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Attention: All Fans of "Radio Sex TV with Dr. Susan Block" On HBO

As HBO continues to air "Radio Sex TV with Dr. Susan Block" to great ratings and rave reviews, Right Wing religious fanatics have mounted a Hate Mail campaign against HBO, demanding that "Radio Sex TV" be removed from HBO's schedule. If you enjoyed watching the show, please help us to counteract this anti-sex crusade with your letter supporting "Radio Sex TV" on HBO.

    You may send your e-mail here.

    Or, if you wish to send me a note on your letterhead, mail it to The Dr. Susan Block Institute, 8306 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite #1047, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Help keep sex-positive, violence-free, educational entertainment alive on national television!

    Thank you for your support.

    Dr. Suzy

    Following are excerpts from our original press release for Radio Sex TV2: Off the Dial with Dr. Susan Block:


We can't help but see it in the news every day. Sleazy Exposés. Sexual Harassment. Secret Affairs. Molestation. Why are we a "nation of sex scandals"? Because we cover up the true meaning of sex. Because Neo-Puritan opportunists are shaming us into the shadows. The Old Puritans burned feisty sexual women and men as witches. The New Puritans just set fire to their reputations, destroying individuals and families and warping societal morés in their incendiary crusade.

to Human Sexuality than Sleaze & Scandal?
Of course. Our sexuality can be a positive force in our lives. Go beyond the scandals and the sleaze and explore the complex, tender, stimulating, healing and sometimes hilarious aspects of sex and love with Dr. Susan Block on her unique new talk show, Radio Sex TV, airing its second power-packed, sex information-stacked episode on HBO this July 25 at midnight.

Truly Healthy for Us?
No, says Dr. Block. Sex is the only subject about which they say that the less we know, the better off we are. But ignorance is not healthy for individuals or society. Knowledge is power. Sexual knowledge is sexual power--the power to attract and cultivate healthy, exciting relationships, the power to give and receive pleasure, the power to love and be loved. Why does the media only talk about sex in terms of scandal? Do we only talk about food in terms of food-poisoning? What about the value of sex? On HBO's Radio Sex TV, Dr. Suzy stirs up some healthy, tasty "recipes."


Family Values, Social Values...

Dr. Block believes in strong values. Not just "family values," at least not the narrow paternalistic, 1950's-style family values that Neo-Puritans swoon over. Personal values. Sexual values. The value of pleasure, and not violence. The value of love, and not war. The value of lust, and not greed. The value of knowledge, and not ignorance. The value of sexual connection, and not gender competition. These are some of the values of Dr. Block's philosophy of sex which she calls "ethical hedonism," and which guests and callers grapple with on Radio Sex TV.

RadioSex TV 2 Why Do We as a Nation NEED a Good Sex Education?
Because repression relies on ignorance, says Dr. Block. And fascism springs from it. We need education in the sexual sciences to help eliminate damaging, sometimes deadly superstition and misinformation. We need education in the sexual arts to help improve our erotic lives and keep our families intact. We need education in sexual psychology and philosophy to help us understand our true sexual nature and cultivate it in a fulfilling, ethical manner. Radio Sex TV on HBO brings you sex education that's responsible, thoughtful and more fun than a barrel of orgasms.

And How Is It Effectively Undermining the Neo-Puritans?
The pussycat is out of the bag! Dr. Block proclaims. As the millennium turns, despite the blustering of Neo-Puritans, women of every culture and walk of life are taking charge of their sexuality, exploring it, expressing it and exploiting it for their own benefit. What kind of women? All kinds--from feminists to traditionalists, strippers to professors, businesswomen to soccer moms--are part of the New Female Sexual Evolution. Dr. Block calls it an "evolution" because it is quieter than the feminist and sexual revolutions of the 60's and 70's, but it is far more pervasive. As women all over the world become more educated, less bound to household drudgery, less limited by traditional sex-role stereotypes, less constrained by old-time religion, and more tuned into the new technologies that can show them a "better way," they are getting in touch with their personal sexual needs and interests. As feminists fight for women's rights to work and own property, women are discovering and defending another one of their rights which, in the grand scheme of things, is just as important as work: their right to pleasure. Including sexual pleasure. How is this New Female Sexual Evolution evident in our daily lives?

