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"Thank God there's still the world of sexpert Dr. Susan Block, who has the courage to continuously affirm her deeply-held faith in fishnet stockings and other family values...Dr. Block is one of the nation's leading sexologists, and a very bright and funny woman to boot."
Robert Scheer, The Los Angeles Times

"Thank you, Dr. Suzy, for showing me that sex education can be sexy television."
Sheila Nevins, Executive Vice President, Original Programming, HBO

"Dr. Block is not a typical sex therapist. She is a Yale graduate who has lectured at the University of Southern California and been featured in documentaries on HBO. She conducts her 10-year-old program, "The Dr. Susan Block Show," while reclining on a studio bed clad in revealing lingerie... Dr. Block also can take credit for offering some prescient financial advice. While some Wall Street experts were urging investors to load up on Adelphia shares, Dr. Block was urging her audience to dump Adelphia stock 'to punish them,' she said. Adelphia has since been delisted."
Sally Beatty, The Wall Street Journal

"Dr. Susan Block is America's hottest sex therapist, dispensing wisdom from her boudoir and taking the bonobo chimps as her model for the perfect sexual philosophy. Her extremely enjoyable, informative book (The 10 Commandments of Pleasure) tells us how we can find the same person horny for the rest of our lives."
Jan Birks, Forum

"I love you, Dr. Suzy!"
Marcia Clark, KFI-AM 640

"Dr. Susan Block is our favorite boudoir revolutionary...a sex goddess with a philosophy Ph.D."
Tony Ortega, New Times

"Dr. Susan Block is a genius when it comes to sexual matters, and I hold her in the highest regard...She is brilliant in front of the camera. She works her audience so well as she presses her sexual freedom beliefs and sexual healing theories...Her fans adore her. She received phone call after phone call, and she responded to each one with compassion and understanding. She added plenty of sassiness and witticism too...She has helped thousands of people become more sexually satisfied through her television show and over the Internet, her books, including The Ten Commandments of Pleasure, her newsletter, and her private consultations... She is my idol."
Laura Moore, Penthouse, Sex Heals

"In case you've been living in a cave and, therefore, have never enjoyed The Dr. Susan Block Show, a bit of introduction might be in order. Block's shows are a saucy melange of education and titillation, featuring not only what you might expect from a Sex Doctor -- sex advice. anatomical information, educational content -- but some things you might not -- a history lesson here, a masturbation session there, and plenty of porn stars frolicking amid Block's own brand of political discussion and spiritual celebration. I had the pleasure to enjoy two episodes of this excellent show, and it's safe to say that neither one is quite like anything I'd ever seen before...Block's enthusiasm for her topic is beyond infectious, and it's almost impossible to watch the show without enjoying her celebratory attitude."
Thomas S. Roche, Eros-Zine

"Dr. Susan Block is a one-woman sex information dynamo."
Lori Selke, Yes Portal

"Next in line to the throne of Dr. Ruth Westheimer is the Jewish American sex queen, the incredibly sexy Dr. Susan Block, who delights the men in Zion who watch her show on the Ego channel."
Yoni Smash, Maariv Newspaper

“Dr. Block is so knowledgeable, frank and articulate that we have a really fun, easy conversation. I have not had a good intellectual discussion in a while, especially while investigating porn. She uses metaphors that will take me days to figure out. She is poetic, provocative and pornographic at the same time. She’s part philosopher, part Dionysian sex goddess, part porn pundit. Her body is as hard and lean as a twenty-four-year-old’s. She definitely takes Dr. Ruth to another level. She retains her sense of humor while fielding a call and holding open her guest’s vaginal lips at the same time. God, she has guts. Sam and I exchange a look as if to say, she might be slightly crazy, but damn is she smart. She is the only sexpert he can imagine actually having sex. I am fascinated how these two women, the hyper-intellectual academic and the seXXXpert, can live in the same body. We talk about relationships and sex for an entire hour, and I love that most of her recommendations are simple and easy to try and do not involve anything you have to buy or read. In fact, I could continue asking her questions for another hour, but I realize I should at least pretend like I have a life. Thanks to my talk with Dr. Block, I feel much better equipped now to be in a relationship.”
Ayn Carrillo-Gailey, Pornology

