From: Robert DeFord <>
Dr. Block..I am a chip off the same block you are. I just read with great satisfaction your article on Asscroft in the CounterPunch website. I am very interested in corresponding with you and helping you and our cause..the overthrowing of the Fascist army invading our nation since the late twenties. Among the leaders of this said army are the grandfather and father of our current Bush- whacker (Of the Constitution), El Presidente and his gang...The more i dig into your website the more I am impressed with the bredth of your vision and creativity. I see you attended yale university. Are you a member of the skull and bones society? I'm kidding..they only accept male members (pricks) as far as i know. But really your vision insofar as your website is concerned is awesome (and hilarious) You are using the internet to the it should be used..CONGRATULATIONS! Not to many minds can see the usefulness as a multisensory, image laden, mental stimulation, instant communicaton, network creating, congregating, extrasensory platform for bringing people together on all levals, political, educational, communal, spiritual, and carnal. So can post my e mail ..but please include the webaddress I sent you for the mae brussell wevbsite and the essay "The Nazi Connection to the J.F.K. assasination if you truly desire to do a service to our fragile democracy..much appreciated if you do.. and.. you are beautiful boot.

Subject: re::"If you'd like to join my campaign to maintain our civil liberties..."--YES.
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 22:02:19 EST

Subject: Sex Not Bombs
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 15:53:54 -0500
Dr. Block, You give me hope. Courtesy of Frank Moore's email group I have seen your site and read your essays. I have meant to write before to congratulate you on your insight and intelligence. I have visited the US (San Francisco) twice and I have friends there who mean a lot to me. It seemed to me that the US has learnt nothing from Sept. 11, is doing what it has done since the Second World War - bombing the crap out of defenceless Third World Countries and murdering innocent civilians... and is thus creating more terrorists and threatening the lives of people I care about. I know there are many Americans like you. I just wish you had more nfluence. regards, Tony Ryan

Subject: Your Essays
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 15:53:54 -0500
From: "Bobby Leighnor,Jr." <>
Dr. Suzy! I've enjoyed and kept a number of your essays that you have composed and placed on your website since the terrorist attacks of Sept.11. Would it be possible for you to add an option on your website that allows one to get a "printer friendly version" of your essays,etc., without the sidebar areas being included (much the same way a number of publications allow one to do when retrieving one of their articles)? My reason is... I showed a couple of folks your essays and they were a bit put off with the sexual references that print along side your essays. I tried trimming these areas off and then re-copying the essays. Upon giving them to others to read, I found they were quite in agreement with your words and wanted to know more about you. I found that these people, because their intellectual side had been stimulated, were far more open to considering your other views concerning other subject matter
including sex. Far too many times sex is approached in a way that is immature and almost in a "locker room" type of vocabulary that makes people uncomfortable and ill-at-ease. They miss out on being able to discuss what is really an important part of a relationship because the subject is approached in an un-educated fashion. You have an ability to keep sex in an adult and mature context that allows one to discard their old "victorian and puritan" concepts that many are raised upon. And, you help one to broaden their thinking and to at least entertain the possibility that the subject of sex does not have to be relegated to the bedroom only and that "adult material" can be a wholesome addition to a couple's relationship when it is understood for what it is...a very real part of our lives that helps not only broaden our thinking, but, can add to our enjoyment of each other. SORRY... I kind of get carried away with what I believe! Keep up the Good Works and may God Bless! Love you! Bobby

Subject: Your Asscraft editorial - now you listen here.
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 23:31:52 -0500
From: "Bryndal, Bradford" <>
To: "''" <>
Perhaps, you are unaware that I made up the name Asscraft 6 months ago. As such, I claim full ownership and right to
its use; for economic gain and/or humorous purposes. Aside from this infringement on my claim to the use of "Asscraft" - I found your piece wickedly truthful, a tad ranting, but entirely aligned with my perception of recent events. Its nice to know that at least one other American civilian actually took a minute to read the Act - in the midst of what seems to me to be an episode of spontaneous collective autism by the US public - while the fed beat the living shit out of the 4th right in front of our eyes. Bottom line: that bill should have been focussed like a laser beam on changing the rules which inhibit law enforcment in the interdiction of jihad-fuck-head-fanatics - unfortunately it's broad language and generic terms will be turned against the the US populi in about... say.. oh... exactly two years from now if history is any gauge. Keep up the good work. BB