  • Women are communicating their sexual desires and initiating sex more than ever before.
  • Women are getting to know their genital anatomy, the different tender parts of their vaginas and vulvas, the area their foremothers only knew as "down there."
  • Women are using electric vibrators with as much finesse and appreciation as their foremothers used electric can openers.
  • Women are reminding men and other women of the connection of sex to love, family, art, politics, health, friendship and commitment, forcing a more integrated, less compartmentalized approach to sex and the rest of life. See women like this, along with their men, discuss and explore the intoxicating world of human sexuality with Dr. Suzy as their designated driver on Radio Sex TV.

Off The DialWe're Bombarded by
Images of What's Sexy,
But Where Can We Discuss and
Explore What's Sexual?

Where else but on Radio Sex TV, the ultimate antidote to the New Puritanism! Dr. Suzy challenges Neo-Puritan hypocrisy with a fresh dose of sex information, female sexual evolution, relationship guidance and ethical hedonism, so we can live and love as mature sexual adults.

Gracious and outrageous, adored by legions of her "Blockhead"-fans, vilified by Neo-Puritans on both the Right and the Left, Dr. Susan Block, has been holding court on the airwaves for years--on radio, on local TV, on the Internet, in books and in journals, in private sessions and public town meetings, and now with Radio Sex TV on HBO.

Do the American People Really Want Radio Sex TV?
The proof is in the ratings. When the first Radio Sex TV premiered on HBO, it enchanted TV audiences and astounded TV professionals by scoring a whopping 9.3 Nielson rating, making it the highest rated cable TV show of the day!

Like Montessori and Mary Poppins, she uses a little bit of "sugar to make the medicine go down." With her erotic attire, comforting warmth and irrepressible humor, she dispenses valuable, often life-saving wisdom faster than a stealth bomber, redefining every human relationship issue from the complexities of marriage to the intricacies of orgasm. Truly an entertainment phenomenon who has graduated from the mean back streets of small-town radio and public access TV to the starry satellites of HBO in the sky, Dr. Suzy doesn't just break new ground; she plows through it like the steel blades of a giant roto-tiller turning the earth through the heartland of America.

What Kind of Doctor is She?
A brain surgeon! But she doesn't work with a scalpel; she works with your life, unblockingsexual brick walls that obstruct maturity. Academically speaking, her Ph.D. is in philosophy, which she received from Pacific Western, and her undergraduate degree (magna cum laude) is from Yale.

What Can We Expect From Radio Sex TV-2?
Loosely based on Dr. Block's acclaimed new book The 10 Commandments of Pleasure, and even smarter, sexier, more sane and more riveting than Radio Sex TV-1, Radio Sex TV-2 airs on HBO, midnight Friday, July 25. Expectations are high. Although the show has barely been covered by the mainstream media, the alternative press and audiences everywhere have been clamoring for more Radio Sex TV! Many are predicting Radio Sex TV-2 will match or even surpass the phenomenal ratings of the first show. Then, who knows? Multiple shows? Multiple orgasms?

What Industry Big-Wigs Are Involved?
Radio Sex TV is produced by a multi-orgasmic, multi-award-winning TV production team, including Emmy-winning HBO senior vice president and executive producer Sheila Nevins, co- producer Dave Bell (producer of LAPD and creator of Unsolved Mysteries), hot new director Shari Cookson and editor Charleton McMillan. It's TV's best-kept naughty little secret. So, do tell everyone...


Watch HBO July 25th 1997 at MidnightWatch HBO July 25th 1997 at Midnight

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