"Drawing on a combination of humor, wit, and most obviously of all, her own fetching body, Dr. Block melds entertainment, eroticism, insight and philosophy so skillfully that it's hard to tell where one starts and the others end."
Marc Medoff, Cheri Magazine

"Dr. Susan Block's Los Angeles sex therapy show, "Sex, Fun, Wisdom," has been censored week after week on a TV station owned by the Rigas family's Adelphia Communications. The Rigases say they are good and she is bad. Yesterday, Susan Block watched the glorious sight on television of the whole Rigas family walking around in handcuffs...She got out her statement to read to all callers: 'Beware of those who are holier than thou, for often they are fleecers of their own flock.' "
Jimmy Breslin, Pulitzer Prize-winning Newsday columnist

"Dr. Susan Block got the last laugh...and earned the last word in her debate with the Rigas clan."
Michael Gougis, New Times LA

"Although her ideals have thrust her into the controversial gray areas of first and fourth amendment rights, she has consistently prevailed over those who try to limit her civil liberties, including the LAPD and local politicians."
Laura Rhinehart, Citizen LA

"Dr. Susan Block (is) an excellent X-rated alternative to Leno, Letterman & Nightline."
Joe Editor, Playboy Magazine

"Best of LA phone-in shows!"
Kevin Allman, The LA Weekly

"Dr. Block's cult status as an educator is enormous"
Lucy Broadbent, British Cosmopolitan

"Unlike Dr. Ruth, you can actually believe that Dr. Suzy has had--and is still having--sex. Good sex."
Dale Brasel, Detour Magazine

"Dr. Susan Block is a Ph.D. from Yale and an unflinching reverence for sex has made this woman the hit of talk shows and men's magazines."
Titmouse, Cozy Frog

"Dr. Susan Block's website is just like she is: effervescent, enlightening, funny, sexy."
Anna Mori, Online Magazine

"Dr. Susan Block, you are such an amazing woman. A true inspiration. I'm hoping others will read about you, and not only feel the same way about you, but maybe even be motivated to try to make a difference themselves. "
Rebecca M. Ellis, Squirting Truth

Former Yalie (Class of 1977) and contemporary of the real Cassie, a PhD sex therapist, cable TV and radio show hostess, and all-around sexual mischief-maker, Suzy is a combination of insatiable tease, fun-maker and sex cheerleader….Her site is really a lot of fun and has so many facets to it, I can't begin to describe them all, except to say you'll enjoy yourself at every turn.
W.S. Cross, Beyond You & Me

"Dr. Susan Block's soul-searching... essays (on the War)... are among the most readable to come out of Los Angeles (that) smartly combine outrage and eccentric observations with levelheaded warnings about the loss of civil liberties."
Steve Mikulan, The LA Weekly

"The beautiful Dr. Susan Block (is) the sultry leader of the Speakeasy, and a Yale graduated infamous sex therapist. This woman is gorgeous, intelligent, talented, and is obviously the undisputed queen of everything, everywhere she goes. For these reasons and more she is my idol, and I'm going to be just like her when I grow up. Except maybe with a little less porn. Love you Suzy!"
Sara Sioux Robertson, Melodramatic

"Susan, you're a legend. Battle on -- civil liberties are too important to give up."
Linda Jaivin, LA Times writer & best-selling author of Eat Me

"Dr. Susan Block is a modern day Cleopatra. The response to her show has been, well, orgasmic.... Her opening monologue is a ripping, riffing tribute to sex, that does for the erotic what monologist Gene Shepard used to do for the boys-night-out on New York radio in the 1960s."
Richard Rappaport, Soma Magazine

"Dr. Susan Block licks the competition in sexual matters of all shapes, sizes and voltages."
Steve Lowery, LA New Times

"It is unpleasant to be mentioned, even in passing, by Steve Lowery in his article about (Dr. Susan Block) a pseudo-professional 'porn queen.' It was stupefying to see my work described as 'bashes and belittles women every day'and mystifying to see myself called an 'evil scientist.'"
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
radio & TV talk show host

"When Dr. Laura...branded rival TV sex educator Dr. Susan Block a 'pseudo-professional porn queen,' Dr. Susan...demanded an apology and when she didn't get one, unleashed her trademark 'Block Curse' on her. That voodoo that Sue do worked so well that now even Sleuth is under her spell! Witty and wondrous in so many ways...chosen as the only female amongst 'America's Greatest Thinkers of 1998," the magna cum laude Yale grad won the debate with her rival radio doc by publishing her notorious Dr. Laura Diaries, a web of intrigue that weaves "a memoir-in-progress dating from the author's first personal encounter with the Queen of Moralizing Mean.'"
Chip Walker, Celebrity Sleuth