Subject: Patriot Act precursor to Nazi Justice in US
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 20:45:18 -0500
From: "Matthew Moriarty" <>
To: <>
Dear Dr. Block, I read your article regarding Ayatolla Ashcroft and I appreciate its hard hitting nature. More writers need to be like you. You are rightfully uncompromising in defense of our rights as Americans. I don't believe anything our government or the media says about Sept. 11, Oklahoma City, Waco, flight 800, the recent plane crash in Queens, NY, Inslaw, Iran Contra, or why we are now fighting this hideous war in Afghanistan. I believe our government lies systemically and has conspired to overthrow our constitutional republic. The Justice Department and an irredeemably corrupt judiciary play a special role in what is unquestionably a coup d'etat ending our republic. I see very few writers speaking as forcefully and courageously as you do. Barbara Hartwell is one clear exception. I am amazed that the best defenders of freedom in this dark period are women. I hope you continue to lash out against Ashcroft and the emergence of fascism in the US, especially because you are an effective writer. Matthew Moriarty, Bumpass, VA

Subject: You Say Asscroft...
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 02:58:31 -0800
From: rep <>
...but in Missouri, from whence I escaped three years ago, many of us
call him "AshGRAFT." I'm not sure I've ever read any of you other columns; I happened across Counterpunch by way of The Nation. Now that I have found you, however, and was so taken by your ass-kicking style, I will make a point of searching out as many of your essays as possible. Please put me down for Yes to civil liberties and No, Thanks to anthrax.
PS. Here's a little haiku I wrote about the President:
W is for
"wimp;" just like his idiot,
lickspittle father.

Subject: Thank you for your article in CounterPunch
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 14:47:58 -0800
From: "David Falsberg" <>
To: <>
Thanks for your article in CounterPunch chronicling the pre-Krystallnacht mentality that is dimming the light of liberty across our land. I take heart in your statement that we will not succumb ultimately to the fascist squeeze on rights, and that the Bill of Rights will prevail. Best Wishes, David Falsberg

Subject: asscraft represents the american christian taliban
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 22:50:52 -0000
From: "SJCDC" <>
To: <>
Dr. Block- I want to thank you for your courageous stand against the theocrats that we have to contend with at home. One does not need to look half-way around the world for woman-hating, sex-negative, anti-democracy theocrats..they're here at home in the Bush administration. If you look at the anti-abortion terrorists and their history of bombings, shootings, uses of dangerous chemicals and over a decade of anthrax threats by mail, you can see that there is precious little difference between these sick people and the ones who attacked our nation of 9/11. The one primary difference is that the domestic groups continue to be glossed over by the media, even in these supposes anti-terrorism times, and more importantly, have a strong ally with the Bush/ Ashcroft crowd. Rather than attack the terrorists who have struck hundreds of times in the last two decades, they choose to viciously step up their attacks on what's left of freedom. Your article deserves to have more access in the marketplace of ideas than the corporate media would ever allow. The article shall receive another plug on my internet radio show (Rev. Bookburn, , Sunday nights, 9 to 11, Eastern time), as well as your many brilliant and sexy works. We not only need to stand strong for justice, we need to have fun doing it! - Rev. Bookburn

Subject: I support you
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 20:44:55 +0500
From: "Saqlain Imam" <>
I am journalist from Pakistan. Perhaps we are a nation that has tasted the taste of a police state more than many other "civilized nations". I absolutely stand with you in your bid to defend civil liberties. I would suggest you to please also take this issue that American people's money (tax payers' money) must not sent as grant or loan to any state that violates fundamentl rights. No doubt the terrorism is the worst kind of crime against humanity and civil society, but resorting to "state terrorism" is not an appropriate answer to it. However, security is important if there is no security there cannot be a free society. May I also suggest you to please take up the case of several Muslims who are currently in the US police custody as suspects for 9/11 tragedy? Saqlain Imam
Click Here to Read More from Saqlain Imam in "Letters from Pakistan, Photos from (Old) Afghanistan

