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If you cruise through my various sites, you’ll see that MOST of my award-winning content is FREE .  This is definitely NOT one of those sites that won’t give you anything unless you join.  All of the stories, the articles, my bloggamy, the exquisite erotic art and many of the photos - thousands of pleasures - are absolutely FREE for all (over 18) to enjoy.

But, since I accept no government grants or corporate sponsorship, I have to provide for all these pleasures somehow!  So I created BACKSTAGE where - for just a few bucks, euros, rubles or yen - you can help support the Institute as you view our very hottest, most delicious photos, and watch the streaming video feed anytime you want.

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BACKSTAGE you'll find an erotic and historic treasure chest filled with thousands of images and hours of footage from my shows and our legendary post-show parties, including the Womb Room, Blonde Island, Eros Day with Lasse Braun, the Weimar Love Club with Teri Weigel and Mika Tan, Latina Orgasmical with Avy Lee Roth, Squirt Salons with Annie Body, Squirt Crazy with Axel Braun and Shayna Knight, Masturbation with Dr. Betty Dodson, LUVeR Nite with Stefani Morgan and much, much more.

A Word to Women :  There's a reason why about 50% of our members are female.  It's because we love women.  That might have something to do with the fact that the majority of us here at Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy ARE women, and most of us are bisexual.  But even the men here have a deep love, respect and appreciation for women, even when engaged in the hardest of hardcore SEX

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