Dr. Block is a favorite among college students. She gives sex education a new meaning with an historical, political, religious and social view that has also made her a favorite among television viewers and radio listeners around the world. Her private therapy practice has helped countless people achieve a better understanding of their sexuality and its role in everyday relationships.  


Ms. Genevieve
Another favorite guest on The Dr. Susan Block Show, Mistress Genevieve is a dominatrix with over 12 years experience, as well as a fetish/pin-up/nude model, phone-sex operator, a stripper, Burlesque revivalist, live fetish performer, published writer, and "pro-vert" (professional pervert). Being an extremist and sex advocate, no perversion is shocking to fact, new and unusual kinks turn her on the most. To talk to Mistress Genevieve, just ask for her when you call The Dr. Susan Block Institute at 213.749.1330.

As you can see, Raquel is very sexy and down-to-earth. You might not tell by looking at her, but she's also very easy to talk to! She loves to roleplay "mommy" or girl-next-door. She just loves to talk, both naughy and nice. Call her now at 213.

One of our new telephone sex therapists. More info coming soon. Ask for her when you call 213.749.1330.

Imanne is a passionate, playfully sensuous and creative 23-year-old French woman of Moroccan descent with a soft sexy voice and an infectious laugh. She has worked with the Dr. Susan Block Institute in France for two years as an interpreter and media liaison for the French publication of The 10 Commandments of Pleasure, in addition to being a telephone sex therapist. Imanne loves to talk about sex in French, Arabic or English, or a sexy (and very provocative!) combination of all three. Available by appointment only. Ask for her when you call 213.749.1330.

Kate is a sweet, sensual, caring, very womanly woman who delights in giving pleasure. We can't show you her face since she's a *little bit* famous, but she has been described by the artists and photographers for whom she has posed as a beauty with the face of an angel and a lush all-natural "bod for sin." Let her melodic voice send shivers down your spine. This is a woman born to give pleasure and always eager to help you with your deepest needs.
Ivona Diamond
Ivona is a frequent guest on The Dr. Susan Block Show and a model who has appeared in many magazines. She is also a female ejaculatrix, and loves to talk about squirting, among other sexy subjects. Available by appointment only. Ask for her when you call 213.749.1330.
Goddess Lisa is 25 years old, a stunning mistress and excellent dominatrix with an extemely sexy, penetrating voice. There are no taboos with Lisa! She loves to hear all your secrets and fantasies and explore your nastiest taboos! She has been servicing all callers of all kinds for over five years. Ask for her when you call 213.749.1330.

A former, full-service, San Francisco call girl, Crystal brings into phone sex therapy her extensive background in giving erotic pleasure to men and couples, plus her professional dominatrix and other BDSM and fetish experience. At 5'10", hers is a commanding presence, yet she can be sweet, submissive, innocent and ready for you to defile. Another favorite guest on The Dr. Susan Block Show, Crystal has a great imagination, loves to roleplay and to help you explore al l of your kinky fantasies Ask for her when when you call 213.749.1330. .

Max in France
Rent Dr. Suzy's husband! Let his fantastic, deep, baritone voice and wild imaginatin melt your erotic mind. Speaks to women, men or couples in English or Italian. Change your sex life! He's in France, but you can still call reach him through our office. Just call 213.749.1330.

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Why should I call you ? Because sometimes there is no one else to talk to. That's what we're here for, to give you friendly non-judgemental advice to help you explore your sexuality and the relationships in your life. You can talk to us about things you can't talk to anyone else about. 

Are my sessions confidential ? Absolutely. We never sell, rent or lease your name to anyone. In fact you personal information is never kept on any computer, we do things the old fashioned way, everything is kept on client ledgers that are accessible only by Dr. Block and her assistants.

Can I masturbate during sessions ? Yes of course! Masturbation is one of the safest forms of sex. No messy unwanted children, transmittable diseases or other hazards involved with exploring your sexuality. It's really just a theater of the mind where you can safely explore and fulfill your fantasies and desires in a safe manner and sometimes it's a good way to save a marriage or relationship when your partner is not open to your fantasies.

Do you work with women ? Yes, we've had great success with women. From first time orgasms and relationship issues to more kinky women's sexual issues. We have both male and female therapists ready to help you with your private pleasures and questions you may have about women's sexuality.

Do you work with couples ? Yes, we've worked with hundreds of couples to help bring their sexual needs into the open. It's a fun and exciting way to come closer using non-traditional methods that might otherwise take years to deal with if ever. A great majority of marital and relationship problems stem from how we share our sexuality with ourselves and our loved one.

Do you have an 800 service or call back service ? Yes we do. We also have local numbers in several other countries for our clients convenience or we can call you anywhere in the world.

Do you have a question we haven't answered ? Please feel free to call us if you have additional questions or need more information about our private telephone sex therapy  or you may email us at  Please call us anytime at  213.749.1330 or 1.866.207.7521. We are always here for you.  Information line: 310.474.5353. We're here for you 24/7/365.


Smart, sexy and spiritual. You can talk to Margo about anything

Hamilton Steele
Male or female, Hamilton will help you explore your fantasies and perhaps teach you a few new tricks to  improve your sex life with that someone special, even if that someone is you.
Hamilton also speaks French.

Since 1984 we have been providing private sex counseling and educational television, radio and internet programming to millions around the world. How can we help you?


You've seen her on HBO, heard her on radio and she's been in dozens of documentaries and has done hundreds of radio and television interviews. Journalists come to her for expert advice on relationship problems and sexual issues and for many years she has been available to her private clients.

On this page you'll meet some of her fantasy role-play therapists who are well versed in different sexual disciplines and fantasies. We invite you to explore. There are no taboos, we're not here to judge you, only to help you find some answers and experience more pleasure in your life.

Dr. Block answers questions from the students at Yale University.

Although she is the youngest of our therapists, Cyn is way beyond her years in experience and in her sexuality.  From dominating you to being your "Little Girl", from alternative lifestyles to "this Girl's Gone Wild", this barely legal siren is just what you need right when you need it. A fabulous addition to not only the therapist roster, but she is also one of Dr. Suzy's own Homegrown Bonobo's.

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You must be compassionate, smart, very honest and have a good amount of internet savy. You must also be able to undergo a rigorous background check. We are looking for people anywhere in the world.Part-time or full-time.
Please submit your resume to: or call 213.749.1330.
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As you can see, Raquel is very sexy and down-to-earth. You might not tell by looking at her, but she's also very easy to talk to! She loves to roleplay "mommy" or girl-next-door. She just loves to talk, both naughy and nice. Call her now at 213.