"Dr. Suzy is no ordinary doc...I was struck by the combination of cool aplomb and sexy compassion with which she handles her callers...Unlike the great majority of degreed professionals who know something about sex, she refuses to de-eroticize herself to get respect. She refuses to follow in the footsteps of the likes of the unfuckable Dr. Ruth, and this may not get her invited to some conferences, but she knows where her real respect comes from--her listeners and viewers, many of whom call her over and over and whose stories, problems and sexual fantasies she knows so well."
Carol Queen, Spectator Magazine

"Whenever I have Dr. Suzy on my show, my ratings go up!"
Bob Berkowitz, "Love Bytes" & "Real Personal" on CNBC

"Dr. Susan Block lives so many sexy lives: author, television personality, social commentator, Internet Webcaster. But what I find most fascinating is that (she is) one of the only sex therapists I know whose work sounds truly sexy."
Barbara Carrellas, Over 40 Magazine

"Dr. Susan Block is the (21st century) Masters & Johnson."
Ellen Thompson, AVN Magazine

"Dr. Susan Block is the Erin Brockovich of the Bonobo."
Deirdre Guthrie, Salon Magazine

"Little Bo Peep on leave from a French bordello."
Matt LaBash, The Weekly Standard

"Dr. Susan Block is one of the great social satirists of our time."
David Hirst, The Australian

"Dr. Suzy, you have got a sexy voice."
Bettie Page (yes, the real Bettie Page!)

"Frank, funny, thoughtful, sensual...Dr. Suzy always bases her explicit patter on a foundation of academic reasoning and considerable experience. And…she makes you feel good."
Tom Quinn, Entertainment Today

"Dr. Susan Block is America's hottest sex therapist."
Rick Sandack, Chic Magazine

"Plenty of people are interested in Dr. Susan Block's efforts to unblock America's collective libido. Nielsen Media Research found that more than 2 million viewers watched Dr. Suzy's Radio Sex TV when it debuted on HBO."
Russ Tarby, Syracuse New Times

"It was my first time on The Doc Block show. I was more than eager; I was horny. Doc's bed was jammed with gorgeous blondes. stuffed phalluses and vibrators. Everything was erotic, including the aphrodisiacs we ate. It was a blonde hurricane. I just let go and let them have every bit of me. I came and I came inside sending ripples through my body, and I was gone. I thought I had felt everything -- but this? This was the beginning of my new sexual definition."
Tory Ann McCabre, Eros-Zine

"Dr. Susan Block is a Doctor of Philosophy, a magna cum laude graduate of Yale University who has used her provocative good looks to push to the front of controversial programming on American cable television. She is a radio and TV star whose top-rated programs on HBO have titillated many viewers and outraged others."
Jack Scott, The Riviera Times

"Consistently witty, intelligent and decidedly non-violent."
Chuck Crisafulli, Platinum Magazine

"Brilliant, sexy and deliciously intellectual."
Art Kunkin, The LA Free Press

"The fox you see wrapping her thighs around the engine of this hog is Susan Block, Ph.D. If you don't know her already, you will real soon...she's the nation's most erotic pop philosopher."
Casey Exton, Outlaw Biker

"The Susan Block Institute is Warhol's Factory of the erotic world. The diversity of the output, Susan's Svengali-like demeanor, her ever-present entourage and that vague sense of an alternative culture growing here all collude to confirm it...Vanessa Blue and Kitten, black actresses...have nothing but praise for the good doctor. 'She's the start of a sexual revolution for Americans,' they insist--and they may be right."
Tony Horkins, Mondo Magazine

"Rush Limbaugh, move over. Dr. Ruth too. It's time for The Dr. Susan Block Show...a way for people, especially women, to overcome sexual repression...(which) will lesson violence and chip away at a few other evils."
Mary Wade Burnside, Charleston Gazette

"Dr. Susan Block's HBO specials expose inhibited Middle America to the idea that it's OK to discuss--and enjoy--sex...Dr. Block's advice is friendly and direct rather than condescending...Definitely pro-female without being anti-male."
Cara Jepsen, Illinois Entertainer

