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Dr. Susan Block
Announces A New BlockFilms Video Release:
K E N N E T H   W .  S T A R R
A Pornographer For Our Times
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BlockFilms steps into the national debate on the president’s private life with a new video release: KENNETH W. STARR: A Pornographer For Our Times. Based on sex educator Dr. Susan Block’s presentation of the 1998 Boobie Award for Best Pornography Production to Ken Starr at the World Pornography Conference in LA last week, this 30-minute video takes a special look at the Independent Counsel’s investigation, and it’s effect upon the presidency and the American people.

“No one is more deserving of this Boobie award than Ken Starr, the biggest pornographer among us,” says Dr. Block, “Also, he’s the only pornographer to force his work on others (is that legal?).  It’s quite ironic, of course. Here’s this sanctimonious right-wing zealot, supported by some of this country’s wealthiest Republicans--in addition to the tax payers’ 40 million.  And, in his frenzy to overthrow our progressive, twice-elected president, he has actually furthered the cause of pornography!  With the breathlessly eager help of the leak-loving, ratings-hungry hookers of the mainstream media, Ken Starr has taken blowjobs out of the backrooms of the video stores and put them right out on the front pages of family newspapers and into prime time for every child to see.

“Terrorist bombs are exploding in Africa and Northern Ireland.  Economic markets are collapsing in Asia.  The American health care system is in crisis.  But the people of the United States, especially those of us who work in media or politics, are literally held hostage by Ken Starr’s out-of-control, over-the-top porn production.  Now that he’s tortured a confession out of the president, he’s still hot for more testimony, more details, more sex, more stains.  Mr. Starr, please, remove your hands from the president’s briefs, get out of Washington and come out here to the Valley where I’m sure with your talent and reputation, you can get an honest job in porn!”

Dr. Block was last seen debating the ethics of the Starr investigation on the Great American Think-Off ‘98, broadcast on C-SPAN, where she won the bronze medal.  The central Think-Off question was “Is Honesty Always the Best Policy/”  Dr. Block successfully argued that no, honesty is not always the best policy, especially when it comes to sex and other complexities of private life, especially in unconscionably intrusive situations or when one’s interrogator is hostile and untrustworthy.

KENNETH W. STARR: A Pornographer For Our Times also features appearances from important members of the pornography community including Max Lobkowicz, Dr. Betty Dodson, Dr. Annie Sprinkle, Candida Royalle, Al Goldstein, Roy Karch, Cat Sunlove, Richard Pacheco, Ann Sanders, Dr. Carol Queen, Dr. Robert Morgan, Jack Hafferkamp, Karen Dior, Kiss, Tod Hunter, LeSara, Nina Hartley, Candye Kane, Jeffrey Douglas, and members of the LA TV news media.  Over the next few months, this episode of The Dr. Susan Block Show will air on various cable TV stations in North and South America. For times and stations, call 323.883.1950.  The audio portion of this program can be heard at on the World Wide Web.

KENNETH W. STARR: A Pornographer For Our Times is also Volume 9 in the Dr. Susan Block Encyclopedia of Sex & Fetishes, available at Tower Video and other fine stores.  Executive producer: Max Lobkowicz. Director of Photography: Benjamin Schlaver.  Associate Producer: Tim Blakaj. Sound: Robert Martinez.  Music: Otis.   Fashion Design: Nathalie Salomé.  Dr. Block’s Hair: Jon D. Garrett.  Blockette Squadleader: Lavonne.  Boobie Award Sculpture: Heilman-C.  Ken Starr: Keith James.

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