Welcome to the International Hall of Shame!

Steve Case is a Censor!
This Lifetime's Inductee:
Steve Case of AOL
Chairman and CEO
This is where we pay tribute to intellectually & financially dangerous individuals and organizations that use their power to deprive people of their right to free speech and the pursuit of happiness. These are individuals who have no concern for our constitutional rights, but rather think only of forcing everyone to conform to their personal moral standards. History shows us quite graphically the results of such censorship and "moral standards" in fine examples like Nazi Germany, Tiannenmen Square, East Timor, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Crusades, simply to name a few. If we stand by and allow these people to take away our right to free speech, we are as guilty as they of the atrocity. We choose to expose these vicious and inimical people and organizations and encourage you to let them know what you think of them. We also appreciate any nominations you would care to submit to the Hall of Shame. To be inducted, there must be a unanimous guilty verdict by our Ethics Committee.

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