"I was told by my marketing people that if I appeared on your show, my career would be ruined"
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of Kosher Sex on his second appearance on The Dr. Susan Block Show

"The old order yieldeth, changing places with the new, and Dr. Suzy is Dr. Ruth's wild child....Cosmopolitan, quick-witted, and able to cross cultural and gender boundaries, Dr. Susan Block is smart and fun and just zany enough. I've become a fan."
Richard Pacheco, Spectator Magazine

“Clowns, impromptu pulsing orgy, nude body painting, semi-nude gods and goddesses, live tribal drumming, spanking, costumes and the overwhelming rhythm of the dance. Where you say? I was at the Dr. Susan Block's seventh annual Eros Day party...This is one of those kind of events that takes you by surprise. Next thing you know it's 3am and you realize you're naked, standing, displayed on the body paint table and you’re having the time of your life!...I arrived at a dark street in downtown Los Angeles, went past gates, security, reception and there it was... Dr. Susan Block's world….First I was hit with the pulsating music... The voices were jubilant. It drew you in further. The furnishings were sexual; spanking tables, sex chairs and so much more. The people were in various states of attire from normal street clothes to the topless vision of Lori Pleasures to the nude of Annie Body and Brad Baldwin...On the right past the open bar there she was, Dr. Susan Block, holding court on her signature Bed with everything on it. She sat with her worshipers at her feet engaging in a moving living orgy...The feeling of the room was acceptance. Would I go back? It's already on my calender for next year.”
Lynn LeMay, Adult Industry News

"Dr. Susan Block is ripping up the airwaves, and tearing a new asshole for the orgasmically uptight!... A scantily clad hedonistic hero...Dr. Block has been waging a one-woman war against carnal incompetence, and the results of her quest are overwhelming. Today, Dr. Susan Block rules over a vast erotic empire of sexually-oriented enterprises, making her organization a virtual international epicenter for free sexual expression and healing with an underground cult following estimated to be in the millions...wildly popular among both men and women..."
Marc Medoff, Cheri Magazine

Nowhere is the interpenetration of art and porn more intense than at the compound of Dr. Susan Block, herself an amusingly outrageous Left-Coast cross between (Camille) Paglia and Oprah Winfrey."
Stephen Lemons, LA New Times

"Deliciously provocative...They don't call Dr. Suzy's heels platform for nothing."
Jenny Dallery, LA2nite.com

"Superb…her show and videos are an incredibly entertaining, educational, highly erotic romp through Dr. Suzy's world."
John Keyes, Cabaret Magazine

"Dr. Block imparts vital information with none of the clinical didacticsm so characteristic of most such programming. .In a word, she is validating, while the others are sterile and cold…She alone speaks to human sexuality with genuine power and cogency."
Dr. Arthur H. Williamson, Professor of History, California State University, Sacramento

"I cannot recall ever having seen a more positive and tasteful presentation of sexually oriented material."
Dr. Stephen B. Mason, KUCI Radio

"Boldly original...Dr. Susan Block isn't just pushing the envelope, she is the envelope."
Sharon Peters, Libido Magazine

"Very hot…brain sex and fantasy fodder."
Ferro Ignique, Adult Video News

"Susan is so damn intelligent, it almost scares me!"
Dr. Betty Dodsen, Sex For One

"Dr. Susan Marilyn Block is a luscious double-process sex therapist with wit to spare. Part sex siren and part Dutch Aunt, Dr. Block's popularity is proof that the sexual revolution did not fade away."
Dave Clark, Screw Magazine

"Simple and straightforward while maintaining a very sexy, provocative edge." Eric Danville, Screw Magazine

"Block is clever, compelling, provocative, sensual and erotic, evoking the intimacy many of us no longer share as freely as wehn we were younger. Her programs are threaded with the silken cord of genius...Be good to yourself and listen to her. You will be thrilled, inspired, overwhelmed and thoroughly entertained."
Leslie Gursicoff, Witness Magazine

"What do you get when you cross Dr. Ruth with a Vegas showgirl? Dr. Susan Block, the femme fatale who's burning up the airwaves with her frank sexuality."
Joe Editor, Gallery Magazine