Subject: LJETOFNJ rambles
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 22:29:19 -0500
From: Lance Dumont <>
it took no genius, and i saw others, but on 9/11 i posted to a couple of forum/boards that the greatest danger to us now was our own government and a certain attack on civil liberties. i take no pleasure in being right; i'm just pissed off and, as an NSA program probably monitors our email for keywords, don't mind saying thanks for your piece in Counterpunch, but what do we do now? Organize, of course, but there has to be a VERY strong message to the administration, particularly DOJ. Let's treat it like making furniture; it has to have the right form and function. Such a message must touch a majority of the populace, who know what's happening (i believe), but haven't yet realized it can bite them on the ass too, not just the middle eastern guys running the gas station down the street who just want to make a living, (a statistical probability) and establish themselves in this new land of possibilities. Sorry for rambling. You're right, i'm with you. Good Night L

Subject: civil liberties
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 13:32:30 -0800 (PST)
From: (Don Mason)
please keep me informed of your endeavors and enlist me in your army of liberationists.

Subject: America's Shameful Hypocrisies
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 05:35:22 -0800
From: Gary Kettas <>
Dear Dr. Block, I strongly commend and support your decent, fair, and reasonable stands and views on civil liberties. Keep up your great spirit and work. Below is also my argument and view for more fair, decent and reasonable civil liberty choices in America: What an American shame: America's drug policies, right-to-die (assisted suicide) policies, religious genetic-research policies, and perhaps potentially reversed-abortion policies are plainly wasteful, uncompassionate, cruel, and most shamefully hypocritical! Let's stop criminalizing non-violent, basically-decent and good, life-respecting people!!!! Let us Americans fight against terrorists, murderers, killers, predators, bullies, robbers, thieves, etc. - and leave the non-violent unharmful Americans cultivating or smoking marijuana, seeking cures for diseases for suffering people, offering assistance, relief or release for those suffering unbearable life-illnesses or conditions, not wishing to remain alive any longer, or to terminate pregnancy or not be mothers - peaceful and uncriminalized! Remember: People ultimately make the laws and people ultimately can change the laws!!!! - not solely some illusively more righteous, more superior, or wiser-than-thou 'supreme' court committee of permanently appointed judges. Laws of a free and democratic world society should respect, reflect and represent the valued, realistic, fair and reasonable life needs and priorities of its non-violent, civilized and tolerant, life-respecting, democratic citizens notwithstanding life's enormous short-comings and
imperfections, otherwise overly suppressive laws and government may ultimately fail to preserve any society at all. We Americans apparently would rather be forced and compelled to remain alive when suffering rather than be allowed the choice to die if needed, wished, or desired!?! We Americans apparently would rather proceed saving "unborn stem cells, fertilized cells and embryos" rather than trying our hardest and best to save the 'already-born-and-alive-but!-sick-and-suffering' human beings and other animals!?! Where is the human sense, humanity, and compassion in that? Where is the religious righteousness in saving the yet-to-develop over the already-developed, the fertilized cell over the presently alive person? In light of the prevailing knowledge of safety about marijuana, when our American government attempts to criminalize, legally ban, and prevent the legal use of medical and/or recreational marijuana by a portion of its American citizens who are decent, good, unharmful, patriotic, law-abiding, life-respecting human beings, the American government is plainly and clearly and absolutely hypocritical, inhumane, and corrupted by poorly chosen wasteful priorities and agendas! Not only should we "Let's roll . . .", let's also "get real and honest"! If our American government can allow the no-less evil or destructive products like Alcohol Products and Tobacco Products, or even Mind-and-Mood-stimulating-and-altering Coffee and Psychiatric Drugs, to legally exist within America's shores, then America is shamefully, hypocritically, and disgracefully engaging in the same plain old kind of religious-like wars where one religious preference arbitrarily simply thinks it is better than another religious preference and therefore simply decides to wage war (as we well recall from our human history) to divide and conquer, or 'criminalize' as in this case, other peaceful and unharmful American citizens who may happen to prefer to smoke marijuana, explore possible medical benefits of stem-cell research, assist a suffering human being to final peace (death), chosing not to complete a pregnancy, or remain alive any longer! What a tragic! wasteful! governmental hypocrisy!!!! Either America search its heart and conscience for truly worthy, tolerant, humane and consistent values and
priorities in its political-governmental policies, or face and endure tragic, never-ending financial and human-resources losses and waste by domineeringly victimizing and condemning a substantial portion of its very own decent American citizenry as "criminals" or as "committing criminal acts" which are truly no more criminal than smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee and cocktails. Come on America and Mr. President of the United States, let's get really and truly honest and fair about life's situations and conditions, and get our priorities really right, fair, and decent for a change!!!! Let us Americans fight the REAL crimes of life and humanity, the brutal and cruel crimes of violence and terrorism, and reckless environmentaldestruction. Let us Americans fight against terrorists, murderers, killers, predators, bullies, robbers, thieves, etc. - and leave the non-violent unharmful Americans utilizing marijuana, seeking cures for diseases for suffering people, offering assistance, relief and release from unbearable life-suffering, wishing or not wishing to remain alive, or to be mothers . . . peaceful and respected! Remember: People ultimately make the laws and people ultimately can change the laws!!!! Let us Americans show more of our humanity and do it more consistently! Let us stop criminalizing basically decent-and-good, non-violent, life-respecting people!!!! Sincerely and with great thanks to you, Gary Kettas, Los Angeles

