LOVE Magazine, published 1972-1980 by the Legendary Publishing Team of Max Lobkowicz and Willem de Ridder. 80 editions were published, 52 were prosecuted; 22 prosecutions against Max, making him the MOST prosecuted publisher in US history.

LOVE was created from the photos and sex letters of it's readers...making it the first reader written magazine in America. Not unlike AOL's chat rooms....

Other titles by these two "media terrorists" included; LA Star, LOVE, HATE, GOD, SUCK, The Wet Dreams Book, Brentwood BLA BLA, "Beverly Hills" the Magazine, and other classic titles.

Copies of these issues range from a few dollars to thousands...and can be found in some of the great Erotic collections around the world. If you have any of these issues, please contact Max. If you would like to purchase photo copies of any of the Love magazines, they are available for $75.00 an issue.