by Dr. Susan Block
Performance Artist
Frank Moore
Nothing is hidden at
Suzy Block’s!

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Nothing is hidden
at Suzy Block’s!
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Beatin' ain't Cheatin'
Nothing is hidden at Suzy Block’s!
So  Saturday afternoon, our son Ki-lin, who had crashed in Corey/Heidi’s hotel room, woke us up. He had decided to hang out with us for the day. He had been blown out by the Al’s Bar musical experience. We told him the plan…have breakfast on, then explore, the funky/fun part of Melrose Ave. Then that night we will go to be on a cable/internet show of a sex advisor.

    That night as we were driving to the show, Ki-lin asked me if I would piss the doctor off. Linda said she didn’t think Dr. Suzy could be goaded. Afterwards it turned out he thought we were going to some straight female shrink’s radio show. But when we headed high up into the Hollywood Hills, he knew that he didn’t know!

I said artists censoring other artists had opened the door for Helms and is much more dangerous then Helms.

    Suzy’s white mansion, The Villa Piacere, was a door into a chapter from STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND! We were buzzed in by a big gentle security guy who signed us in and had us sign releases, etc. On the walls were giant nude photographs…one was of Suzy and a snake taken by Annie Sprinkle. A bear of a man with a deep voice greeted us with hugs like family. He is Max, Suzy’s husband/announcer/producer/ butler/Linda. We had gotten there early for me in my wheelchair to be carried down two flights of stairs to Suzy’s bedroom/studio/set. This was a huge room with a catered bar, beds, sofas, cameras, many monitors, etc…and  Suzy’s high bed piled with pillows and sex toys. Lavonne, one of the Blockettes…. very sexy women who, during the show and the party afterward, kept the erotic level high by flirting around nude or in very revealing costumes [Lavonne spent most of the night wearing only a purse]…made us comfortable. Max came down to talk. He and Suzy will be in a big performance/sex art event, SEX ACTS…along with Al Goldstein, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera….all of our friends…on Feb. 21 in N.Y.C. But he said the snobbish ART IN AMERICA magazine had just changed/censored the full page ad for the event, while keeping the money. (You can see the uncensored ad at & I said artists censoring other artists had opened the door for Helms and is much more dangerous then Helms.

    Suzy then came down as Max went up to greet people. Suzy was wearing her pet snake, Eve,  a black push-up bra, black see-through (almost) g-string, her trademark big hat, and assorted lacy dodads. She gave Ki-lin her snake to baby-sit (which was his role for most of the evening). She showed me that she had a pile of my writings with her. We briefly talked, my hand spastically moving on her ass, about our interview.

    Then she started talking to a couple, a black tall (but not that tall) guy and a chicano woman. Suzy hadn’t met them before. They said listening to Suzy’s radio show helped their sexual problems, which they wanted to talk to her about after the show.

    Then Suzy got on her bed, her lusty altar, to prepare for the show….Ben (her version of Michael/tech genius), camera/light /sound/computer people, etc. all fussing around her….she reading notes, meditating, touching up her make-up,  rubbing herself, greeting people as they arrived…all from her bed, all displayed on the monitors piled around the rooms.

The scene reminded me of when
Hugh Hefner had a t.v. show shot
from his mansion in the 60’s. But this was both
much sexier and more human!

   Max parked us in front of Suzy’s bed…near a window looking down on all L. A. Ki-lin, as the place began to filled up with beautiful women and other interesting people, kept shooting us thumbs-up. He definitely had made the right choice spending time with the old folks (us)! And at midnight it would be his 23rd birthday. What a birthday party! The scene reminded me of when Hugh Hefner had a t.v. show shot from his mansion in the 60’s. But this was  both much sexier and  more human!

 He moved off when a woman
in a skin-tight blue dress
with her own camera-woman
started interviewing me.

    The tall (but not that tall) black guy came over to us. I asked him what he did. He, an American, was a basketball player in Ecuador. (I didn’t know they had a pro league there.) Linda said she thought basketball season was now. He said he had hurt his knee. I asked what would he do if/when he couldn’t play ball. He’d open a café. He moved off when a woman in a skin-tight blue dress with her own camera-woman started interviewing me.

    I learned later that Max had asked the guy and his girlfriend pointblank were they cops (legally cops have to answer that question truthfully…..or is it like garlic and vampires?) True, Max as "the most prosecuted pornographer" has a nose for cops. But why undercover cops? I mean, THEY can just watch the cable access show and/or buy the video of the hot post-show party. Nothing is hidden at Suzy Block’s!

...the conversation never degraded into cocktail chatter.


    So the woman in the blue dress was Heilman-C, the producer of SEX ACTS and an artist who has made her tits into her trademark/subjects. We talked about art, censorship, etc. One  thing about this crowd, people actually really talked deeply…even at 4 AM, surrounded by orgy action, the conversation never degraded into cocktail chatter.
    Anyway,  Heilman-C made Ki-lin’s night by nesting in his lap, waiting for her turn on Suzy’s bed. Meanwhile, one of the Blockettes, Kiss…who had just won a big adult film award for the most outrageous sex scene (something with food and orifices)…stopped beside me, took off her panties, and hung them on my headpointer. (This is why I don’t have sexual fantasies…how can my imagination top reality?) The panties were made by Suzy’s French designer, Nathalie…who took a liking to Ki-lin after the show. So the panties are expensive…especially pre-worn, if you know what I mean. What a gift! We hung them in my studio.