"Dr. Susan Block's 10 Commandments of Pleasure is playful, profound and utterly sensible--a charmingly taught cure for sexual stupidity that's bound to raise the nation's erotic IQ"
Carol Queen, Exhibitionism for the Shy

"Dr. Susan Block's 10 Commandments of Pleasure are the best to come around in the past 2000 years. Bravo!"
Nina Hartley, adult film actress

"'The Dr. Susan Block Show'" includes a colorful provocative Felliniesque cast of characters led by the charming ringmaster Dr. Suzy herself, the Fairy Godmother of Good Sex.."
Meena Howe, Entertainment Times

"If you require a new suit, you seek out a great tailor. If you need surgery, you track down the finest doctor...When it comes to love, sex and relationships--nobody dishes it up better than Dr. Susan Block."
Robin Leach, Lifestyles TV

"All eyes (at HBO Emmys party) were on buxom TV sex therapist Dr. Susan Block"
Daniel Coleridge, TV Guide

"Dr. Block's book is a pleasure seldom equaled...a jewel of arousing, practical and refreshingly accurate information that ought to be at the bedside of every couple in America."
Dr. Robert McGinley, president of

The Lifestyles Organization

"Dr. Block's Spanking for Adults Only is... excellent! Never Boring! Not your father's sex education! Hear! Hear! Wide-ranging insight...historical art...and lots and lots of spanking...much of it very erotic... A lot of sex education videos come off a bit like learning mountain climbing from a guy who's never left Kansas. It is refreshing to learn about sex from someone who actually practices what she preaches."
Jeff & Kris Booth, about. com

"Dr Susan Block's show about bisexuality (is) brilliant ! We don't have this kind of show in France. The French audience is going to discover something very original."
Stéphanie Lailheugue, Toutes les Télès,
Channel M6 TV in France

"Dr. Susan Block's amusing video about the sex inquisitor (Kenneth W. Starr: A Pornographer for Our Times) certainly exposes the poisonous undercurrent of repression, prurience and hypocrisy in America's political and psychosexual crisis."
Joe Conason, The New York Observer

"I very much enjoyed Dr. Susan Block's Democratic Sex... It is thoroughly creative in subjects, camera work, and editing."
John Block, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Loved Democratic Sex. Funny!"
Sally Hofmeister, The LA Times

"Dr. Suzy's Foot Fetish Primer is filled with great stuff!"
Marc Medoff, Leg Action

"Dr. Susan Block's Speakeasy Gallery is ground zero for Block's morality for the new millennium, the philosophy of "ethical hedonism"...Block's committment to supporting the arts (is) genuine...Even when she's not playing host to a struggling artist on The Dr. Susan Block Show, it's a a rare episode of her raunchy televised romper room that does not make some passing reference to the work of erotic artists...The artists themselves are ecstatic to be on display at Block's bodacious bawdy house ...Among the erotic artists who've found a home under Dr. Block's big aesthetic tent are Lanning Gold, a talented photographer ...Ray Cirino, a purveyor of functional "dildo" sculptures regularly featured in Penthouse; Glenn Campbell, whose work is seen in Playboy... the amazing Doug Johns ...and Ashley Laurence, an artist discovered by the Block Gallery. An actress by profession, Laurence had to be egged on by curator Kim Mendoza to allow her effusive, rainbow-drenched eye-candy to be exhibited. What a triumph for the Speakeasy Gallery! The Laurence painting alone is proof that an erotic art gallery is an idea with merit. For without Block's gallery, Laurence's work would not be on view publicly."
Stephen Lemons, LA New Times

"That she offers titillation is undeniable, and she'd be the last to deny it...But she also offers candid, practical advice, plenty of good humour and safe sex."
Dr. Christopher Hart, The Erotic Review

"An absolutely great show!"
Robert Bentley, E! Entertainment Network

"Susan Block is splendid."
Laurel Graeber, The Yale Daily News

"Block is a feminine dynamo as pretty, hip and sexy as her media persona suggests."
Sam Frank, The LA Reader

"DrSusanBlock.com (is) a timeless treat...Experience this scintillating virtual talk show as Dr. Block and her hodgepodge of guests navigate the topcs of sex, politics and culture. And learn more about her quest ot save the Bonobo Chimps."
Tara de Lis, The Big Issue