Subject: Ayatollah Asscroft
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 14:01:44 -0700 (MST)
From: (del myer)
Nobody dares use the term "martial law" but we are in fact under martial law. I don't see any difference between what is going on here and what has happened in say Chile or Argentina. I have been warned by Chilean women that this would some day happen to us. The reason: we have kept ourselves in the dark about the dictatorships that have been going around from from our government to other places and that what goes around comes around. The media (which actually has been slanted for over a generation now) has succeeded in duping about everybody here first about the election, then the war and now about our own civil liberties being denied, -the very same as in other places. The old one, two, three punch. I think that there are some people who do realize what has really happened but ther are so few of them. My condolences: -Del from Durango

Subject: Admiration for your essay "Sex Not Bombs"
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2001 19:43:03 -0600
From: "Kaz Dziamka" <>
Dear Dr. Block: I just read your essay "Sex Not Bombs" posted by CounterPunch, and I must say words (English) words fail me to express my admiration. I couldn't agree more. Common sense is not common at all, particularly in the Pentagon and the State Department. I once invested over 10 years of my life in the study of America's "greatest sexual utopia," the Oneida Community. Since then I have been bogged down teaching at a community college. It's good to know that someone has not given up on reminding the military, political, religious and other such sub-hominoids that it is better to make love than to make war. Now that CounterPunch picked up your essay (I subscribe to CP), you are likely to reach many progressives and liberals. Your success makes my day,My best, Kaz

Subject: good work
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 21:22:09 -0800
From: Windsor Wilder <>
We need more positive healthy hedonists. Keep up the good work but don't forget the words of Terry Pratchett; the pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is unusually short and the pen is very sharp. If we did what needs to be done we wouldn't stop at Kabul but go on and blast Mecca, Jerusalem, and Rome to rubble. It's throat cutting time...afterwards we party...we really need to airdrop Ashcroft, Hutchinson, and Rumsfeld on Mecca right before we nuke it. We keep Powell and Bush. That's a dream ticket isn't it? Powell and Bush in 2004. Windsor Wilder jr., Olympia, Washington

Subject: great essay
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 12:53:19 -0600 (CST)
From: (Suzi Wahl)
Hi Suzy, With your permission I will place a link on our website to your essay on our lovely Asscraft and your Mr. Smith. Those of us who understand the necessity of freedom need to continue to speak up. My husband TL and I were recently convicted twice by a local court for prostitution. We were teaching a seminar on sexuality and the minute I started speaking and demonstrating info about fellatio, we were arrested. We never touched any clients - only each other in the course of our demo. Our cases are on appeal and we are making the circuit of tv and radio to talk about this travesty. Are Americans so hung up about sexuality that we have to arrest those who have intentions only to educate? Suzi and TL WAhl, Lake SAint Louis MO.

