Dr Susan Block Show

Max's Birthday!

Raw Editions Series,
Vol. 1 In 6 Parts,
2 hours and 51 minutes


Welcome to Dr. Susan Block’s - Max's Birthday

- Dr. Suzy and the Bonobo Gang celebrate Max's birthday with an array of sex stars and sexperts, joyous spurts of love juice - male and female ejaculation - along with music, dance, hot sex, cool talk, oral pleasures, delicious cake and Part 1 - featuring Hamilton Steele Steeley Hard As Always, and Keiko and Rob Longshot Adorable Young Newlyweds Crazy for Sex with Each Other and Everybody Else - Keiko Looks Like a Schoolgirl, but Screws Like a Sexual Dynamo! Part 2 - Cleopatra of the Nile The Sultry Egyptian Siren Who Just Won the Title of Miss Black Nude International Part 3 - Venesa Talor That Super-Sexy Songstre Javril and Amrita Demonstrating and Ess with the Angelic Voice and Wicked Wit - Singing "Who Do I Have To Blow?" and "Spank the Doggie" Part 4 & 5 - Dr. G, Marcixplaining the Art and Passion of G-Spot Female Ejaculation Part 6 - Birthday Cake Dr. Suzy, Marci, Dr. G and the Girls Have Their Cake and Eat It Too! "Max's Birthday" is a wet and whacky, "Raw Editions" sexual variety show in the finest Dr. Susan Block Show tradition, celebrating Max's birthday, and the blessed fact that we are all born from sex. With all due respect to the Virgin Mother: Most mothers are not virgins. We are all Children of Sex. Praise the Lord and the Lady. Praise be to the power and glory of SeX! It keeps you young (it keeps Max young).

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