    A news crew arrived from L.A.’s U.P.N. t.v. channel. They were doing a report on public access t.v. Since Suzy’s show is the most popular public access t.v. show in L.A., they were there. Also there was a lawyer who does a lot of work about free speech and the sex world (and who may have worked on my wheelchair when he was a college student at Berkeley). There may have been 50-60 people there for the show.

    The 3-hour show alternated between call-ins for sex advice and interviews of the guests on the bed. I consider Suzy one of the clearest sexual healers today because of her ability to listen, her practical nature, her humor, her lusty physicalness, and her philosopher’s  mind.

    The other guests were Heilman-C (who got her wish and got Suzy off with a magical vibrator) and the L.A. d. j. Nastyman with whom Suzy does a weekly radio show. Off air he is a sweet family man. He brought his 8-year old son and mate with him.

    When it was my turn, Linda, Mike and I sat in front of her bed because I need to be in my wheelchair to use my talking board. I was about to ask Suzy if I could get on the bed afterward. But then all hell broke loose. Max shot upstairs (he ain’t the running kind!). Rumors started trickling down about cops invading upstairs. As we were about to go back
on "air," the director told Suzy that there were 20 cops upstairs, but Max was handling it, that she should do the interview…and "relax". Oh sure! But that’s what we did. And it was a great interview…Suzy asking deep questions…Linda reading my board, expanding on my answers…Michael sitting cute beside me.

"where is Max…what is fucking going on upstairs?"

    But when the interview was over, Suzy wanted to know,  "where is Max…what is fucking going on upstairs?" I was thinking for 30 years I’ve been doing edgy work, but now I’d be busted for doing an interview!

    In a few minutes, Max came down and gathered all of us together, told us what happened, and gave a very moving, very inspiring, very fiery speech about the high price of freedom. Then Suzy gave U.P.N. an interview in her bed (the reporter was in heaven!). At the end of her interview, her rage spilled forth about the cops who had invaded her house and bedroom. I felt like Forrest Gump, being there as history was being made.

    Here’s what happened. The not too-tall guy and his "mate" were undercover vice cops looking for something to get Suzy on. They were just looking that night. But when they saw Nastyman’s son, they called in the troops. Nastyman and family were upstairs (I’d assume leaving after his portion of the show). An undercover cop grabbed the kid away. Nastyman tried to protect his kid from this stranger. The cop threw the father on the floor and started  kicking him. (All this to protect the kid from seeing sex and nudity…yeah, right!…we brought our kids to the punk club when we did the show there for years.)  Suzy’s guard tried to stop the insanity. But the cop flashed his badge. Then the room filled with cops, ready to pile downstairs. But up came Max, the lawyer, and the news crew with their camera on. That stopped the cops. They "just" gave Max a ticket for broadcasting on the internet without a permit, violating zoning…or some mickey mouse face-saving charge. By the way, as I’m typing this, I’m "broadcasting" on the internet from our home live via our web-cam (not to mention via SOUNDS FROM THE UNDERGROUND and THE INTIMATE THEATER). Come on, cops…bust me!

The Dr. Susan Block crew/tribe is using the internet,
public access t.v., radio, and other media very effectively to promote sexual/social liberation…
to get people thinking, talking, questioning, touching, feeling…and, yes, 
joyously and responsibly fucking.

    On the surface, the internet ticket (which is legally absurd) looks like just a face-saving move when the cops couldn’t make a quiet sex bust (because of the U.P.N. camera and the lawyer). But I think it represents the real reason why they  are after Suzy (and us). Think about it. If Suzy had a Tupperware party, or a discreet swingers party, etc., would
there have been a raid? Probably not. The raid on what was at the core a private party occurred because the Dr. Susan Block crew/tribe is using the internet, public access t.v., radio, and other media very effectively to promote sexual/social liberation…to get people thinking, talking, questioning, touching, feeling…and, yes, joyously and responsibly  fucking. Obviously this must stop! Obviously these channels of communication must be reined into the control of the powers-that-have-always-been!

    We talked about these kind of things at the wild party afterwards, surrounded by X rated goings-on, which were also projected on the monitor piles. When Suzy wasn’t talking to us, she was up-staging the very explicit dancer, who didn’t mind because she had a crush on Suzy. Well, buy the video! If you do, you will see Suzy playing on my lap, me
chomping her tits! It felt like home, like family.

    Afterwards, while we were eating ruebens at the Hollywood deli Kantor’s at 6 A.M., Ki-lin said how he sees people had radically changed because of the night. He said it’s amazing how The Combine twists reality.


In Freedom, Frank

Thank You Frank!
Dr. Suzy, Ben, and the whole Bonobo Gang.