"If Jackie Collins or Judith Krantz were to stretch their imaginations to the limit, they still could never devise a character as utterly, irrepressibly and delightfully off-the-wall as Dr. Susan Block, the beauty & brains behind the Dr. Susan Block Institute... Her frequently updated Journal is well worth perusing...her famed cable TV show features a veritable who's-who & what's-what of ethical hedonism & her on-line gallery features a wealth of erotic fine arts ...& don't forget to read her impassioned plea for the preservation of the bonobos."
Anne Semans & Cathy Winks,
The Women's Guide to Sex on the Web

"A happily married, religiously aware Jewish woman, Block respected (Rabbi Shmuley) Boteach's Torah-based teachings...On camera, Block and Boteach both held their own through their stimulating, friendly philosophical crossfire, differing on sexual issues such as female modesty laws, autoeroticism and fantasizing about others during lovemaking...the orthodox rabbi later admitted that he...found the celebrity sexy therapist intelligent and engaging."
Michael Aushenker, The Jewish Journal

"Highly entertaining and endlessly fascinating."
A.D. Amorosi, Philadelphia City Paper

"drsusanblock.com gets a soulgasm award...
as one of the few that offers value and content on a beautifully designed site...We know how hard it is to buck the trend of building ugly sites."

"She's a doctor with an attitude, doling out advice from her bedroom, wearing lingerie, pearls and high heels...and she's building a late-night media empire with her irreverent erotic 'educational and masturbational' phone-in sexual advice show."
Barry Fox, The Harrisburg Patriot-News

"Dr. Susan Block is everything any woman could ever hope to be: intelligent, witty, horny and hot! She's the complete and utter total woman: Isis and Lilith all rolled up in one! She puts both Dr. Ruth and Dr. Laura Slushsinger to complete and utter shame. Besides having beautiful breasts, Dr. Suzy has an exceptionally high IQ (she holds a degree from Yale University!). Thank God, she's willing to show off both!"
Joel, Joel's Salon

“Dr. Block wrote a book Advertising for Love in 1984 about a new dating trend that she thought was unique and hip. The dating trend was something called “personal ads.” Hard to believe there was a time when there weren’t personal ads. She laughs at the fact that she had the foresight to be one of the first people to think personal ads would explode. She even had a small chapter on using this new thing on the computer called ‘The Internet’ to post personal ads.”
Ayn Carrillo-Gailey, Pornology

"We love Dr. Susan Block's Journal...this racy sassy journal defies classification...a real high quality site!"
Dr. Sandor Gardos & Tamar Love, about.com

"Dr. Block, I'm writing to express my appreciation for the wonderful lecture you presented to the undergraduate Human Sexuality class. The class really enjoyed the presentation. Your compassion, knowledge and expertise in this area really helped the students in understanding bonobo sexuality and fetishes. We should all take a lesson from our furry friends."
Andrea Ferrara, MSN, CNM, RN
USC Department of Nursing

"Dr. Block, your presentation on the Bonobos given to students enrolled in the undergraduate course, Human Sexuality, was very well received. The students' comments reflect that they learned much from such an outstanding and thought-provoking presentation. After the course ended, several students commented that your presentation should not be missed by anyone enrolled in this course."
Maria Elena Ruiz, RN, MS, Ph.D. Candidate Assistant Professor of Nursing
University of Southern California

"Welcome to the world of Dr Susan Block, a lady who has more accolades than Jesus. Beauty, brains and a love of randy chimps, the Martha Stewart Of Sex (without the insider trading!)...She's a best-selling author, one of "America's greatest thinkers", a sex toy connoisseur, a magna cum laude graduate of Yale University, TV star, director, sex guru, film maker, monkey expert, masturbator, philosopher, babe and housewife…In short, superwoman."
Eurotrash, Planet Rapido TV, UK

"I love The Dr. Susan Block Show. It's not just Dr. Suzy's unapologetic randiness, nor is it just her beauty, her brains, or her ability to lecture on female ejaculation while masturbating on camera. It's all those and more that make me love her -- It's the whole package that makes Block's show such a fun and frenetic exploration of sexual knowledge."
Thomas S. Roche, Erox-Zine

"Look, I apologize (regarding the unwarranted LAPD raid on BlockStudios). Okay? Does that help?"
Former LA Mayor Dick Riordan to Dr. Block at the LA Press Club

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