Subject: civil liberties
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 21:04:38 -0700
From: "Merry-Shea" <>
To: "Dr. Susan Block" <>
Just read your article in counter punch, loved it!!!!!!! You say it like it is and do no sugar coating, I adore that quality. If you need help in the state of Montana let me know. I'm a student up here in Sociology, and Cultural Studies. You go girl and smile as you kick some ass!!!!!!! Fondly, Eileen J. Merry-Shea

Subject: liberty!
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 03:01:15 -0500
From: "Product of U.S.A." <>
i've been trying since that dreadful day to say exactly what you have articulated so well in your article on Asscrafts patriot act. i consider it my patriotic duty to be particularly wary and question everything in this looming shadow of big brother. where are there likeminded others, they seem so difficult to find all of a sudden. like your lawyer, they have all turned yellow and donned the mask of conformity. a pity most americans have grown so accustomed to taking thier freedoms for granted, and now, as they are being slyly stripped from us, most people i encounter dont even appear to care, as long as we get bin Laden. please write back - i am at such a loss as to how to react in this time, but i must do something. connection with others who see it as i do seems the best way to begin the fight for a free future. thank you.enthio Wise men coin proverbs, fools repeat them.

Subject: On behalf of all Americans, thank you for your courage!
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 12:26:39 -0800
From: "Mike Amesbury" <>
Dr. Block, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage in these times to publish so unequivocally your horror at the way our government has reacted to the tragedy of 9.11. The only thing I find more disquieting than the Fascist-esque power grab and blind, clueless carpet bombing of civilians is the total lack of outcry from the few Americans whose world view is able to rise above the disgusting CNN/Fox feed. Not only is there an absence of real opposition, but there doesn't appear to be the merest suggestion of any real political dialog amongst the people of this nation although this is probably the most genuinely perilous moment that we have faced in recent history. Your article in CounterPunch stands out starkly in the present landscape of idiotic and fawning media "patriotism". Nothing can be more patriotic in this country than engaging in a political dialog. The administration promised us a "new kind of war". After witnessing weeks of unsuccessful tactics that have been borrowed directly from the depths of the Vietnam debacle, it becomes increasingly obvious that the kind of war they are talking about is the one that they are intent on waging against the American people. In this campaign, they have already made tremendous inroads and have been able to celebrate stunning victories. Indeed, the ease with which they have utterly swept aside any potential forum for criticism (or even second thoughts) in the mainstream is reminiscent of Hitler's full throttle joyride across France not so long ago. This does represent a new kind of war, and it promises to make the very darkest chapters of our nation's history pale by comparison. Again, thank you for your courage. Mike Amesbury

Subject: How can I help?
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 08:56:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Carol Schiffler <>
I am unbelievably angry and dismayed over the current administration's propensity for facism. Whatever I can do to help, please let me know. We have to fight this thing. Sincerely, Carol Schiffler

Subject: the legislation
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 19:00:49 CST
From: "" <>
I have read a couple of your articles on the Counterpunch website. The new federal statute, more accurately called the Anti-Patriot Act, is difficult to understand on its face because it amends numerous statutes without also including the existing law so you can see the changes in context. I have started to read the sections that are amended, but it is a tedious and time-consuming process. But what is obvious and horrifying is that the new law continues to transfer authority to the executive branch of government. It delegates rule-making and discretionary enforcement power to the Treasury Department. It grants the Justice Department and FBI new unilateral powers, some of which you have mentioned. Other subtle but significant changes were made, including the applicability of the new law to regular domestic crimes as will as the vague word "terrorism". All of this overlays the problem started in 1984, of all coincidental times. That year the U.S. Supreme Court issued an opinion called United States v. Leon. Since the U.S. Constitution does not have an enforcement provision regarding the Bill of Rights, a judge-made remedy exists in the federal system called the exclusionary rule. This doctrine said that evidence gathered in violation of the Constitution could not be used in court against someone. But as it pertains to the 4th Amendment, the exclusionary rule was basically repealed and destroyed in the Leon case. The Court created a "good faith exception" to the exclusionary rule such that even if there was no probable cause for the warrant, the warrant would still be OK and the evidence admissible in court, as long as a magistrate signed it. The exceptions to this "good faith exception" are almost impossible to meet. So even though the 4th Amendment says that ". . . no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause . . .", the Supreme Court has nullified that requirement as a matter of reality. Even though the warrant requirement has been almost meaningless since 1984, it was completely wiped out or deemed inapplicable in certain areas in the new legislation. Now we have the equivalent of the old Writs of Assistance, which were one of the things that led to the first American Revolution. If I am able to read enough to get an understanding of the new legislation, I will try to pass that along. Robert Willmann, Jr. Attorney at Law San Antonio, Texas

