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Dr. Susan Block's best-selling, critically acclaimed video series includes exciting explorations of sexual practices and fetishes, imaginatively illustrated by the erotic antics that take place at the often orgiastic evenings at Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy. The series features calls, monologues and a wide variety of guests from adult film stars like Nina Hartley and Alisha Klass to distinguished authorities like Harvard anthropology professor Richard Wrangham, and women's fantasy expert Nancy Friday.


Ellen Thompson of AVN calls Dr. Susan Block "the 21st century Masters and Johnson." The subjects of the videos range from basic technique (Foreplay) to consumer interest (Vibrators & Other Lovers), from fetish (Spanking For Adults Only) to social commentary (The New Horny Housewife). Sharon Peters of Libido says the series is "Boldly original…Dr. Susan Block doesn't just push the envelope, she is the envelope!"Ferro Ignique of AVN calls it"Very hot…brain sex and fantasy fodder." "Dr. Susan Block is a modern day Cleopatra," writes Richard Rappaport in Soma. "The response to her tapes has been, well, orgasmic."

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F E E T: An Erotic Study in Podophilac Sexuality. Learn to seduce your lover "feet first." Discover the pleasure of "toegasms." Explore the sexual natual of feet, as Dr. Suzy takes you on an erotic, historical, humorous and extremely sensual tour of tootsies, stockings, shoes and boots.
Color 60 min. Price: $39.95.

WET on WET: The New Bisexual Female. Are you bisexual? Is your lover? All you need to know about female bisexuality is here, from bi-curious fantasies, to threesomes, to how bonobos do it, to techniques for wielding strapon dildos, as well as other wei-on-wet Sapphic delights.
Color 60 min. Price: $29.95.

V I B R A T O R S and other lovers. You've got the power: the soft, yet potent buzz of that electric-orgasmic, plaastic fantastic lover, the vibrator. Lear how to use different vibrators, how to introduce your lover to vibrators, even how to break your vibrator "addiction.".
Color 60 min. Price: $29.95.

LUSCIOUS CUNNILINGUS. Many laies can only orgasm through oral sex, or as the Latins say, cunnilingus, as this way, the clitoris and labia can be lubricated and stimulated directly but softly. Watch "Luscious Cunnilingus" for mouthwatering, oral inspiration.
Color 60 min. Price: $29.95.

THE NEW HORNY HOUSEWIFE. The pussycat is out of the bag! The new Horny Housewife is exciting and excited, and she's not afraid to admit it, or ask for what she wants sexually. All about female sexual power, and how to use what you've got to get what you desire.
Color 60 min. Price: $29.95.

FOREPLAY. Become a truly great lover: Learn to arouse anyone through the art and science of sexual seduction & arousing foreplay. Includes tips on setting the mood, giving great oral sex (both ways), massage, anal-oral sex & more.
Color 60 min. Price: $29.95.

THE FINE ART OF FELLATIO. Focusing on oral sex for the penis, popularly known as giving a "blowjob." True stories, fellatio fantasies & terrific techniques, imaginatively & erotically illustrated and demonstrated.
Color 60 min. Price: $29.95.

SPANKING FOR ADULTS ONLY / PART ONE: BOTTOMS UP! We agree with Gore Vidal, we're "all for bringing back the birch, but only between consenting adults." This volume focuses on the experience of the "bottom," the man or woman being spanked, sometimes to orgasm, often to ecstasy, or just for the sake of pure, playful, sexy fun.
Color 60 min. Price: $29.95



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