Contact: Maximillian R. Lobkowicz
February 1, 1998 213.883.1950
D R .   S U S A N   B L O C K
    Over twenty Los Angeles Police Department officers, undercover agents and building inspectors raided the Internet radio broadcast of well-known sex therapist and broadcaster Dr. Susan Block last night. Undercover LAPD officers entered Dr. Block's bedroom where she broadcasts the Internet show in her Hollywood Hills home, then blocked invited guests from coming in, threatening them with arrest, roused neighbors at around 2:00 AM The Nastymanand physically assaulted one of Dr. Block's guests, Chuck ("the Nastyman") Naste, a KLSX radio personality.
    This police operation started at around 10:00 PM on Saturday night, January 31, 1998, with the arrival of the undercover agents, peaked at about 1:30 AM with the assault of the Nastyman, and continued throughout the early morning hours with guests being followed by police cars back to their homes. Ultimately, officers issued a citation for broadcasting on the Internet without a permit to Maximillian R. Lobkowicz, well-known radical publisher, producer of The Dr. Susan Block Show, and Dr. Block's husband.
UPN 13 News    The action took place in the middle of a UPN (KCOP Channel 13) special report on public access television with newsman Robert Kovosic. The Dr. Susan Block Show is one of the most popular public access TV shows in Southern California. Around the time of the assault, Dr. Block and some of her "Blockettes" were broadcasting a presentation of the Dr. Susan Block Institute 1998 Pornography Production Award to independent prosecutor Kenneth W. Starr. Other guests at the private Saturday night show included prominent artists Heilman-C and Frank Moore, Adult Video News editor Ellen Thompson, first amendment rights attorney Jeffrey Douglas, and other public access producers, writers, performers and attorneys.
    "This kind of brutal, unwarranted, middle-of-the-night invasion by police against a peaceful, non-commercial public access and Internet program like ours is absolutely shocking, unconscionable and a ridiculous waste of taxpayers' money," said Dr. Block. "I'm usually a big supporter of the LAPD. But this really hammered home to me that Hillary Clinton's depictions of a 'right-wing conspiracy' determined to raid our very bedrooms and destroy our lives is not so farfetched."
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Dr. Susan Block