Subject: RE: Ayatollah Asscroft
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 09:32:44 -0600
From: "William H.Winn" <>
To: "''" <>
Dear Dr. Block, Thank you for writing your recent article entitled "Patriotic Act Unpatriotic: Ayatollah Asscroft". I is heartening to know that there are still Americans who are courageous enough to take a public stand against the frightening police state being proposed -- and implemented -- by Ashcroft, Bush, and the like. Ever since the 9-11 disaster, I have been severely disappointed with my fellow Americans. They have displayed a lack of political perspicacity and of moral courage that is terribly disheartening to me. They have simply accepted, at face value, whatever press releases the White House and the Pentagon have deigned to release. I can understand how many Americans might not be able to summon the civic courage to question the official government thesis of bin Laden's responsibility for the WTC/Pentagon disasters. However, I cannot understand how any American can conceive of the assault on Afghanistan as anything other than an illegal war. I grew up during the Vietnam area, so I have come to accept that my fellow Americans are violent, ignorant, and vindictive. Nevertheless I am truly shocked when I see my fellow Americans blandly accepting cluster bombing of innocent women and children, for instance, as the "price" to be paid for bin Laden's alleged crimes. Most Americans either do not know or do not care that millions of Aghanis will starve or freeze to death during the upcoming winter. Thank you for your courageous stand in favor of our civil liberties. And thank you for your courageous stand in favor of our sexual liberties, as well. Even though I am (by temperament) rather prudish, I've never been able to buy that ridiculous proposition that Sex=Sin=Shamefulness. Maybe one day, people will free to express their thoughts and desires without fear of murder, pogrom, or concentration camp. Best of luck to you and keep up the good fight, William H. Winn, Dallas, TX

Subject: Date:
Fri, 09 Nov 2001 08:42:13 -0700
From: "jen seals" <>
H ow can I help? Peace and Love, jen Salt Lake City, UT

Subject: Nov 19 - Wimp Lawyer in Court
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 10:47:57 -0800
From: "John Clark" <>
To: "Dr. Susan Block" <>
Suzy, I will be there. Sorry, I don't have any ideas as to an attorney who will represent you, much less do you any good. I am in the same boat, actually. My appeals attorneys want out. My advice is to do what you do best, that is, to speak your mind. They will certainly let you do that, while ignoring you. You don't say what you want to argue, that the court does not let him go, or that he be forced to continue representing you. I suggest the latter. You will lose, except you can embarrass the system. And you are a bit of a danger to the system, because you have an audience. I complained to the Chief Justice Ronald George about Judge Gold in a long letter I sent to him in July. I said I didn't expect a response from him. I enclosed pages from Gold's own divorce where it showed that he was found to be guilty of domestic abuse to his wife. I sent him the editorial about the Superior Court's "slush fund" which is used to launder and funnel funds from attormey contributions into an illegal fund for the benefit of Judges, retired and otherwise. To my astonishment, I got a letter back from the Judicial Council last week, suggesting that they are looking into my allegations, and they copied their letter to Ronald George, and to the supervising judge here in L.A. You have an audience, Suzy, and if you talk it up on your show, find a space to do it, who knows, you could put out a call for an attorney, and there are a few (very few) lawyers who are fed up with the system too, and you may strike a chord in one. We live in strange times. I would find the parallels between the terrorism to the world order, and to the internal terrorism which goes by anouther name in this country, the full prisons, the hopelessness of masses of people in this country, which is not too different from the same experiences in other countries. You get the idea. You can do it, and do it well, and few other people are motivated the way you probably are. There, that's my piece said! I enjoyed talking to you both too. Much love and kisses from John

Subject: sign me up!
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 14:34:22 -0500
From: "vrajavala" <>
To: <>
doc, sign me up! Dr. Bobbi Anne White MiamiLakes, fl.

Subject: Re: Ayatollah Asscraft
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 03:42:23 -0500
From: "Matthew Fouts" <>
To: <>
Hi Susan, I am firmly supportive of the campaign to retain and enhance civil liberties -- because I feel a successful effort to expose the abhorrent dealings of our profit-driven government will spur a revolution -- one must happen. -Matthew

Thu, 08 Nov 2001 09:00:46 -0500
From: "Kathleen/Michael Perez-Hureaux" <>
Dr. Block, Let me know where I can sign up. This is definitely a time of the craven. These creeps are allowed to terrify people with warnings of terrorist attacks, give no specifics, and shake down anyone they like. What in the hell is the difference between them and their former employees in the Mujahideen? Theoretically, we have a critical intelligentsia in this country, but I havn't seen much evidence of it lately. All of them give ground to our home grown Mullahs. They may not be doing the same shit here at home as they do in other parts of the world, but given their willingness to support it everywhere else, it's probably just a matter of time. The Seattle Times has a cover story this morning about raids conducted against Somali stores in the area, with the argument that the stores are using food stamp fraud to channel funds to the bin Laden terror network. These feds and county cops are so full of bullshit they squeak. Naturally, like anyone else, I'd like to live a long time and live without constraint on my govement. But a country led by fucks like this is not worth living in, and I, too, am willing to throw it all on the wheel in order to see their removal from public life. But the time grows short. Let me know where I can help.---M.H. Perez

Subject: Ayatollah Asscraft
Campaign to maintain civil liberties
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 09:29:50 -0600
From: "Weiss, Alice" <>
To: "''" <>
Where do I sign up? I must tell you about my guilty secret. This is beginning to haunt me. You may know that Ashcroft used to be Governor of Missouri, the State in which I have lived most (but, I'm proud to say, not ALL) of my life. I certainly did not vote for him for Governor. He stood for everything I disliked, and I'm sure if we had ever met he would have said it was mutual. Anyway, last year Mr. Ashcroft was running for Senator from Missouri against our incumbent Governor, Mel Carnahan. I was no eager Carnahan supporter, but I preferred him to Ashcroft. Then, 3 weeks before the November 2000 election, Carnahan was killed in a plane crash. We were told that the State Constitution said there wasn't enough time left to propose an alternative candidate, that we would have to vote for Ashcroft or a dead guy, but word on the streets and in the papers was that if Carnahan was elected his wife, Jean, would be appointed to fill his seat for 2 years. Well, I thought, I don't know anything about Jean Carnahan, I certainly don't know if she can do the job, but hey, she's a woman so she has to be better than some of the dickheads already in the Senate, and Missouri has never had a woman Senator before and if this is the only way we can get one elected then I'm all for it, particularly since I wouldn't vote for Ashcroft if you held a gun to my head (I bet he wished he'd thought of that!). So I went to the polls and voted for a dead guy. I felt VERY peculiar doing that. . . .The dead guy won, and Ashcroft was out of job. Who knew that Bush would then appoint him Attorney General???? Who knew that this terrible crisis would occur and push Ashcroft into national and international prominence????? WHO KNEW???????????
I do enjoy your writing. My email friend Wade Frazier says that a male writer couldn't get away with saying the things you do. What do you think about that?

Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 12:11:18 -0500
From: "Scott Tyson" <>
Dr. Block, Many thanks for the powerful and righteous article, particulary that quote from Benjamin Franklin. Those words simply slice right through all the bullshit coming out of the mouths of our representatives. Franklin's words are the perfect antitode to the group speak and sheep like behavior that seems to have infected every little nook and cranny of our society. Funny thing is, using that quote could probably get one labeled a terrorist under the USA Patriot Act. Our world is getting more and more Orwellian by the day with things like the office of homeland security complete with it's director Tom "beats me" Ridge. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Again, great article. I love the way you used it to blow your chickenshit lawyer out of the water. Maybe it will get me on some list or another they are busily compiling right now, but I would like to do whatever I can to help you cause.
Scott Tyson

Subject: I like You....
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 14:37:43 EST
like you, 'cause you've got "Balls"!! OK maybe "Ovaries" is better. Anyway, Asscraft and company are agents of humanity's mortal enemies. I may never meet you in this real war on terrorism, but i like you and wish you much success. Please feel free to e-mail any info. Victor

Subject: sign me up
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 18:44:29 -0400
From: richard <>
Dr. Block,If you are including Canadians in your clarion call for civil liberties, sign me up. cheers,Richard LeBlanc Halifax, N.S.

Subject: I like your stuff
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 20:11:49 EST
Dear Dr. Susan,
Hi Doc. My name is Sam Smith. I hope that my last name doesn't make me a spineless wimp and coward too! I've read a couple of your pieces on the CounterPunch website. I like what you have to say. I am cheered to see there are some people out there who haven't lost their heads. I think I read about you in Rollingstone a while ago, but have never heard your radio show. I am partially sighted, and I am new to using a computer and the internet. So I am excited about finding ways to connect with people. Being vision impaired makes it hard for me to interact. Just wanted to say, Thanks, and I'm with you! Sincerely, Sam Smith

Subject: Wonderful!
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 18:57:07 -0700
From: Winston Weeks <>
Thanks for being a truth teller!!! We'll have to meet somewhere and some day. Winston

Subject: civil liberties
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 18:10:17 -0800
From: "Lewis L. McFarland" <>
Dr. Susan Block, Please include me in your list of supporters in protecting and standing up for our Civil Liberties. Lewis McFarland

Subject: Article
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 11:30:46 -0800 (PST)
From: Michael Skinner <>
Dear Susan,I read your article "Ayatollah Asscroft" in CounterPunch today. It was fiery, full of passion and straight to the point. Good job, and keep on defending those rights that all Americans profess to believe in. It's amazing how many people, when seized by anxiety, fold so readily under pressure. Michael Skinner

Subject: We The People Are Our Only Hope
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 15:34:46 -0700
From: David Johnson <>
To: "''" <>
I just read your AssCraft article and I say, "Right on!" The Cabinet Bush W. nominated for himself is good for nothing else but to wage a war. Not to mention profiteer off it. They won't solve our problem here and arguably are the very cause of this problem with desperate terrorists. The only way we will get ourselves out of this mess is if we the people make ourselves more informed about things we always let the experts like AssCroft and Kissenger take care of. We need to know our foreign policy and dictate the will of the people to the officials we elect. Unless the American people take the reigns of Foreign policy as well as the Domestic front currently getting dangerously close to the Big Brother nightmare, we will only be the victims of tyrants along with the rest of the world. This is our world too and human rights need to be more important than the Oil Company's and Bomb Company's bottom line.

Subject: Greetings
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 20:42:41 -0200
From: dana <>
Organization: Astoundment Institute
Dear Susan, I just had to write you a short note to compliment you on you outstanding article "Ayatollah Asscroft". You are a true patriot,and I will gladly join your campaign.I am short on financial resources,but I am good with computer graphics.I would be glad to help you in any way I can.Feel free to contact me.We need to get the word out on the sleazy things our government has been sneaking by the public.In my opinion,the federal manipulation of the media is the biggest threat of all. Best wishes....Sincerely.....Dana Roy,,,California

Subject: If you'd like to join my campaign to maintain our civil liberties
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 16:10:43 -0700
From: "zazenji" <>
To: <>
Go sister! How can I help? josef

Subject: bravo
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 15:28:32 -0800 (PST)
From: (Pomegranate)
keep it up

Subject: Date:
Wed, 7 Nov 2001 20:56:03 -0500
From: John Lamenzo <>
...keep telling it like it is, girl...I'm with you on this...this is the time when the real Americans get to show up...keep me posted. John

Subject: re: Ayatollah Ashcroft (Counterpunch article)
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 23:17:24 -0600
From: "Christopher Check" <>
Dr. Susan Block, Thank you for your article. The opening quote from Benjamin Franklin was passed on to me by a friend about a month ago. Being artists (musicians, in particular), it is easy for us to see past the chaos of the 9.11 incident and see the powers that be teeing off on our collective ass (i.e. civil liberties). Our challenge is to translate this vision to the everyman/woman who is catatonic with headlines of war, anthrax, and terrorists around every corner. This is hard to accomplish when your average American has only "major media" (i.e. censored or falsified) information, and thus no understanding as to "why they hate us." I wish you the best in these increasingly troubled times, and I hereby join your campaign in the maintaining of our civil liberties. --- Christopher Check

Subject: good on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 11:27:30 +1100
From: Linda Jaivin <>
To: <>
Susan, You are a legend. Battle on -- civil liberties are too important to give up. love Linda

Ayatollah Asscraft